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Bovada | Bodog Network Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Professional Rakeback answers the most frequently asked questions about The Bodog Network's main poker skins, Bovada & Bodog.

Bovada | Bodog Network Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Bovada, the US-facing poker operation on the Bodog Network.

Professional Rakeback staff knows that there are often challenges when working with a new online poker room.  With that in mind, ProfRB has created and is constantly updating and adding onto this FAQ.  If you note any errors, omissions, typos, or are unable to solve your problem after reading this FAQ, please contact us for further assistance! Enjoy!  If you were looking for a review, you are in the wrong place; check out our Bodog - Bovada Poker Revew


Bodog Network - Bovada FAQ

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I suspect collusion - what should I do? --  There has been some recent discussion regarding collusion on Bovada | Bodog. The network’s stance on this is as follows (direct from a Bodog rep on Twoplustwo):

"The Bodog Poker Network takes collusion very seriously, and to do otherwise would be a big hit to the recreational model that (Bodog has) created. The network has taken huge steps in order to create an atmosphere for recreational players that keep them both happy and safe. In order to keep the games fair and legitimate, Bodog has invested heavily in both security software and security teams. To do otherwise would, at the very least, be a huge mistake. All allegations of collusion are taken seriously by security, and if a player has any worry at all, they should be reporting that to support (emphasis added). Additionally, as has been mentioned, players have the ability to see the hole cards of all hands that were dealt 24 hours after the hand ends. This allows players to go back and look at hands that they may have any concerns about."

What brands make up The Bodog Network? --  Currently The Bodog Network is composed of Bodog, Bodog, Bovada, and Bodog88 brands.  Each serves a different segment of the online poker and gaming market.

Does The Bodog Network have native support for Mac users? --  Apple fanatic eh?  You're in luck!  The Bodog Network does have a fully functional Mac client. Go to our review page linked at the top of this FAQ and sign up for Bodog or Bovada, the software will be made available to you after you create your account.   Mac friendly poker sites, are you in need of more of them? 

I want to deposit via WU or MG, what about those fees? --  You are in luck.  If you deposit more than $300 via one of the aforementioned methods, the Bovada Network will pick up the tab and refund your transfer fees.

What are the details of the Initial Deposit Bonus? -- Check out this link to Bovada deposit bonuswith full details and sexy charts!

Do withdrawals affect the initial deposit bonus?  -- Players can earn all or part of their bonus over the first 60 days following their initial deposit. During this time they can deposit and withdraw as much as they please while still playing and earning their bonus.

How do I check on my bonus payments? -- go to, click my account, click statements, click bonus statements.

How do I check pending bonuses?  --  Simple! Just login to your poker client, click on the "Bonuses" icon, and your pending bonuses are listed in an easy to see format.

I'd like to contact the poker room directly, how can I do so? -- Email them at poker[at] or contact them by phone at 1-866-909-2237 or 1-866-950-3500

Can I exclude myself from the Casino? -- Yes you can.  Call or email them.  However, do NOT even jokingly, and we mean UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES**tell them that you have a gambling problem.  Your account will be closed and you will be banned for life.  **Unless of course it's true and you want to be banned from the site (and potentially others by being on a shared industry database for problem gamblers).  PROFRB supports responsible gambling!

I am a US citizen living abroad, or who lives abroad on occasion. Would I be able to register an account using my US address/identification and play without an issue? YES - as long as you deposit or withdraw from an American IP address. **If you have specific questions about playing at Bodog / Bovada in other countries, please contact us directly for clarification.

What time zones do promotions run in? -- EST, that is, Eastern Standard Time in the USA.

How many tables can I play at a time? -- The Bodog Network imposes limits on how many tables a player can play.  The limits are 4 cash game tables at a time, and up to 20 MTTs at a time.

Where do I access my hand histories? -- From client: Account > Hand History > Game Transactions

I'm having trouble downloading my hand histories! Help? --  Try locating the icon you use to launch the Bodog or Bovada client.  Right click this icon and choose to run as administrator. 

Can you tell me more about "Poker Points?" -- We detail all of this with our Bovada Poker Points explained page here.

What happens if a tournament crashes, is cancelled, the games servers explode, etc? -- Take a gander at the Bovada | Bodog Network Tournament Cancellation Policies

My Bovada hand history viewer hand histories are broken, how do I fix them? -- The Bovada Hand History viewer is broken issue is often experienced by users if Microsoft Windows 7.  The problem is with "basic themes" and the very easy and simple fix to this hand history problem is to change your Windows theme from basic to one of the default "Aero themes"

I won a lucky draw weekly tourney ticket.  I can't find out where to use it, please help! -- Open your Bodog or Bovada poker client, navigate to the tournament section, find the PRIVATE tab and open it.  You should find your tournament within.  If you are still having trouble, try unclicking everything other than the PRIVATE tab so that sorting is easier.