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BetOnline Mid-August Poker Promotions!

BetOnline Logo  BetOnline doesn’t want to be seen as just a sports betting and casino company anymore and has been trying exceptionally hard to get the attention of poker players, both recreational and serious, by having aggressive promotions that will drive traffic.  This month is much the same case, but even being mid-month there are still some great opportunities to take advantage of the BetOnline Birthday Celebration promotions!

BetOnline Celebrates its Birthday in Style!

Over the past couple of months we have written about BetOnline, which is part of the Chico Poker Network, fairly extensively as they have done a lot to try to attract customers.  It appears that they are committed to this goal long term as they continue to offer up different and new promotions within their poker business.  This month features a lot of promotions that are more one-time events, so learning about these in the middle of the month won’t hurt nearly as much as one would assume.  These events are centered on the fact that BetOnline has a birthday this month and they wanted to draw attention to it.  If any of these promotions sound enticing to you, it is easy to get money on the site as BetOnline has Bitcoin transactions.  If you have any questions about bitcoin transactions, you can check out our guide for full details and an in-depth guide on how easy it is to fund your account using bitcoin.  We sure wish they would give us a birthday present, aka, the ability to offer rakeback to our real money poker players in the USA.

Tournament Players Rewarded Heavily

Tournament players have always been a bit more neglected by the site than their cash game counterparts, but that is changing in a pretty big way this month.  Every Saturday BetOnline is upping the ante on their $30 + $3 weekly tournament and now putting a $15,000 guarantee on it.  It gets even better though as on the 29th of August they are increasing that guarantee to $50,000 with a $90 + $9 entry OR 9,900 promo bucks.  That is a huge tournament for a Saturday night and likely will see a healthy overlay, or will be full of less than average skilled players for that buy-in level.  This creates a great situation for serious tournament players to take advantage of.

Also starting this month is another promotion that will allow 100 players every week to get free entry into the nightly $5k that BetOnline runs.  Every night that you enter the $5,000 guaranteed for $10 + $1 you will be automatically entered into a drawing that will award 100 free entries into any of the same $5,000 guaranteed tournaments the very next week.  This allows players a great chance to get free tournament entries for playing a really high value tournament in the first place.  Also, with such a short time to use the coupon when you win, this should drive traffic to this event and make the tournaments larger on a weekly basis.  It’s great for tournament players all around, whether they win or not.

Cash Game Birthday Celebration

The cash players are not being completely ignored with the upcoming promotions, but they are a little less lucrative than what was seen in July.  That being said, it is pretty easy to make up for some of those lost rewards with the POP Points that are now being used.  Our last article explains those a little better for those not familiar with them.  As for this month’s rewards, players can take advantage of smaller tasks during specified days.  Below is a list of the days and what needs to be done to complete said task.  Some games are just hold’em, while other you can be playing any game to reap the rewards.

BetOnline August Cash Game Promotion


Chico Poker Network, Sportsbettingag, and BetOnline are making a big push to attract tournament players after focusing on cash players for the past couple of months.  These promotions are great opportunities for players to compete for good sized prize pools for relatively cheap.  What do you think of the promotions?  Will you be moving any of your play onto the site?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!