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Chico Network NFL Betting Promotions!

BetOnline Logo  BetOnline and Sportsbetting would like to get your NFL betting business for the season by offering great bonuses to not only new players, but also people who have been loyal customers, but may need to reload their accounts.  The latter is something that not a lot of sites do if you are a winner, so take advantage of this great opportunity now!

Chico Network Looks to Entice Sports Bettors

Chico Poker Network, which is home to both BetOnline and Sportsbetting, is looking to entice new and old sports bettors to the website by offering some great promotions.  The best thing about the approach of Chico Poker Network is that you don’t need to jump through any hoops to get the money and free bets, you simply just make a deposit or one of your normal bets and you will have access to all the great rewards that you deserve.  There are also a few smaller promotions, but even though are much easier to understand and fit in your play style than some other sports books offers.

Deposit Rewards for New and Old Players

We will cover both of these offers at the same time, because they are essentially the same bonus, but luckily they cover two separate groups of sports gamblers.  Honestly, they could actually cover the same group if you have a bad first week of NFL betting as well, as taking advantage of one bonus does not preclude yu from the other.  The bonuses are simple, and that is what makes them so great.  Make any deposit from $50 to $1,000, whether it is a first deposit or a reloading deposit, and you will automatically qualify for a 50% deposit bonus.  Both deposit are subject to fairly standard rollover requirements and you should make sure you understand these before depositing.  If you want to redeem either bonus just enter the bonus code when making your deposit.  NFL15 is used for the welcome bonus and Kickoff15 is for the reload bonus.  Players have until September 30th to redeem their deposit for this bet, so even if you don’t get in on this during week 1 of the NFL season, you need not worry.

Free Bets for Your Normal Betting

The best bonuses are the ones that allow you to bet your normal games while you still get to reap the rewards of the nonuses.  The two major free bets that Chico Poker Network offers fall directly into this category.  The have a $25 free bet for your first live game bet.  They also have a $50 free bet for your first mobile bet.  The way these promotions work is that you just have to make a normal bet using either, or both of these features if you win the bet then you are ahead by winning, and if you lose, then you will $25 or $50 free from Chico Poker Network. Both of these offers have a long list of stipulations that basically boil down to making sure it is your first bet on the particular platform.  Players should be sure to read all the terms and conditions to make sure there are no surprises in store for them.


Chico Poker Network is getting ready for the NFL season and has some great casino and sports promotions lined up for players to take advantage of.  You can also check out the rakeback promotions for US poker sites like Chico on our website. Unlike some other sites that make you take negative value bets to get free bets, Chico Poker Network lets you bet the games the way you want to get the maximum value from you money.  This is the best for both player and company.  What do you think of the promotions?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook! These promotions are also available on Tiger Gaming, who services all players except those from the USA.