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Breaking: Carbon Poker Ends Affiliate Program

Carbon Poker Logo  In yet another cost saving measure by Carbon Poker, they have decided that they are no longer going to support a program that helps funnel new players onto the site.  It’s not all bad news and should comfort players who already have money on the site, as at worst it is going to maintain current cash flow and perhaps increase it for a short time.

Carbon Poker Ends Affiliate Program

Carbon Poker, which is the marquee site on Merge Gaming Network and one of the largest poker sites in the world, has announced Today that it is no longer going to offer their affiliate program for new signups.  Players who are already signed up through an affiliate are still going to have their affiliates receive credit for the play of the player, which is a silver lining for those who have been an affiliate for many years.  The move is going to see Carbon Poker as the only major US site to not have an affiliate program, and one of the only major sites in the world to not offer one of these programs.

The news isn’t all doom and gloom though for players as it does mean that Carbon Poker is attempting to do everything it can to get cash outs flowing faster.  They have been doing better with this as of late (we updated the cashout situation in this article, late last week) and that seems like it would continue as they are going to be keeping more of the rake that they generate, at least on new signups.  The ideas of Carbon being able to more easily process payments is also corroborated by the return of Skrill, for at least deposits.

The bad side of this is going to be that less new players are going to happen upon the site and sign up for an account.  Affiliates serve an important purpose of helping new and uninformed customers find new sites to play on and then providing them support if they have problems.  Now, players are going to have to happen upon Carbon Poker on their own (while other sites are going to still have new customers suggested to them through affiliates) and if they do have problems there only recourse will be to go through email support.  While this can still be an effective method of resolving problems, it also isn’t a full-proof way of doing it as anyone who has dealt with them can attest to.  The unfortunate reality is that this move doesn’t really help anyone and can only be a bad thing overall, played out more in the long-term.

The news for US sites hasn’t been all bad lately though as more sites actually are expanding and offering more bonuses, promotions and free money.  When news like this happens, the initial reaction is to assume the sky is falling, but this is for sure one of those times that this decision is more of a blip on the radar of otherwise positive signs for the industry as a whole.  If you want to see some of the other options for sites to play on as an American you can read our guide here.  We also update our homepage with new promotions from sites as they are announced, generally around the end and beginning of every month!

This continues the continual cutting of promotions and other expenses for Carbon Poker, which like we have said is good and bad.  The month of May had already been a fairly thin one for players of the site as Carbon Poker had not announced any new promotions at the turn of the calendar. If less new players sign up, then it might continue to worsen the playing experience there, but it is much too early to tell on that front as we won’t know the ramifications of this decision for months to come.  How do you feel about the decision?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!