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Bovada Sportsbook Promotions and World Series Preview!

Bodog Logo  Bovada is synonymous with great sportsbooks available to US players, and with the World Series and the meat the NFL season upon us, there is no better time to see what they are offering for lines, promotions and other enticing offers to get you to place bets at one of the world’s leading sportsbooks!

Bovada Offers Enticing Promotions and Lines for Football and Baseball Fans!

Bovada Sportsbook and Bodog, which are part of the same network, are doing exactly what you would expect them to and gearing up for the big sporting events over the next couple of months.  The NFL and College Football are in full swing and the World Series is just a few days away from getting underway.  This means that bets are going to be coming in fast and frequently not only from serious bettors, but also the average person just trying to have a bit of fun.  We have a great signup bonus for those that are not signed up for Bovada yet and we would strongly encourage you to take advantage of it.  If online poker or casino are more your thing, try Bovada's sister site, Ignition Poker To find out everything that is going on, as well as World Series Preview, continue reading on!

The World Series

The baseball season has seen many twists and turns since the beginning of April when all 30 MLB teams took the field with unbridled optimism and hope.  Now, 2 teams find themselves in a matchup to see who will win the World Championship in just over a week.  The World Series in 2015 will features the New York Mets against the returning World Series combatants the Kansas City Royals.  If you want to talk about a close matchup, you have that there.  Currently Bovada has the series listed at -120 to -110 odds in favor of the Kansas City Royals.  That’s a really close matchup though and it is clear that the fact that KC has home field advantage gives them the slightest of edges.  The series starts on Tuesday, October 27th and follows the format of 2-3-2, which means first two games at KC, next 3 in NY and final 2 in KC.

The format should actually favor the Mets the most, because they have a much deeper starting rotation than the Royals do.  This starting pitching depth will help the Mets not have to start anyone on short rest and hopefully allow their short bullpen to survive a little bit better.  The Royals have an advantage in the bullpen and their lineup is better 1-9, though they do not have quite the firepower that the Mets do with Murphy and Cespedes.  The real question of who you think will win likely will come down to if you think Daniel Murphy can continue his historic run through the postseason.  If you think that he is going to turn back into the average player that he has been for his career, then the Royals have an advantage.  If Murphy can continue his torrid stretch though, then the series is a toss-up or slightly favoring the Mets.  Our bet is to go with the Royals, unless the Mets can be had for a better price than -110.

$50,000 Parlay Jackpot

Not everyone is into baseball and Bovada isn’t forgetting you at all with the final week of the $50,000 Parlay Jackpot which uses the NFL games on October 29th through November 1st.  The jackpot is simple to enter, but difficult to win.  All you have to do is bet on a 7+ team parlay from that week’s NFL games and hit to gain your share of the $50,000 up for grabs.  Luckily, players only have to bet $5 to qualify for the jackpot, so there isn’t really the downside when you consider that only the players who successfully get a 7 or more team parlay win any share of the prize pool.  This is why we say it is easy to enter, but hard to win.  The upside is huge, the entry fee is cheap, but the guessing is difficult, at best.


The big sports events just never seem to quite stop and with Football in full swing and the MLB coming to a close, the stakes are even higher and Bovada Sportsbook hope that it can be your sportsbook of choice.  These promotions and betting opportunities can be a great chance to add a little bit more to these games for fans.  If you are looking for other safe and legal US poker gambling sites, try some of our robust guides.  Who do you think will win the World Series?  What is the largest parlay you have ever successfully gotten correct?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!