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Full Flush Poker Kicks off GoPT II

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker has brought back some of their popular promotions for another round, and it all culminates in a few large tournament with great prizes. Once again Full Flush Poker is trying to show how they should be thought of near the top of the best places to play tournaments for US-based players!

Full Flush Poker Announces Game of Poker Thrones II

Full Flush Poker has not been shy about trying to pull in the casual customer by designing their promotions around popular shows, events or other pop culture identifiable activities.  Most sites, especially US-friendly online poker sites, don’t do this, but Full Flush Poker has been doing it for a few years now and in general they have softer than average tournament fields and many times also have overlays on their tournaments.  Currently announced they have 2 different promotions that draw from popular culture or holidays that feature over $150,000 in guaranteed prize money and a free roll with another $5,000 up for grabs.  Below are all the details of the promotions and how you can qualify for the great value added promotions.

Game of Poker Thrones II

Less than a year ago Full Flush Poker ran a promotion in which you could qualify for a $100,000 guaranteed tournament by competing in a series of satellites that would eventually lead to the Main Event, similar to the Steps Tournaments from PokerStars.  The name of this promotion was the Game of Poker Thrones, and it allowed casual players to feel more connected to one of their favorite shows on TV.  This promotion resulted in one of the softer $100,000 tournament fields you will find in the United States.  Once again, Full Flush Poker is doing this and by offering three different tracks to win your way into the tournament along with being able to buy directly into the tournament ensures that a lot of lower stakes players will find their way into playing the Main Event.

The steps aren’t just for lower stakes players though, as they can provide rakeback grinders are great way to get into the big tournament for much cheaper, increasing their ROI potential pretty significantly.  As mentioned there are 3 different step categories players can take advantage of.  10-max, 6-max and 2-max tournaments offer players the ability to play whatever form of poker they feel most comfortable with and qualify however they feel they are best able to.  While the steps might seem a bit confusing at first, it’s important to remember that each track is separate from each other.  That being said, players can jump steps or move to completely different tracks if they feel like.  For the purpose of this promotion they have named each of the different tracks “Houses” so as to fit with the Game of Thrones motif.  Below are all the specifications for the houses.

House 1 - The Starks - 10-Player Satellites

This is considered the most budget-friendly way to earn a ‘GOPT TREASURE’, which can be used as entry into the GOPT II $100K GTD:

STEP 1: Battle of the Whispering Wood (Buy-in $2.00 or 2 GOP TREASURE)

  • 1st and 2nd places earn 6 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Step 2)
  • 3rd and 4th places earn 2 GOPT TREASURE (ReEntry to Step 1)

STEP 2: Battle Fall of Winterfell (Buy-in $6 or 6 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st and 2nd places earn 25 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Step 3)
  • 3rd place gets 6 GOPT TREASURE (Re-Entry to Step 2)

STEP 3: Red Wedding (Buy-in $25 or 25 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st place earns 120 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to $100K Main Event)
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place get Step 25 GOPT TREASURE (Re-Entry to Step 3)

House 2 The Targaryens 6-Player Satellites

These have a slightly different prize structure, awarding fewer GOPT TREASURE and less Satellite Rebuys, making it slightly more of a challenge, however this route is played as 6max Satellites:

STEP 1: Battle of Astapor (Buy-in $2 or 2 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st Place earns 6 GOPT TREASURE  (Entry to Step 2)
  • 2nd and 3rd Place earns 2 GOPT TREASURE (Re-Entry to Step 1)

STEP 2: Battle of Yunkai (Buy-in $6 or 6 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st Place earns 25 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Step 3)
  • 2nd Place earns 6 GOPT TREASURE (Re-Entry to Step 2)

STEP 3: Sack of Meereen (Buy-in $25 or 25 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st place earns 120 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to $100K Main Event)

House 3 - The Lannisters - Heads Up Satellites

While this is the toughest path to choose, facing ‘the enemy’ in a head-to-head crusade will be great preparation for the obstacles and adversities that players may encounter in the ultimate clash, the GOPT $100K GTD Main Event:

STEP 1: Battle of Blackwater (Buy-in $25 or 25 GOPT TREASURE) 

  • 1st place earns 45 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Step 2 Purple Wedding)

STEP 2: Purple Wedding (Buy-in $45 or 45 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st place earns 80 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Step 3 Battle of the Red Viper)
  • 2nd place gets 6 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to Targaryen or Starks Step 2)

STEP 3: Battle of the Red Viper versus the Mountain (Buy-in $80 or 80 GOPT TREASURE)

  • 1st place earns 120 GOPT TREASURE (Entry to $100K Main Event)
  • 2nd place earns 25 GOPT TREASURE (Re-Entry to Step 1 Battle of Blackwater or one of the other house's Step 3's - Sack of Meereen, or Red Wedding)

The main Event isn’t until January 3rd, but it is best to get a start on it now so that you make sure you can get as many tickets as you will need in the tournament!

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Labor Day Weekend Festivities

The other major promotion offered by Full Flush Poker right now is centered on Labor Day.  They are fairly simple though with a $5,000 depositor freeroll and a $50,000 guaranteed tournament. The Depositor’s freeroll in on Saturday September 5th at 2pm and features the top 70 places getting paid.  The $50,000 Guaranteed Tournament is on Sunday September 6th at 5pm (all times eastern) and features a $50 or 1 Gold Bar buy-in.  This tournament will also pay 70 places with $9,000 being guaranteed for a first place finish.


Full Flush Poker is making waves with major tournaments again that draw from popular culture and holiday.  This approach ensures that more casual players will find their way into these tournaments and that can be a lot of great spots for serious tournament grinds.  Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this bonus by winning your way into one of the above tournaments, or just buying directly into them.  Either option is going to yield great results.  Tell us what you think of the promotions on Twitter or Facebook!