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Winning Poker Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently asked questions for online poker skins Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker & YaPoker on the Winning Poker Network.

Winning Poker Network

When you have problems with your online poker room, you want answers fast because time = money!  Professional Rakeback understands this and wants you back in action as soon as possible.  With that in mind, we have created and are constantly updating and adding onto this list of frequently asked questions, or Winning Poker Network FAQ if you will.  If you note any errors, omissions, typos, or are unable to solve your problem after reading this FAQ, please contact us for further assistance! Enjoy!

Americas Cardroom, True Poker, Black Chip Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

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To avoid repeating the names of all of these online poker sites over and over again, we will sometimes refer to the sites by their commonly accepted online abbreviations.  Those abbreviations follow: 
Americas Cardroom = ACR
Black Chip Poker = BCP
True Poker = TP
Ya Poker = YA


WPN Rakeback & VIP Rewards Questions

Does ACR offer Rakeback and if so, what percentage?  -- Yes Americas Card Room rakeback at 27% does exist, and we offer it directly upon creating an account with us. To create such an account, visit our WPN rakeback page for sign up instructions.

What about BCP, is there such a thing as BCP rakeback, and if so, what is the rate?  -- Yes, Black Chip Poker rakeback is real and also clocks in at 27%.  Again this can be achieved by signing up directly with PROFRB.

And TP, does it offer flat rakeback? -- True Poker indeed does offer the same 27% rakeback as ACR and BCP, and once again, flat rakeback is only available by signing up directly with certain affiliates, such as Professional Rakeback.

YA, I imagine they offer the same rakeback? -- Spanish poker room YaPoker does in fact offer 27% rakeback.  All Winning Poker Network skins are only allowed to offer 27%.  If you see a deal higher than that somewhere else, it is either a shady marketing falsehood or out of date information!

When is rakeback paid?  --  Rakeback is paid on Wednesdays before midday ET for the period Monday to Sunday preceding.  As of 2014, WPN rakeback is now available to be redeemed once per day, any and all days of the week, in full.

Click here to sign up for ACR, BCP, True rakeback - Here for YaPoker

How will I redeem my YA, TP, BCP, or ACR rakeback?  -- Log into the appropriate poker software, find "rewards" and click it, then click on "rakeback" and redeem with the button on the bottom right of the screen.

What are Combat Points?  --  They are reward points rewarded to players for playing poker.  Our players familiar with Pokerstars VIP program will simply equate Combat Points to FPPs and understand completely.

What can I do with Combat Points?  -- To use combat points is very easy.  They can be used to buy into MTT and SNG tournaments.  Simply access the Live Chat service and tell the representative that you would like to use combat points for a tourney and give them the tournament id #.  In just 1-2 minutes one should see one's name in the designated tournament lobby.  If one is on the Elite Benefits program, then Combat Points can also be used in the store to buy all sorts of various items - including ACR funds, per this Combat Points chart; or Tourney Bucks, which can be used for MTT entries and/or fees, per this Tourney Bucks chart.

How long does it take to receive items I've ordered from the store?  -- No -cash items and rewards from any of the Winning Poker Network stores (they all use the same one actually) have recently taken approximately four weeks to arrive to US players from the date of request to the time of receiving the item in hand, typically via Fedex, UPS, or DHL.

At what point is it better to be on Elite Benefits VIP program as opposed to the 27% rakeback program? -- Read all about this, thoroughly broken down, here! highly recommends that tournament, SNG players, and cash game players that play in tournaments should remain on Elite Benefits, as the 'points to tournament bucks conversion' explained in the above link will most always yield you the greater rewards.

Winning Poker Network Promotions and Rake Races

What WPN promos exist? -- There are two main ongoing promotions at the Winning Poker Network and all of the aforementioned skins participate in them.  Those promotions are "Sit and Crush" and "The Beast Unleashed" which are effectively very large weekly rake races.

