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Full Flush Poker 35% Rakeback

EXCLUSIVE to Professional Rakeback clients - 35% rakeback paid directly to your player account by Full Flush Poker!  See the details and sign up now...

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Full Flush Poker Rakeback

Updated November 2016

FULL FLUSH POKER HAS BEEN OFFLINE SINCE SEPTEMBER 2016.  If you would like to play on another soft poker site, please read Professional Rakeback's Ignition Poker Review


Full Flush Poker, FFP for short, is the largest poker site on the Equity Poker Network, or EPN for short.  EPN is often mistakenly called the Full Flush Poker Network.  This is understandable given that FullFlushPoker is owned and operated by Equity Poker.  This is what is often referred to as the "flagship skin" of a gaming network.  Being the flagship operator on EPN does likely afford Full Flush with some advantages, as does working with Professional Rakeback.  One of those advantages, we are happy to inform you, is that we are the only website allowed to offer you a legal, above-board, flat rakeback deal!  Our professional and recreational poker players will rejoice to know that the Equity Poker Network does not offer or condone rake-back of any kind other than from our company and that we are the only authorized source of Full Flush rakeback. 

How does FFP rakeback work?

It's pretty simple.  When you create your legal Full Flush Poker rakeback account through Professional Rakeback, you will receive direct rakeback payments from Full Flush once per month.  These payments will be paid by the 5th of the following month for the prior month's poker play.  As of May 2016, rakeback will now be paid on a daily basis! That's right, every day your rakeback will be automatically deposited into your player account.  Payments are made each day at 5am EST.

All forms of cash games will earn rakeback.  All sit and goes will also earn cash back.  Multi-table tournaments are also eligible for our rakeback program, but with one caveat.  If the MTT has a guarantee, and it fails to meet that guarantee, no rakeback will be earned.  The logic behind that being that the overlay itself is the discount and unfortunately Full Flush doesn't share your MTT fees with us when you participate in a tournament that has an overlay, and thus, we can not pay you rakeback on that particular tournament fee.

Rakeback payments come in two forms.  Firstly, there are POP points, which are the standard VIP point earned while playing cash game, SNGs and MTTs on Full Flush.  POP points are redeemable at a rate of 200 for $1 in cash, which equates to 5% rakeback.  These POP points can be redeemed as they are earned, in increments of $1, giving you steady access to some form of cashback throughout the month.  The bulk of the rakeback is paid once per month directly into your poker account by Full Flush management on our behalf.  Players will be happy to know that these daily rakeback payments will be for thirty percent of rake paid in the previous month!  Adding the daily payments and the POPs together, that is a total of 35% rakeback!  This exclusive deal makes Full Flush Poker quite an attractive prospect for all of our players!  Please note that rakeback accounts are not eligible for any deposit bonuses.

Sign up instructions pointer

STEP 1:  Clear web browser cookies - this is mandatory or you may not receive rakeback due to improper account creation! Click appropriate image below for instructions (opens in new window).

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Opens a WikiHow window showing step by step how to clear cookies in Safari Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

STEP 2:  Full Flush Poker is closed and offline as of September 1st, 2016.

STEP 3:  Click the "Play Now" button. You can then choose from Windows or Mac download options.

STEP 4:  Download and install the client. Once the installation process is complete, be sure the "run" option is checked. The poker client will now launch.

STEP 5:  Create a username (maximum of 10 characters) and password. Proceed to next screen and fill out the account information, making sure to use bonus code FFP35RB

STEP 6:  Skype or Email us your username and registered email address so that we can confirm your exclusive rakeback account is properly set up.

STEP 7:  Click "Lobby" on the poker client. Scroll to "Validate Email", and then when prompted, use the code sent to the email address provided at sign-up.

STEP 8:  Once you deposit, your 35% daily rakeback will be visible under in the poker client under "My Bonuses" > "Pending Bonuses".  So deposit and enjoy some soft poker games!


IN ORDER TO WITHDRAW:  Verify your account by submitting an authorization form to Full Flush Poker.

Find the "Verification form link" at the Full Flush Poker website.
Download & complete form, then scan or snap a picture of the completed form and email it to  send your verification documents here
Include copy of your CC/debit card (only if they were used to deposit) and photo ID



Full Flush Poker Games Information

Below we will delve into the games available on the EPN and FFP network and site combo.

Cash Games

Full Flush Poker and Equity Poker Network are US-friendly poker sites.  A majority of their traffic comes from Americans, and as such, peak gaming times will be related in Eastern Standard Time (EST is GMT - 5).  The cash game traffic peaks between the hours of 7-11:30pm EST.  Multiple no limit holdem cash games can be found running at micro, small, and medium stakes.  High stakes cash games with $1,000 and $2,000 buyins can also be found running (typically short handed) during peak hours.  Pot Limit Omaha games up to $600 buyin run in both the popular online 6max format, as well as full ring.  The PLO games are exceedingly soft and juicy with multiple limpers in nearly every pot.  The NLHE cash games are not quite as soft, but the network is mostly a "recreational network" and as such offers very easy games when compared to Euro sites and other US poker sites.  If you'd like to learn more about the rake charged on EPN, we have compiled a nice comparison of all US-sites cash game rake fees.


SNGs are only offered at smaller stakes on Full Flush.  The largest SNGs offered at FFP are $33 buyin events.  Multiple formats are offered, as well as HUSNGs.  Due to a lack of regulars, the games that do run are easier than almost any site on the Internet.

