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BetOnline Poker Review - Chico Poker Network

Reviews about poker, sportsbook, casino, as well as information about deposit bonuses, rakeback, network history and more for BetOnline and on the Chico Poker Network.

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Professional Rakeback BetOnline Review

UPDATED: May 2016

BetOnline is part of the up and coming Chico Poker Network, or CPN.  Chico has grown from relative obscurity before Black Friday, into the second largest US friendly online poker network.  BetOnline and its sister skin, are the only two members of the Chico Poker Network who accept USA online poker players.  If you are not a USA based poker player but are interested in the Chico Poker Network, please see our review of TigerGaming, a Chico skin who does not service USA based poker players and who guarantees 24 hour payouts or they double your withdrawal amount!

"Yea, but is BetOnline legit?  I have heard some bad things about them in the past."  Yes, we know, we heard the same things in the past.  Professional Rakeback refused to work with BetOnline or the Chico Poker Network for many years because of their bad reputation for slow payouts.  However, new ownership and management took over in early 2013.  The new owners infused new capital into the business and quickly began paying past debts to players, settling player disputes, and cleaning up the mess that the prior owners had left behind.  Still, we sat on the side lines for over a year patiently watching.  In the spring of 2014, after over a year of improving reports, we signed a deal with BetOnline to privately test them with a few select clients.  After six months of private testing we were happy to report that all of our players were paid in a timely manner and any and all minor disputes were handled in a satisfactory manner, and furthermore, we have had no issues at all since then.  We are happy to see such a positive turn of events and welcome the addition of a new poker site for our faithful clients.

BetOnline and host quite a few types of poker games.  Cash games that run regularly start at micro stakes no limit Hold'em and go all the way up to $1,000 buy in 6max tables.  Pot Limit Omaha runs regularly from microstakes up through $300 buy in games in both full ring and 6max.  There is regular action at single table tournaments thanks in great part to the $25,000 monthly sit and go rake race, which keeps many forms of SNGs packed.  The multi table tournament action isn't as robust as the cash game action, however what the site lacks in terms of large guarantees, it makes up for in the fact that the tournaments are rediculously soft compared to other USA sites and often provide extra value in the form of overlays.

BetOnline,, and the Chico Network offer a variety of products.  Professional Rakeback concerns ourself only with the poker offerings (which are quite soft and fishy by the way), but we would like you to know that they also offer sports betting, online casino, horse racing, and other various gaming offerings that our players may wish to participate in. The payout methods listed in this article apply to not only the poker room, but also to the sportsbook, casino, racebook, etc.

BetOnline Rakeback

Professional Rakeback is sad to announce that the Chico Poker Network does not allow its poker operators to offer direct cash rakeback.  As such, Professional Rakeback is unable to offer you any type of flat rakeback deal.  However, that does not mean that there is a lack of perks at BetOnline! Keep reading! Keep reading!

Bet Online rakeback via custom rake chase for high volume grinders.

Your best bet for maximizing your effective rakeback rates is to be sure that you fully maximize the initial deposit bonus of up to $1,000.  After that, keep your eyes open for poker reload bonuses that are periodically offered by BOL.  Taking advantage of these reload bonuses can keep you steadily earning bonus dollars, and thus you effectively have rakeback. 

Next up is POP Points. POP is the internal currency of Chico Network.  If you've ever played on other online poker sites, these are more or less "VIP Points" used in the internal VIP structure.  POP points help you keep tabs on your deposit bonus earnings.  They also can be used to directly buy you into a few worth while things.  For example, "step sit-n-go" tournaments with progressively larger ticket rewards until you reach the top tier and compete for BIG money.  POPS can also be used to buy into the weekly $500 POP freeroll, and let us tell you, this thing is perhaps the softest freeroll you've ever played in, you should take advantage.  All in all, POP Points are valued at 5% of rake generated, and thus add an additional 5% effective rakeback to the mix.

For sit and go players, there is rakeback in the form of the monthly $25,000 USD Single Table Tournament Race.  High volume SNG players rejoice, for first place in this competition each month can earn upwards of $11,000 USD!  There are three tiers, low, medium, and high stakes, so that grinders of all levels have a chance to take home some nice bonus money.  On top of that, they payouts in this race come twice per month.  Halfway through the month, 25% of the leaderboard money is paid out to the current places holders.  Then, in the second half of the month the players compete for the remaining 75% of the site sponsored rake race prize pool.

