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Full Flush Poker Hosts Halloween Special Tournament!

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  Halloween is normally a time of partying and having fun, but what could be more fun than winning a large 1st prize, qualifying for the Game of Poker Thrones II and still partying that night?  Full Flush Poker hopes nothing as they have a great event for you on October 31st, to go along with their great option on any given Saturday, we have all the details!  

Full Flush Poker Hosts Halloween Special

Playing a poker tournament on Halloween isn’t the typical thing that someone does, because they think of great parties, drinking and having an overall good time away from their computers.  Full Flush Poker isn’t challenging this by any means, but actually hoping to add to the great night.  On October 31st, at 5PM EST, they are hosting a $5,000 Halloween Bounty Tournament with a $16.50 entry fee.  The tournament will feature 5 bounties on the players Freddy_K, TheXorcist, FrankNstyn, Chucky666 and Hannibal_L.  With the tournament starting so early, players can easily have fun playing in it, and winning big; but they can also go out later and enjoy all of the night’s festivities with a lot more money in their pocket.

The bounties for this event are a little bit different than most.  While most tournaments give you a bounty smaller or at most equal to the buy-in, this tournament is doing significantly more than that.  If you knock out one of the five players that are specifically Halloween themed you will win an $80 seat into a heads up satellite for the Game of Poker Thrones II Main Event on January 3rd of 2016.  This is equal to a step 3 ticket and will allow each player to have a 50/50 shot of getting their seat into the great event.  Even if you lose the heads up event, you won’t leave empty handed as the losers of the matches will get a step 2 ticket.

The Game of Poker Thrones is a $100,000 tournament scheduled for January 3rd, 2016 that is going to have a $135 buy-in.  While this may sound great on its own, and it is, but it gets even better when you consider that they are running an enormous amount of satellites to the event.  It is likely that the already soft Full Flush Poker tournaments will be even softer for this event as many months of getting players in through many different means will culminate in this event.  

This isn’t the first time they have run a bounty event like this, and in the past the players that have had bounties on them have played badly, but not awful.  This is good news for players that don’t get a seat at the table with the bounty players to begin with.  Also, it’s important to note that people are going to play pretty badly against these players, so keep that in mind when you are involved in multi-way pots with these bounty players.  It changes basic strategy for sure, and so adjusting for this is paramount to not only get lucky enough to get a bounty, but also make sure you have a good chance at a win in the tournament.

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Deposit Tournament

Earlier in the day at 2pm EST is the weekly $1,000 depositors’ and reloaders’ freeroll.  A lot of players forgo this tournament, because they either forget they have tickets, or don’t have the desire to play for such a small prize pool, but consider that it is a very weak field and you don’t need to pay a lot of attention while you do it.  Also, you can try out the new MTT schedule they have on the site while playing this to maximize your hours spent playing.  It’s a great chance for some extra value during your normal grind.


Full Flush Poker doesn’t want to change your plans on Halloween, but they would like to make it a little bit better for you that night.  With a $5,000 guaranteed bounty tournament, a new MTT schedule and the weekly depositor freeroll, it’s really not too hard to create a reason to jump on over there and spend some time before your big plans that night.  Will you be playing the event?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!