How big are these weekly WPN rake races?  --  Sit and Crush or SnC, is often a five thousand to seven thousand dollar weekly prize pool.  The Beast Unleashed often reaches the thirty to forty thousand dollar market each week.  First prize is ten percent of that and thus is often three to four thousand dollars extra per week to the sites most prolific cash table grinder.

Do SNG players and cash game players compete against each other? -- No, each race is separate and all SNG play is counted towards SnC and likewise all cash game play is counted towards The Beast.  Players can compete separately and concurrently in both promotions and receive prizes from both.

Do "double or nothing" sit-and-go's count toward the SNG leaderboard aka Sit and Crush progressive rake race? -- Yes! All tournaments found under the "SIT & GO" tab in your poker client count towards the Sit and Crush promotion, including the "on demand" SNGs.

What cash games count towards The Beast Unleashed?  -- All cash games count towards The Beast with the exception of heads up tables, those are excluded.

I see a fee is taken for The Beast and Sit and Crush, am I paying extra for these promotions?  -- No you are not!  Those fees come out of the rake that was already collected.  As such, the poker sites themselves, as well as their affiliates (like Professional Rakeback) pay for these promotions, NOT the players!  These promotions are a freeroll!


Winning Poker Network Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses

Is there an initial deposit bonus and if so how do I activate it?  -- Yes there is.  It is a 100% match up to $1,000.00.  It activates automatically upon your first deposit, no need to enter any codes. However, you do have 60 days from the initial deposit to clear this bonus. If you fail to do it in the time allotted, you will not complete the bonus.

How long do I have to clear the First Deposit Bonus (Initial Deposit Bonus)? -- ACR, TP, BCP, and YA all have a 60 day expiration timer on the initial deposit bonus.

How does the First Deposit Bonus (Initial Deposit Bonus) clear? --  It clears at a rate of $1 for every 55 combat points earned.  It is released into your account live as you earn it, $1 at a time!

How often does ACR offer reload bonuses?  -- Rather sporadically at this time - but stay tuned to, as we will post them when they do occur. Players usually have 45 days to clear reload bonuses - but we will keep you informed here on the site of bonus-specific playthrough requirements.  When offered, the ACR, BCP, TP and YA reload bonuses are often 100% match with a $200 cap and clear at the equivalent of 20% rakeback for Elite Benefits VIP players.

I'm currently playing through my initial deposit bonus and see there is another reload bonus I want to take advantage of. Can I "stack" them? -- Yes! First, make a deposit with the appropriate reload bonus code in your cashier. Once that is complete, simply click the "Rewards" tab in your poker client, and then click "Bonuses" (in the gray bar next to the "Rake Back" option). There, you'll be able to toggle between your active bonuses using the red arrow. Select the bonus you wish to play through, and away you go! Please keep in mind, though, that bonus clearing time limits still apply.

Are bonuses deducted from my rakeback? -- Yes bonuses are partially deducted from rakeback players (but not from VIP players) and here's the formula: [(Ring Rake + Tournament Fees) - (Bonus Earned out)] * 27% = rakeback.  

Do withdrawals cancel the First Deposit Bonus (Initial Deposit Bonus) or reload bonuses?  -- No they do not.  One can freely withdraw without cancelling any uncompleted bonuses.

Winning Poker Network Cashier, Payouts, Deposit Information

What deposit methods are available?  Recommended?  --  A variety of credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards can work, however none are guaranteed to work.  Be sure to have international transactions enabled for greater success rates.  When using gift cards, always deposit slightly less than the full amount of the GC (leave $5 wiggle room) due to the way transactions process, there are sometimes small extra fees.  Western Union and Money Gram are also accepted and are what we recommend.  Any WU deposits > $300 or any Money Gram deposit > $100  will have the transaction fees refunded to the player account!

