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Carbon Poker Introduces Fast Poker Tables

Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced have recently introduced "Fast Tables" to our players.


Carbon Poker Introduces Fast Poker Texas Holdem Tables

It is the esteemed plaeasure of Professional Rakeback to report some Merge Gaming Network poker news to you today.  A new type of holdem table game has been introduced into the lobbies of the Carbon Poker client.  From today forward, Carbon Poker will be testing a new type of "Fast Poker" table.  At first, our US poker news sources tell us that  that these "Fast Poker" tables will be rolled out at both the Fixed Limit Texas Holdem as well as the  No Limit Texas Hold’em tables to start.  The stakes however will be quite small for the testing phases, as these fast poker tables will only be avaliable at the penny games topping out at up to $0.10/$0.25 stakes.  Later, Merge and Carbon Poker intend to expand fast tables up through the mid-stakes poker cash games so that players have their choice of what they wish to play, regular speed or fast poker. 

This "Fast Poker" variant is not to be confused with "Fast Fold Poker" which was first implemented on PokerStars and has since spread to Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Microgaming as well as a few US Poker networks such as the Bovada Zone Poker and Intertops and Juicy Stakes "Fast Fold" poker games.  In the Carbon Poker Fast Poker games you have the option to play on these Fast Tables that are designed to speed up the natural flow of the game.  These tables are faster than regular speed Texas Holdem tables as the animations are turned off, auto-post blinds are always on, as well as having shorter action timers. Also, less time is provided to showdown, i.e. shorter show / muck timers have been implemented.

Professional Rakeback staff are hoping you guys and gals who play them can give us your opinions.  If these newly implemented Carbon Poker games prove popular, the Merge Poker Network may roll them out across more stake levels.  If anyone has any data regarding the speed difference between these new Fast Tables and "standard" speed tables, please hit us up on Skype or via our contact us page... we'd love to hear your story and opinions regarding Fast Tables!