For multi table tournament players, there is a monthly MTT leaderboard.  The "multi-table tournament leaderboard" is split into three categories, bronze, silver, and gold representing stakes below $0.99, between $1 and $9.99, and $10 buy in MTTs an above.  The top 100 players in each category compete in their own private group freeroll for $500, $1000, and $2000 respectively.

For cash game players, BetOnline and sister site periodically run month long leaderboards.  These $10,000 leaderboards are points based and all No Limit Holdem cash game players are eligible to compete.  Typically there are 4 weekly races and prize distributions.  Players earn points by making full houses, four of a kinds, and royal flushes.  Thus, the person who makes the most, and the biggest hands each week, earns the most points and the largest payouts.  The recreational players really love these promotions and chase all sorts silly hands that they should fold in order to gain LB points!

Account Creation and Signup Instructions

STEP 1: Please clear cookies in your web-browser before clicking either signup link below.
Clearing cookies is mandatory in order to be eligible for Professional Rakeback's $1,000 BetOnline poker deposit bonus. POKERNEW

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

STEP 2:  If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

STEP 3: :  Click the BetOnline logo below, or click the text link provided below the logo.
NOTEIf you use ad blocking software, the logo below may not be visible. Try clicking the text sign up link instead!
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  BetOnline Signup                 Sportsbetting Signup
STEP 4: Click Join Now

STEP 5: Fill out account information

STEP 6: Check registered email address for confirmation email and username from cs [at]

STEP 7:  Skype or Email us your username and registered email address so that we can confirm your account is properly set up.

STEP 8: Download and install the poker client

STEP 9: Log into the poker software with your Username and Password.  Upon logging in the first time you will create your poker table alias (table name).

OPTIONS & OTHER NOTES: There is only one native heads up display that works on BetOnline.  That HUD is Holdem Indicator.  It also happens to work with virtually every single US-friendly site as well as most non-US sites as well.  We have a detailed review of Holdem Indicator that you can read about on our updated poker software review page.  If you want to skip right ahead to the good stuff, you can purchase Holdem Indicator at a 10% discount which is exclusively offered by Professional Rakeback for our loyal customers.

** For best results when attempting to deposit or withdraw via an internet browser, choose Internet Explorer.

*** Please note, they will call you immediately after you create your account to help you make an initial deposit, you do not need to deposit immediately if you are not ready yet.

If you have taken advantage of our BOL or SBag offers and created an account, please consider sharing that fact with your friends.  We would be happy to have them as customers as well!


Betonline US State & Country Restrictions

The following countries are NOT ALLOWED to create accounts with BetOnline or Sportsbetting: United Arab Emirates (AE), Albania (AL), Switzerland (CH), Algeria (DZ), Estonia (EE), Japan (JP), Malaysia (MY), Tunisia (TN), Turkey (TR), New Zealand (NZ),  Russian Fed (RU), Oman (OM), and Viet Nam (VN).

Betonline is the only online poker site available to US poker players from all 50 states and US territories including the often excluded American states such as Washington, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Kentucky, Maryland, and Louisiana.

Betonline Poker Bonus 2016

The first deposit bonus is a 200% poker bonus - up to a maximum poker bonus of $1,000 USD.  In order to activate the bonus after you've signed up below, you will need to Email: freeplay[at] or freeplay[at] – from the email address registered on your new account, making sure to input BetOnline deposit bonus POKERNEW in the Subject Line.  Players have 120 days to clear their poker deposit bonuses.

The BetOnline poker deposit bonus is a bit complex when compared to your ordinary bonus.  There are five different "stages" of the bonus that clear at different effective rakeback rates.  Rather than you spend your time trying to decipher the eleven paragraphs that describe the bonus (no joke!) Professional Rakeback took the time to create this chart below for you.  In this chart you can see the speeds with which the bonus clears, the effective rakeback rates, and the total amount of rake one needs to pay in order to unlock each stage of the bonus, and more.  We've run this bonus scenario with some of the more typical deposit amounts, however this is only a guide, you can deposit any amount you like and extrapolate the numbers for your specific deposit amount based on our handy BetOnline bonus chart.

