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Chico Poker Network October Cash Game Promotions!

Chico Poker Network Logo  Chico Poker Network has been battling to be one of the largest sites in the United States for the past few months and they are hoping that their October cash game promotions will allow them to get the slight edge in this race with Winning Poker Network.  While the jury is still out on whether it will tip them over the edge or not, you can read and decide for yourself on the value of these promotions!

October Poker Promotions at Chico Poker Network

Chico Poker Network, which is home to both BetOnline and Sportsbetting, is ready to welcome you back to the poker tables after the long summer by hosting some great promotions that allow players to earn maximum rewards for play this month.  While these rewards have been in place at different times during the past few months, the culmination of all of them during a single month makes for a profitable situation for those playing.  Also, these promotions provide a fair amount more for players to be happy about as compared to last month, so don’t let these promotions fall on deaf ears!

Football Themed Rake Chase

With football season being in full swing it is of no surprise that the major promotion this month is tired very closely in with football.  While last month offered a fairly good promotion for players, this month has an even better one that rewards players for their hard work and not just random luck of the draw.  The style of promotion is similar to ones we have seen in previous month with being awarded prizes based on how much rake you earn.  There are unique names given to each level that correspond with how much rake you have generated.  Luckily, Chico Poker Network has decided to maintain the 5 award tiers, so that all players can get some rewards for their play.  While the lower tiers might not have the best looking prizes, they are something and provide at least some rakeback to players.

Players just need to opt-in to this promotion and start playing to earn rewards.  Players will receive their rewards on November 6th and there doesn’t appear to be any play through requirements to earn the prizes.  If further information is needed there is a full list of fairly standard terms and conditions that are applicable to this promotion.  Below are the specific tiers and prizes awarded during this promotion!

Chico Poker Network Tiers OctoberChico Poker Network Reward Tiers

Signup Bonus

The 200% signup bonus at Chico Poker Network is being offered once again this month.  While this might not seem like a new promotion it is always important to mention it again, as many sites continue to cut promotions like this.  We don’t know for sure how much longer this great of a bonus will be offered at BetOnline, so it might be worth your time to take advantage of it, especially with the other added money bonuses going on right now.  The signup bonus is a bit complicated when talking about clear rates, so we encourage you to look at the charts we have made to allow you to get the best bonus for you money and how fast you can expect to clear said bonus. 

If you want to look at how this bonus stacks up with others that are on offered on other networks we have a handy bonus guide for that, which should allow you to get the best reward for your money, especially if you are looking for a new site in the fall and winter months.


Cash game players at Chico Poker Network, which is home to both BetOnline, Sportsbetting and TigerGaming have some pretty good promotions this month when you include the standard Royal Flush and 4 of a Kind bonuses also active.  With rakeback disappearing from site’s offerings more and more in recent years, taking advantage of these kind of rewards is an awesome opportunity for those playing right now, especially on US-based sites.  Are you planning on moving some of your play over to BetOnline or Sportsbetting these next few months?  Tell us why or why not on Twitter and Facebook!