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Chico Poker Network July Promotions!

Chico Network Logo  Chico Poker Network is running some great promotions for the month of July and has announced another change that will hopefully make it easier for players to clear bonuses and get a bit of extra value when there isn’t a bonus active.  Get all the details inside!


Chico Poker Network with another Rake Based Promotion

Chico Poker Network, which is made up of BetOnline and Sportsbetting and is one of the biggest poker sites in the world, continues to try to make changes to supplement that fact that they do not have direct rakeback deals like some other sites available to its players.  These changes seem to be a good step towards filling that gap and can even end up with a higher effective rakeback percentage depending on what bonuses are active or not.  This month sees a continuation of that rend with another rake based promotion and the introduction of POP points for players.  While the POP points are still in their infancy, it’s a good first step towards making the site more profitable for players.

Unlimited Prizes for Super Heroes

Chico Poker Network and Sportsbetting are running a new promotion based on the last few promotions that they have ran centered on rake based achievements.  There is a bit of extra benefit for players this time around though as Chico Network is offering a few lower tiers if you aren’t able to get up to the $50 minimum level that have been the previous minimum reward level for getting rewards.  The competition is made up of 7 levels. A player needs to rake $1 to get their first trinket on level one.  After that each level needs either 3 or 5 trinkets to unlock.  For every level 3 completed players will receive $1 in prizes.  For every level 4 they get $10, level 5 nets $50 and level 6 garners $150.  For every level 7 that players reach they will be able to get $500.  Players are not limited to one prize or rewards from one prize level; and the more that you play, the more that you get in rewards.

The addition of the lower tiers is a huge boon for players as they will now not have to worry about trying to get to that 5th level to get something for their troubles.  While the reward percentages do get a lot better as you move up, being able to stack rewards helps a lot.  This change should also help games stay active all month, as players won’t stop once they get one of the bigger rewards for fear of not hitting another level. 

POP Points Introduced

While the perks of this change are still not fully finalized, the addition of POP points for players is a huge benefit.  For every $1 in rake that players pay at either cash games or through a tournament will net them 10 POP points.  These points can then be exchanged for select tournament entries or for Sit n’ Go buy-ins.  Right now there is only a weekly $500 POP Points tournament that players can enter, but it was hinted at in the announcement that this will change at some point in the future.  When this change will occur and what the differences will be are still not completely known though.

The POP points are also now going to be used to keep track of Chico Poker Network bonus clearing, because the site and the players felt that the old system was too confusing and convoluted.  Using POP points should simplify the matter, at least a little bit.  As more information becomes available we will update you with those changes on how more value will be added for player.


BetOnline realizes that players want some kind of rewards for playing and once again are stepping up their game to ensure that players feel fairly compensated for their play.  As the program continues to evolve and if these near monthly rake achievements continue, then Chico Network has a very competitive rewards structure for a US-friendly site.  What do you think of these programs?  Are you happy with them?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!