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Free Value at Winning Poker Network!

Winning Poker Network Logo  Winning Poker Network is gearing up for the next two months and if you want to be involved in a lot of the action for cheap, then there are some great opportunities still available.  Starting early will help make sure you can take full advantage of the satellites, promotions and tournaments coming your way on Winning Poker Network!

Winning Poker Network looks for Massive Next 2 Months!

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, is looking to really cement itself as the second best US-facing site and the best one of sites that are still actively looking for new players.  The main way they are hoping to do this is by offering big and lucrative tournaments for players that hit both the high rollers who want to strike it rich and the small time players who want to get there with almost no investment.  Both are important players for the network, and both are getting lots of attention of the next two months.  What is better is these groups can overlap and you can be a small time player who can strike it super rich!

Freebuy Series with Great Value

As we predicted in our preview piece there was going to be a lot of great value to be had during the Free Buy Series II on Winning Poker Network.  While it is only in the 2nd day, it has not disappointed in having massive overlays for players.  The first few events had the following guarantees and actual prize pools: $240 on #2 ($500 guarantee), $634 on #3 ($1.5k), $1155 on #4 ($5k), $528 on #5 ($3k), $344.40 on #6 ($500).  While in total dollar value this might not seem like a ton, it is a pretty significant percentage and is a good amount of money for the players that this is being aimed at.  These tournaments are going to continue for another week and we don’t expect that they will get a lot better, especially during the week nights when the fields can be even smaller and more sporadic.

Something other players might not be aware of as well is that the number of players paid doesn’t change based on how many people enter, unless the guarantee is actually met.  So while far less than 10% of the field is getting paid, there aren’t micro-payouts that mean pretty much nothing to those getting the payouts.  If they had it scaled like a normal tournament then some of the prizes on the smallest of tournaments would be too small for a lot of people to care and wouldn’t actually let you enter another tournament with your winnings, making it essentially useless.

Million Dollar Sundays Start Soon

The more high profile news is that the Million Dollar Sundays are only about two weeks away from starting. For those who don’t remember, September 13th is the first of 5 Million Dollar Sunday Tournaments in a 7 week span, with 4 of them happening on consecutive Sundays through October.  Since most people only think of all the October tournaments with this promotion it can be a great time to get extra value as people might not have won their satellite into the tournaments yet.  Also, this will be opening weekend for NFL football, so if there is a weekend that a lot more people than average might be gone or distracted, this is a great candidate to be one of them.  With higher buy-in tournaments like this, especially those with large prize pools, finding 10% to 20% free value from a missed guarantee or distracted players can be huge.  Be sure that you have a rakeback account before buying into these high dollar events, a 27% rebate on a $540 ticket equates to $12 in your pocket that you wouldn't have had otherwise, and increases your ROI by 2.5% from the very start!


Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, is hoping to build on the positive momentum they have coming out of the summer months by offering lots of great value for players of all types.  The Freebuy Series that has been overlaying at a pretty good clip allows great chances for those on small or no bankroll to get big prizes and the upcoming Million Dollar Sundays allow higher bankroll players to also get in on the great value.  If you want to get money onto Winning Poker Network quickly and cheaply, Bitcoin is a great option, and our guide can help you do that.  What are you planning on playing?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!