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Merge Gaming Network | Carbon Poker and Aced Poker

Merge Gaming Network

Full information on leading Merge Gaming Network online poker rooms Carbon Poker and Aced Poker.

Merge Gaming is the second largest poker network by multi-table tournament volume and is the third largest network for cash game volume that services the US poker market.  We work with the largest operator and flagship skin on the Merge Gaming network: Carbon Poker and its sister skin Aced Poker - both of whom are owned by the same parent company. They are exact clones in terms of promotions and support staff, as well as VIP and rakeback programs - the only difference is the URL's and the color schemes.  Intial deposit bonus available for all new accounts at 200% up to $5,000 (details below)!

Be sure to check out ProfRB.com's reviews of Carbon and Aced Poker regarding payout timeframesUS state restrictions, and Daily MTT Overlays.


Step 1:  Clear cookies - mandatory for proper tracking!

Step 2:  If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3:  Select site and program from the banners below, then click the appropriate logo below or listed link provided.

Step 4:  Download the poker client (mac download info here)

Step 5:  Install the poker client.

Step 6:  Create account.

Step 7:  Skype or Email us your USERNAME and registered email address so that we can confirm your account is properly set up.

Step 8:  Verify account for Carbon and Aced.

Optional: ProfRB recommends Poker Table Ratings to optimize your edge on Carbon and Aced Poker.


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Aced Poker      Carbon Poker

**Regardless of what your landing page says when you click the above links, you are eligible for a $5,000 deposit bonus when signing up via ProfessionalRakeBack! This bonus is 200% of deposited amount with maximum bonus size at $5k - thus, it requires $2,500 deposit or more. We recommend Western Union for US players and ewallet deposit for ROW players to maximize this initial deposit bonus.  For Carbon Poker use CARBONPK and for Aced use bonus code ACEDPK. (If the system rejects your bonus go to Live Chat and they will manually apply your bonus.)

Payout | Fee Information 

Checks (avg wait of 21 days to receive)
Max cashout: $2,500
There are no fees to withdraw via check.

Deposit Information

Cash Transfers (Western Union | Moneygram)
Minimum: $50; Maximum: $1,000
One deposit allowed per day, 7 allowed per month up to a total of $5,000
Transaction fees are automatically credited to your poker account.


***Unfortunately Merge Gaming Network has discontinued flat rakeback deals | programs and as such Carbon Poker, Aced Poker, nor Professional Rakeback can offer such a deal here.  There is however a lucrative VIP program worth up to 35% cashback.

Please note that all references to "server time" on Carbon Poker and Aced Poker coincide with EST during the winter and CST during daylight savings time.

Carbon/Aced Poker are not able to accept players from the following US states:
Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York (certain zip codes are allowed), Utah, Washington State, Washington D.C.

Carbon and Aced both allow players from Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Carbon and Aced Poker do not accept players from the countries of Bulgaria or Hungary.