What withdrawal methods are available?   Recommended? -- Check, debit card, and money transfer (WU or MG, for a fee).  Instadebit, Neteller and Skrill/Moneybookers available for ROW players.  For USA players we recommend getting the debit card for very fast weekly withdrawals.  For ROW players we recommend using an ewallet.

Is there a number I can call to check the status of my poker payout? -- Yes! You can call the Payouts Department and ask anything you want regarding your withdrawal at 1-877-314-4195.

How often can I request a withdrawal? Minimum amount? -- Once per week.  Minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

Tell me more about the Debit Card please?  -- There is a monthly $5 fee.  There are fees for almost every type of interaction with the debit card.  Still, for those moving greater amounts of money, this is often a superior option.  Withdrawal time to cash on card is typically 2-4 days.  Max withdrawal request is $2,500.  A player can request 1 withdrawal per week.

Winning Poker Network Miscellaneous Information

Can I exclude myself from the Sportsbook and | or Casino?  -- Yes you can.  You can contact ACR directly over the phone (1-888-878-1350) so that they can transfer you to casino operators. Once on the line with them one can request them to close access to the casino products.  Alternatively you can email security[at] (use and | or for BCP | True) and request that they disable your casino access.  However, do NOT (even jokingly) and we mean UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES tell them that you have a gambling problem. Your account will be closed and you will be banned for life. **Unless of course it's true and you want to be banned from the site (and potentially others by being on a shared industry database for problem gamblers). PROFRB supports responsible gambling!

FOUR color deck please? -- Open a table.  Now look to the upper left-hand corner.   There are 2 gear icons.  Click on them.  When the window opens, select "Themes."  Click on four-color deck.

I don't like the default sounds.  Can I change or disable them? -- Yes you can.  Open a poker table, look to the upper left hand corner for the "gears."  Click the gears button, then choose the Sounds tab.  Now you can select individual sounds and use the browse feature to find other sounds to replace the defaults, or even to disable certain sounds.

Is it possible to transfer player notes from my previous skin to my new skin on WPN? -- Yes it is!  See this exclusive article, Winning Poker Network notes transfers, by professional rakeback staff!

The server crashed while I was playing! What can I expect to happen? What do I do now? -- First of all, take a moment and don't panic! We have all the info you need in the event this rare and untimely event occurs. First, there are two policies in place for tournament players - one if a crash happens before you're "in the money", and one while you are in the money. Tournaments are resumed if the server recovers within 30 minutes - but if this does not happen, a tournament is then cancelled. Players still in a tournament, but not in the money, receive their buy-in and fee back, plus an equal share of the remaining prize pool. Players in the money receive an equal share of 50% of the total prize pool, while the remaining 50% is divided based on chip stack at the time of the cancellation. You can view the full details of this disconnect policy by clicking here.

What happens when a tournament is cancelled on WPN? --  Professional Rakeback has a copy of these rules ready for you right here: Winning Poker Network tournament Cancellation Policies

Does Professional Rakeback have reviews of all of the aforementioned US poker sites?  Can I sign up at these sites? -- Of course we do and of course you can! Feel free to check out our Americas Cardroom Review, Black Chip Poker Review, True Poker Review and Spanish poker sites YaPoker Review.

How do I verify my new account on ACR, BCP, True or YaPoker? -- Pretty easily actually.  WPN requires the standard type of account vericiation that most all online poker sites adhere to.  You see, regulated online poker sites, no matter what country they are regulated in, are all requited to follow what is known in most industry as "KYC Laws."  This stands for know your customer.  To prevent laundering and terror operations from using their services basically is why these laws are implemented in any business that regularly handles money be it banking or online poker.  As such, sites require standard photo ID to prove who you are, and a piece of mail, a bill of some sort typically, that has been mailed to your registered address on the poker site.  Simply scan those documents and email them in, voila, you're verified.  Here is a link to detailed instructions on this process.  WPN account verificaiton

What countries are not allowed to create an account at Winning Poker Network? - France, Spain, Turkey, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Mayotte, Réunion and