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How To Verify Intertops Account on Revolution Network

Simple step-by-step procedures and instructions on how to verify your Intertops Poker online account.


Intertops Account Verification

So you've decided to set up an account with Professional Rakeback on the Revolution Poker Network through Intertops.  Now it is time to verify your newly created Intertops account.  Verification of one's account is necessary in order to initiate player to player transfers and also to withdraw.  We here at Professional Rakeback appreciate your business, and your time.  To that end, we'd like to provide you with instructions on how to quickly and efficiently verify your new Revolution Gaming poker acccount. 

Verifying a New Intertops Account, Step by Step:

1)  Compose an email and address it to "documents[at]"  It is also a good idea to CC the poker manager at both of the following email addresses "pokermanager[at]" and "pokermanager[at["

2)  Include in this email a scanned copy of your Photo ID.

3)  Also include in this email a scanned copy of a bill/statement that was physically mailed to your registered address.  This address verification needs to be current within 60 days.

4) Title the email "Verification Documents"

5)  If you are going to deposit via credit card, fill out the credit card authorization forms linked in the cashier under credit card deposits, and attach this as well.

6)  Within 1-2 days your documents should be verified.  In practice, on week days, most users experiences are under 6 hours!  Should you have need to have your account verified more quickly, please contact us via Skype, and we will expedite your verification.


  • Your files need to be fully legible and easy to view.  i.e. of decent quality
  • Make sure your files are not extremely large.  We recommend saving files as high quality .jpeg images.
  • Players are typically sent a confirmation email within 24 hours of account verification, though not always.  Call Intertops directly to confirm if you are in a rush!
  • Verification makes raising your Poker Table Limits much, much easier.