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Chico Network September Promotions

BetOnline Logo  Chico Poker Network has another great month of poker promotions planned.  These promotions are a great combination of accessible to recreational players while also being fairly profitable for high volume players as well.  So gear up for the football season with a football themed promotions and other great offers from BetOnline and Sportsbetting!

September Chico Poker Network Promotions

September marks the end of the summer with the wonderful days, long nights and overall fun.  While this might be a time to lament what you are missing, Chico Poker Network, which is home to BetOnline and Sportsbetting, is hoping to give you a little bit to be excited about with a fun month of promotions to get you back into the poker grinding mood after a long summer away.  Cash players, tournament players and SNG players all have a little bit of something in the September promotions and even if you want to wait until after the Labor Day weekend to really start playing, you are not going to be left out in the cold with the great rewards you can earn.

Football Fever Leaderboard Challenge

Despite the name of the promotion it actually has very little to do with any kind of football, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a useful promotion to take part in.  The leaderboard has $10,000 up for grabs and resets every week.  So even missing the first week for holidays doesn’t put players at a huge disadvantage, because you will still have 3 week total to play for the first prize. The first week ends on September 6th, with the next weeks running from Monday to Sunday.  First place will get $500 each week with the top 20 total getting paid.  20th place will secure $50 total. 

You can earn “points” for completing one of four tasks.  You get 2 points if suffer a bad beat, 3 points if you are lucky enough to get 4 of a king, a Royal flush will net you 6 points and you can get “extra points” for sending more than 1 qualifying hand over the course of a day.  The 20th place person has 3 points total as of writing this.  With the way this promotion is structured, players get a benefit from playing more, but you can still do well with a bit of good variance as well.  To qualify for this promotion all you need to do is send in the qualifying hand you will be credited with your points on the leaderboard.

Tournament Players Rewarded

Continuing starting this month is another promotion that will allow 100 players every week to get free entry into the nightly $5k that BetOnline, one of the most reputable US poker sites, runs.  Every night that you enter the $5,000 guaranteed for $10 + $1 you will be automatically entered into a drawing that will award 100 free entries into any of the same $5,000 guaranteed tournaments the very next week.  This allows players a great chance to get free tournament entries for playing a really high value tournament in the first place.  Also, with such a short time to use the coupon when you win, this should drive traffic to this event and make the tournaments larger on a weekly basis.  It’s great for tournament players all around, whether they win or not.


There are a few great promotions for players from Chico Poker Network, especially when you include the MTT Leaderboard and the SNG Leaderboard which remain unchanged from previous month; they are akin to large rakeback boosts.  The new promotions just help to add even more value for player; so whether you are playing cash, MTT or SNG you can find something that fits your style and game choice perfectly.  What do you think of the promotions?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!