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Bodog Sports Site Interface Undergoes Redesign

Bodog Logo  Bovada underwent a complete redesign on the website end of its offerings, which might sound insignificant, until you realize that the majority of the sports betting traffic is though the website.  These changes have been met with a fairly wide range opinions, for numerous reasons.  We will give you a review of the changes and what some of those complaints are!

Bovada Redesigns Sports Betting Site

Bovada has made some really large changes to the look and feel of their website which has changed how the betting space on feels and how players get to games and ultimately place bets on those games.  The change is very similar to the one that Intertops Sports implemented a few months ago and really tries to bring the Bovada sports betting software into the modern age.  These changes have been met with some good and bad reactions, and many of the negative reviews seem to be from bugs that cause the software to be clunky and less user friendly than the previous implantation.  Luckily, the bugs can be solved rather easily with updates.

The New Interface Overview still has all the great lines and bets that you are used to, but now they are attempting to bring an interface that has that best in the industry feel to it.  The previous software was outdated and minimalistic looking.  While there is a time and place for that kind of feel, it begins to look less refined when competitors are rolling out newer and fresher offerings that make your interface look like it was made in 2005.  As a result, Bovada has decided to embrace the modern feel to the maximum and offer players a competitive package in comparison to others.

The biggest difference in the two interfaces is the color scheme and text size of the different boxes available to players.  The theme is now a much more modern looking dark theme and the text boxes themselves with the games and available bets are much larger with text that sticks out a lot more than in the previous version.  The new version is also much heavier in the graphics department, as to look more appealing to players, especially on the home page.

Bovada Redesign

The betting slips themselves are also slightly different as they allow for easier access to certain options, especially when betting on baseball.  Players can easily change bets to only book action if a particular pitchers starts for a team.  This allows players to more easily set bets the night before a game without having to worry about an injury changing the particular game line.  You don’t have to use this option of course, but the ease of which places can get to it now is much improved.

With all those nice additions though there has been some problems, but the problems have not be consistent across all devices and bettors.  For instance, some players have been having issues with all of the games available for betting showing up.  Some bettors report having to click “view all” 2 or 3 times to get all the games to actually show up, while other bettors can get there from just one click.  These kinds of errors are what a lot of the complaints about the new design and interface focus on, and they are very fair criticisms, as having consistency and ease of use is exceptionally important.  While many of these errors likely can be fixed fairly easily, has had issues in the past with fixing problems in a timely manner, as evidenced by these errors still being present nearly a week after the redesign.

Summary made a huge change to their design, one that has carried over to Bodog as well as Ignition Casino, and interface that took a lot of players by surprise.  As with all changes, some players really liked them and others are not as sold on the greatness of these changes.  Regardless, Bovada did help there site look significantly more modern than it was previously which helps it keep up with other major sports betting sites available to players.  What do you think of the changes?  Have you had some of the same issues as others?  It is worth noting that Ignition Poker also has a similar site layout.  Considering that Ignition bought Bovada's poker business and uses their poker software, it isn't so much of a surprise. Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!