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BetOnline Sportsbook Weekend Promotion!

BetOnline Logo  Earlier in May we previewed what was set to be the biggest weekend in sports betting ever, and while we aren’t going to get quite that kind of action this weekend, there is still a lot for all types of fans to get excited about.  BetOnline is also doing their part to make it even sweeter by offering a great bonus to its customers!

Large Deposit Bonus for Bettors

BetOnline, along with sister site, which are part of the Chico Poker Network, is known for providing great bonus and enticing lines and this weekend is no different with both of those being put on display.  Bettors are going to have a great opportunity to nearly as much as they want on all the weekends action while getting good odds and working towards clearing there huge bonus.

Weekend Deposit Bonus

BetOnline is offering up a great bonus just for this special weekend.  Players can take advantage of a 25% bonus up to $1,000 with only a $20 deposit minimum.  Like most bonuses on the site you will have 120 days to clear the bonus and it must be cleared through the sportsbook, so you can’t use poker as a method of the clearing the bonus. You can bet on any sport or event though, so if you want to continue betting on the NBA or NHL games past this weekend then that could be a great way to clear the massive bonus they are offering.  Bettors are also still eligible for the 7% racebook rebate which allows players to make sure they always get something back, even if their bet doesn’t actually win.

One of the easiest, but exceptionally underutilized, ways to get money onto BetOnline is via Bitcoin.  This will easily allow you to take full advantage of the bonus without having to worry about credit cards or any of the other methods of deposit. BetOnline also offers Bitcoin withdrawals so you can easily get your money once you win your bets on any of the great events this weekend.

Events this Weekend

This weekend is not quite as big as the one in May that we covered, but it still offers some very high leverage and interesting sports events that can capture the attention of most sports fans.  For the more old-school gambler there is a high stakes horse race for the first time in a long time.  American Pharaoh is going for the Triple Crown, and there are more than a few people who feel he has a good chance of doing it, unlike some of the more recent close calls some may remember.  This would be the first horse in around 30 years to do so if he can win the Belmont Stakes this weekend.  While horse racing might not be as noticed on the national stage as it once was, there is no less excitement in the racing community about this event and taking advantage of some of the great lines on the event would be a good use of the bonus.

The other two events this weekend is Game 2 of both the Stanley Cup finals and the NBA finals.  Game 1 saw the favorites (in betting circles) of each event win.  Game 2 could go a long way to either making the series much closer to allowing one team to get a hammerlock on the series.  Teams in the NHL that go down 2-0 are going to lose the series nearly 86% of the time according to the NHL PR, and that number is about the same according to the NBA.  This could be a great time to make a series bet if you think that Golden State or Chicago are likely to win the next game.  Being as these series are still far from over there are a lot of different choices for types of bets you can make with concern to the outcomes or individual player results.


This weekend might not be as big as some sporting weekends in the past, but it will be the largest weekend before football season and does provide a lot of options for bettors of all sports.  Whether you are a hockey, basketball or horse fan you will have something good to bet on and root for.  This is made even sweeter by the 25% up to $1,000 bonus provided by BetOnline.  Check out their casino offerings as well while you're at it. What are you going to watch this weekend?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!