BetOnline Deposit Bonus, Clearance, and Rake Chart  


Betonline Poker Tournaments of Interest

The Chico Network, on which Betonline and its sister site are housed, has a smaller, but juicier tournament schedule when compared to other leading US friendly poker networks.  The tournaments on Chico Network and BetOnline are smaller stakes in nature, with larger fields and very soft competition due to the recreational nature of the network.  It is worth noting that the tournaments on Chico Poker Netwok do not offer lengthy rebuy or reentry options like many other US-friendly networks.  Thus, the tournaments here are short and sweet, with many of the smaller buy in tournaments lasting approximately 3 hours.  Whenever a tournament has a rebuy format, that typically only lasts 1 hour, which helps you avoid playing poker into the early hours of the morning if you happen to "go deep" in a MTT.

There are of course a wide variety of tournaments outside of what we are about to show you, but Professional Rakeback staff has put together a list of the multi-table tournaments that we find most interesting and most profitable.

Wednesdays and Thursdays - $5,000 guaranteed,  8:30pm ET, $10+1 buy in
Saturdays - $10,000 GTD, 8pm ET, $20+2 buy in
Sundays - $5,000 GTD Turbo, 11am ET, $10+1 buy in
$10,000 GTD, 3pm ET, $20+2 buy in
$15,000 GTD, 6pm ET, $30+3 buy in
$10,000 GTD Turbo, 9pm ET, $20+2 buy in
Monthly Special Tournaments - $25,000 GTD, 7pm ET, $55+5 buy in
$50,000 GTD, 7pm ET, $90+9 buy in

Each month there are over $250,000 worth of guarantees in the BetOnline online poker tournament schedule.  This number is somewhat small when compared to some other networks, but it's not quite an apples to apples comparison, as the Chico Network doesn't slap a guarantee on every tournament they offer like some networks do. 


Betonline Software Compatibility List

Betonline uses the poker software developed by Playsafe.  Playsafe software is used by all skins on the Chico Poker Network.  Playsafe software is also used on the Equity Poker Network.  The Playsafe software is not natively compatible with the two most popular poker tracking software packages, namely Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager.  The only poker software compatible with BetOnline is Holdem Indicator (and iHoldem Indicator for you Mac poker players).  Holdem Indicator is the only BetOnline HUD that will work properly on this Chico poker client software. And it does work flawlessly simply by installing and running, no hassle and no fuss.  If you don't already have a copy of Holdem Indicator, please purchase your copy through Professional Rakebacks links found on our poker software review page.  Professional Rakeback is the only affiliate site offering Holdem Indicator at a discount, so be sure to purchase from us to save 10% off the normal retail price.

More BetOnline Promotions

Besides the $25,000 monthly SNG leader board and the monthly MTT leader board mentioned above in the rakeback section of this BetOnline Review, there are more promotions offered here.  Every month there are static promotions like the ones we are about to mention below, as well as monthly promos, typically related to the season at hand, an upcoming holiday, etc.  Lets take a look at the static monthly promos below.

4 of a Kind's Challenge!

Win a free $40 bonus if you hit quads at BetOnline. To qualify, players must be playing Texas Holdem cash games, any stakes qualify. This promotion runs on random days each month and players will know it is running when they see the message in the poker client. To claim the prize on days that the 4 of a Kinda promo is active, simply email promo [at] with the Hand Number and the bonus will be direct deposited into your poker account. *Both hole cards must be used to qualify.

Bad Beat Jackpot!

This is poker, bad beats happen. At BetOnline, on Mondays, bad beats don't sting quite as much. If you lose any hand with a Jack high flush or better, you will qualify for up to $100 in cash. In order to claim your BBJ winnings, you must immediately email: promo [at] with the Hand Number in which the bad beat took place.

Free Cashout Fridays

All Professional Rakeback players are eligible one discounted cash out every 30 calendar days.  This discount can only be claimed on Fridays.  All payout methods are eligible and the maximum discount is $50 off (making virtually all payout methods free of charge).  If you would like to participate in the Free Friday Payout promotion at BetOnline, then you will need to let support know and specifically specify that you would like your discounted / fee-free withdrawal on this particular payout request.  Players who have not completed minimum bonus roll over requirements are not allowed to participate in this promotion.