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BetOnline May Cash Game Promotion

BetOnline Logo  BetOnline has been stepping up their cash game promotions in the past few months, and despite putting this one up on there site a little late this month it provides great value for all cash game players during the month of May!

BetOnline May Rake Race

While this specific rake race took a bit longer to go live on the “Poker” page of BetOnline, which is the lead site for Chico Poker Network, than normal, the phrase “better late than never” certainly applies.  Anything that provides a bit of bump to the rewards that you normally find on BetOnline will be greatly appreciated by the players and this particular rake race is no exception.  For those players who competed in last month’s Easter themed race, this will be rather familiar, and for those who didn’t, it’s easy to understand.

Specifics of the Rake Race

Let’s start out by saying that it isn’t a race.  We call it that while writing, because it is the verbiage that the site itself uses.  That being said though, there is nothing race oriented about the promotion as it is a static rewards for player rake contributed system.  This fact makes it easier for players who haven’t started earning points this month to get the full rewards, because you are not trying to leapfrog players overall.  Players will have until May 31st at 11:59 PM ET to earn points towards the different tiers.

The tiers are fairly simple to understand as for each $1 in rake you pay, you will earn a prize.  These prizes then combine to make bigger prizes over time, eventually leading to the levels where you will receive money (a crude form of rakeback) for those prizes at the end of the month.  This time around the promotion is based on horses in honor of the Kentucky Derby and other Triple Crown races.  Every $1 in rake you pay you will receive a foal.  After getting 5 of these foals you will then get a Bronco.  After getting 5 broncos you get a colt and then 5 colts begets a stallion, 5 stallion leads to a gelding, 3 gelding nets you a thoroughbred and when you get 3 thoroughbreds you receive the top level of a Triple Crown.  Once you reach the top level you can continue playing, as there is no cap on the amount that you can earn.

When you reach one of the top three levels (gelding, thoroughbred or Triple Crown) you are guaranteed some cash.  For every gelding you get you will receive $50, you will get $150 for every thoroughbred and if you manage a Triple Crown you will get $500.  As mentioned there is no limit on the amount of money you can get from this promotion, so you could easily get multiple Triple Crown’s if you grind hard enough.  Anything earned below these three levels is unfortunately not worth anything, so there is a large incentive to get up to one of those levels. 

The promotion is free to play in, runs from May 1st through the 31st and is available for all cash games.  Tournaments and sit-n-gos don’t count for the purpose of this promotion, because they have their own promotional offers available that we covered earlier in the month.


SportsBetting (SBAG) and BetOnline is offering up a profitable rake race for players that doesn’t actually see you compete with other players, nor does it have a cap on how much you can earn.  This kind of setup is perfect for high volume players and others who play higher stakes, but don’t play a lot.  This combination isn’t seen that often, so taking advantage of this promotion would be good for players.  Do you like this format of promotion?  Would you prefer to see something else?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!