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How To Increase Your Poker Limits at Intertops Poker on the Revolution Network

A simple step-by-step guide on how to increase your poker limits on Intertops Poker.

Intertops has been in business for 30 years, as a sportsbook, casino, and poker room.  One way they do so is by being very conscious of fraud (this industry has very high charge-back rates).  One of their chief methods of deterring fraud is to make initial betting limits very small.  For the poker room, this means that upon account creation, your account is limited to $20-200 per day of action on the tables.  For the vast majority of ProfessionalRakeback's online grinders, this isn't even a single buy-in!  Don't worry, we can fix this!  Here are the steps.


  1. Verify your account, this will typically raise your limits to at least $500.
  2. Make your initial deposit.
  3. Call Intertops support and speak to a service representative toll-free at 1 800 819 0919.  This will be a 2-3 minute call in most cases, they are fast!
  4. Ask them to raise your "poker table limits."  They will verify your user name (this is your login name, not your table name), real name, etc, then render a decision as to your new limits.
  5. If the limit they return is less than you had hoped, politely explain to them that you are a high volume player and would like it raised higher, they will put you on hold and very likely bump it again.
  6. If this still proves inadequate, contact ProfRB, and we will have management directly raise your limits.


Tips and Notes:

  • Your initial limits will be tied to how much you've deposited... the more you deposit, the higher the limits they will give out
  • Other factors that influence one's limits include: stakes played, volume played, and whether account is in good standing.
  • If at any time you reach your limits during the day, simply call them and tell them, they will up your limits in 2-3 minutes and have you back in action.  Then contact us and we will get your limits raised substantially to avoid future issue!


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