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BetOnline Sportsbook Promotions!

BetOnline Logo  BetOnline Sportsbook promotions are simple to understand and pretty lucrative especially to players who plan on betting either bigger or more often on games as they are geared towards the maximum amount of money being redeemed.  These offers are great for more serious sports bettor, which isn’t something we get to say a lot!

BetOnline Sportsbook Promotions

BetOnline, part of the Chico Gaming Network, has had a bit of bumpy ride to get where it is today, but that ride seems to have levelled off into a fairly mundane(which is very good) existence of paying players in a timely fashion and expanding their offerings.  The main reason for this change and improvement is the change in ownership from the Tiger Gaming Network to the Chico Gaming Network.  As a result of the change and continued improvement for a significant time now, their sportsbook, casino, and poker rooms are reliable and safe choice for players look to make their first deposit.  BetOnline offers from great promotions, even if they lack the flash of some of their competitors.  Simple, easy to understand and lucrative would be the best way to describe the offers.

BetOnline Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

BetOnline has two really interesting deposit offers for players.  Both offers are 25% up to $1,000, but that isn’t what makes them interesting.  The first deposit bonus is interesting, because it is up to $1,000 which is one of the highest available to players making their first deposits, so even though it’s a smaller amount as a percent, you can still get a very good sized bonus out of the deal.  The arguably more interesting offer though is the 25% lifetime bonus up to $1,000. It’s a constant reload bonus that you can take advantage of any time you have to make a reload.

The constant reload bonus is pretty unique as sites are normally pretty tight in awarding them, and for the amount that you can get from it, it’s exceptionally different, but good and player friendly.  The bonus can only be used in the sportsbook and is subject to the 6x rollover, but that is actually a pretty small requirement, considering.  Also, there is no date placed on when you have to clear the bonus by, but you can’t make a withdrawal for 30 days after you have accepted the promotion.  It’s a pretty aggressive offer, but it makes sense why they are doing it, if they hope to attract new players to the site.

Free Bets from BetOnline

I hazard to call these free bets, as they aren’t really such, in the normal sense of the word, and are much closer to Intertops stake-back bets.  Regardless of the definitions that you want to use though, players can get free money from BetOnline if they make a bet and it doesn’t pan out for them.  The two offers they have right now are a $25 live game betting free bet and a $50 mobile free bet.  Each offer is good only for your first bet using that specific platform and you must use your own money to place the bet.  If you lose either bet then you will be reimbursed up to that amount and that money will be subject to the standard 6x rollover at BetOnline Sportsbook.  If you win the bet then you do not receive anything, and that is why I call it a stake-back and not a free bet.

MLB Dime Lines

That phrase might seem like a rather odd one, but when looking for a sportsbook it’s vitally important if you are going to be betting on baseball.  Essentially a dime line is the money line on baseball games.  While this might seem like a really basic and normal thing for a sportsbook to have, no all of them do, and generally you find less reputable sportsbook not offering them and only offer spread lines.  BetOnline offers dime lines and in many cases on a very granular basis which allow for players to squeeze out the most money they can.  In the example used by the site they have lines going up to -199, which may not sound important, but when betting MLB it can matter a lot, because the volume you are betting will ensure that you make the most extra from the small line differences from one site to another.  These dime lines are available on every MLB game from the start of the season until the end.


While the BetOnline and SportsBetting sportsbooks might not have as flashy of promotions as some other sites do, they are actually some of the easiest to understand.  Make a deposit and get free money.  That is something a lot of sportsbooks don’t offer as they want you to try to jump through a lot of hoops to get small perks.  The total amount of free money you can get with the relatively low rollover requirements means that you can get the most out of your money from deposit at BetOnline f you are a more no-gimmicks type of bettor, especially if you take advantage of the free bets.  What do you think of the simpler and down to earth type of promotions from BetOnline?  Do you plan on taking advantage of them?  Tell us ON Twitter or Facebook!