Multi Table Tournaments

The online tournaments on Equity Network are smaller in nature, as the network focuses much more on cash games.  However, the tournaments they do offer have aggressive guarantees that often overlay.  In fact, this is part of their marketing strategy.  Any time a tournament starts to hit its guarantee, they raise the GTD amount typically by 20-25% and begin anew. 

Monday through Friday the largest nightly tournament is a $55 buy-in $5,000 guarantee NLHE event.  It often has great value due to the aforementioned overlays.  The weekend "majors" on EPN include a $10,000 GTD 6max NLHE tournament with a $22 buy in each Saturday, a $3,000 GTD "weekend warmup" every Saturday and Sunday with an $8.80 buy in, and the $15,000 GTD "Big Fat 15k" every Sunday at 5pm EST for only $27.50.  You can view the entire tournament lineup on their website by clicking here.

Recently there is a new trend at the network to send players to live poker tournaments.  These are often held in exotic locations like Aruba, Dominica, Panama, and other exciting places to travel to.  Recreational players get a chance to win seats in periodic tournaments that give away package deals that include travel, accomodation, and tournament entry fees.  Any professional players will be happy to note that there are often 3 or more seats reserved for high volume players, who get special, smaller tournaments where they can compete for prize packages against smaller fields.


General Questions

Is there a Full Flush Poker HUD available?   There most certainly is a Full Flush Poker HUD for users of Microsoft Windows.  This is the Holdem Indicator HUD which is the only native HUD that works on Equity Poker Network.  To learn more about Holdem Indicator you can check out our online poker software review page.  **Professional Rakeback has an exclusive 10% discount on the Holdem Indicator HUD, be sure to purchase using our link to recieve this special price!

Is Full Flush Poker available for Mac users?  Did we forget to mention that a native Mac poker client exists for smooth and easy Full Flush Poker Mac poker play?  Whoops!  FFP is one of the Mac friendly US poker sites available to both domestic players and those from abroad.  There is even a natively operational Full Flush Poker Mac HUD, iHoldem Indicator  **Professional Rakeback has an exclusive 10% discount on the iHoldem Indicator HUD, be sure to purchase using our link to recieve this special price!

Is Full Flush Poker Safe?  Professional Rakeback thinks it is.  We are professional poker players ourselves and we don't put our name behind poker sites that we don't personally play and/or stake other poker professionals on!  We believe FFP is legit, 100%.

Is Full Flush Poker Legal in my state?  Only US citizens which reside in the following states are barred from participating in the Full Flush Casino and Poker games: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware.  That's right, most of the USA can enjoy themselves playing cards here, legally!

Is Full Flush Poker Allowed in my country?   The only fully restricted countries on Equity Poker Network are Turkey, France, Singapore, Israel and Costa Rica.

Why is Professional Rakeback the only source for legal Rakeback on Full Flush Poker? That is good question, and the answer is simple.  Professional Rakeback is the largest rakeback provider in the US-friendly online poker market.  If Professional Rakeback staff approves and subsequently promotes a poker site (we test these sites personally and have our own money at risk, just like you!), we then leverage the large volume of players we send said poker site into negotiating exclusive perks and deals for our clients.  In the case of Full Flush Poker, they appreciated our player advocacy as well as the way we do business and decided that we were the best and only operation they wanted offering legal, above the table flat rakeback deals to their  players.  You can rest at ease when signing up for rakeback deals through Professional Rakeback as there are no shady affiliates or agents holding onto your funds using our deals.  All of our rakeback deals are paid directly to your player accounts by the poker rooms themselves.  In fact  we demand it and settle for nothing less!


Full Flush Poker Bonus Codes (alternative to rakeback accounts)

Bonuses only apply to NON-rakeback accounts.  There is quite a bit of monetary reward value for potential players at FFP to be earned on their standard non-rakeback accounts!  In point of fact, the rewards on FFP can be quite large.  The first deposit bonus is a 100% match up to $1,000 bonus, that can be cleared with play at any and all cash games, SNGs, or MTTs.   Additionally FFP will give new players money up front, that does not need to be cleared, upon their initial deposit.  Any first-time deposit greater than $50 USD will receive a 20% instant-cashback.  That's added money that goes straight into your account to play with from the moment of your deposit!   It can be a tad bit complex to digest via text, but luckily, Full Flush has provided a detailed and relatively easy to read chart so that you can quickly assimilate the data and make the most advantageous deposit that you can afford.

Equity Poker Network is closed as of September 1, 2016

However, that's not all, there are a few other perks.  Depending on the size of your first time deposit, you may also earn 1,000 "Promo Bucks" and up to 1500 POP points, both of which can be used to enter into most multi-table tournaments offered on EPN.   In addition every new depositing player is eligible for entry into the $500 freeroll tournament.  Lastly, those depositing more than $300 get an additional free tournament ticket as well as instant cash back that can immediately be wagered!


Monthly reload bonuses also offer the same perks as initial deposit bonuses, however the minimum deposit amount is dropped from $25 to $10 to help accommodate micro-stakes players. 

When a potential player adds all this up, the "effective rakeback" at Full Flush Poker can exceed 50%!  The effective cashback percentage on the monthly reload bonuses is similar (minus the freeroll entry and Promo Bucks).  Thus, any player who takes full advantage of the bonus system can achieve a very steady, lucrative and effective "rakeback | cashback" percentage of right around 50%.  That's a half off sale right there!  While we would love flat rakeback to be available to players to keep things simple, a little bit of hassle is worth it for most players in order to garner a rate of return approaching 50% through diligent use of the active bonus systems.