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BetOnline Promotional Offers for May!

BetOnline Logo  BetOnline has some fantastic May promotions that will appeal to tournament and sit n’ go players specifically.  The biggest change to the lineup of promotions this month is the World Series of Poker satellites that can see you win your way into the world’s largest tournament for absolutely nothing!

BetOnline May Poker Promotions!

BetOnline, which is the flagship site for Chico Poker Network, has announced the promotions that they are going to run for May.  While some players will not find them as satisfying as month’s past they still represent a fairly large improvement over many other sites available to US players.  With a World Series of Poker promotion, SNG leaderboard and MTT leaderboard up for grabs this month it will be a good month to enjoy tournaments on Betonline!

Win Your Way to the WSOP

A lot of sites are running World Series of Poker promotions right now, and that’s only natural as the seasons change to warmer weather and the World Series of Poker gets ever closer.  The WSOP is the largest poker tournament series in the entire world, and Chico Network is one of the biggest poker networks in the world, thus it makes sense that they would offer such a promotion. BetOnline is being perhaps a little more aggressive than some other sites though by allowing players to win entry into the World Series of Poker Main Event for free.  While this isn’t the easiest path to win your way to the World Series of Poker, it might be one of the best chances to get a life changing experience, through doing something different or winning a boatload of money, for the least amount of money.

The process that BetOnline is using for this promotion is by utilizing a step program that combines large field multi-table tournaments and sit-n-gos to allow players to move up the ranks the fastest.  Below is the setup for this promotion and outlines how much you can buy-in for each step for and what the progression will look like.  After you compete in the following progression you win entry into the WSOP final that is a $55 +$5 entry that  has 2 seats guaranteed, but could also balloon to more depending on the turnout.   It’s a great opportunity for players to win their way into a big and lucrative live tournament, one of the biggest and most lucrative ever held.


Sit-n-Go Leaderboard

This promotion from BetOnline is always in question as they don’t commit to it long-term, but players can rejoice as it will be making another appearance as one of the promotions for the site.  The one drawback this month though is that it will be a $25,000 guarantee instead of the $50,000 that players have become accustomed to.  That being said, it still represents one of the largest available to American players, and easily could be the largest depending on how things work out at Winning Poker Network.  The payout structure and tiers will be the same as always though, so it will be familiar to players.

MTT Leaderboard

A newer addition to their monthly promotions has been the tournament leaderboard that sees playing compete on three different leaderboards to earn the most point and gain entry into the freerolls at the end of the month that award between $500 and $2,000 to players!  This leaderboard promotion separates players into different tiers based on tournament buy-in, which is something people have been clamoring for on different sites.  This allows players from the lowest rungs of the ladder to still get a great opportunity to make money while not trying to make them compete unfairly with higher stakes players.


Like many sites BetOnline and Sportsbetting (its sister site) is pushing the World Series of Poker the most this month, and that’s hardly a surprise.  That being said, they are offering a lot more than just World Series of Poker seats for free though, and that means that all players can take some advantage of what is going on.  These promotions also make the lack of rakeback a little less harsh for players to stomach as it easily supplements that lost rake.  Are you happy with the promotions from BetOnline in May?  What changes would you like to see?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!