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Full Flush Poker May Promotions!

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker has some May promotions that will help new and returning players get the most out of their playing experience.  While the promotions might not seem a lot different from April’s there is some hidden extra value in there for players.

Full Flush Poker May Promotions

Full Flush Poker, which is the premiere site for Equity Poker Network, has had a bit of a down month in terms of traffic according to, but that doesn’t mean they are pulling back on anything.  May features a continuing of their race for the World Series of Poker seats, a great reload bonus, nightly tournament schedule and much more.  So despite cash games being down slightly, tournaments are just as alive as ever!

World Series of Poker Leaderboard

Full Flush Poker wants to send you to the World Series of Poker Main Event, and they are upping the ante with their Gold Bracelet leaderboard, by giving you new ways to win those bracelets and move up to better prizes.  Before we get to those new ways to win the prizes, we will go over what you get for finishing in the top 20 on the leaderboard.

* 1st Prize: $15000 VALUE - 1 Entry Ticket to the WSOP MAIN EVENT plus $5000 in Cash for Travel Expenses
* 2nd Prize: 1 Full Flush Poker Seasons Pass for all the remaining 2015 Full Flush Big Saturday and Sunday Tournaments
* 3rd Prize: 1 Full Flush Poker Seasons Pass for all the remaining 2015 Full Flush Big Sunday Tournaments
* 4th Prize: 1 Full Flush Poker Seasons Pass for all the remaining 2015 Full Flush Big Saturday Tournaments
* 5th - 10th Prize: 10 Entries to Full Flush Big Saturday Tournaments and 10 Entries to Full Flush Nightly Cooler
* 11th - 15th Prize: 10 Entries to Full Flush Big Saturday Tournaments and 5 Entries to Full Flush Nightly Cooler
* 16th - 20th Prize: 5 Entries to Full Flush Big Saturday Tournaments and 5 Entries to Full Flush Nightly Cooler

As you can see, while the first prize might be the best, there are some great prizes you can still get, so don’t be worried about being behind everyone else, especially when you hear about some of these great ways to earn extra bracelets.  The first new way to earn extra bracelets is by knocking out the player that is first on the leaderboard of any tournament with a guarantee of over $999,  Doing this will earn you a free 5 Gold Bracelets, on top of whatever else you win in the tournament.  Another way to earn even more Gold Bracelets is by finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any tournament; this will earn you double bracelets for that event.

The final new ways to earn Gold Bracelets is with the new lottery tournament they are going to have.  These tournaments are 50 player max tournaments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 PM ET which have a 3 Gold Bracelets buy-in. that offer 30 bracelets for first and 20 for second.   These new ways of winning Gold Bracelets are going to shake things up and will allow newer players to make a pretty big splash on the leaderboard, especially with all the great ways to earn the in other ways.

Nightly Tournament Schedule

If you are going to try to make a big splash on the leaderboard you are going to need to be playing a lot of the nightly tournament.  Luckily Full Flush Poker offers a great nightly schedule that has tournaments for people of all bankrolls.  The Following are the list of nightly tournaments, all of which will get you Gold Bracelets.

    12:00pm ET - $500 GTD AFTERNOON SPECIAL
    2:00pm ET - $1000 GTD Euro Rebuy / Add
    4:00pm ET - $1500 GTD SPRING STARTUP
    5:00pm ET - $500 GTD Rebuy / Add
    6:00pm ET - $1200 HAPPY HOUR at 6pm ET (1/2 Price Rebuys with POP Points)
    8:00pm ET - $5000 GTD NIGHTLY AMERICAN
    9:00pm ET -  $5000 HIGHROLLER SPECIAL (Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday)
    9:30pm ET - $3000 GTD NIGHTLY COOLER!!
    10:00pm ET - $500 $2 SPECIAL Turbo
    11:00pm ET - $1500 GTD AFTER HOURS Turbo

Reload Bonus

One of the most unique things about reload and deposit bonuses on the Equity Poker Network and consequently Full Flush Poker is that there is instant cashback opportunities that are on top of your normal reload bonus, and that is no different this month.  Players have the opportunity to earn up to 30% cashback on top of their 100% up to $1,500 bonus offer this Ma.  That makes this up to a 130% reload bonus, which is exceptionally strong compared to the rest of the market!

The instant cashback works in three tiers.  The first 10% of your deposit that you can earn is automatic as long as your deposit is over $50.  You will be given an automatic 10%, so if you deposit exactly $50 you will get $5 in your account with only needing to rake $1 for every $1 of bonus money.  You can earn up to $100 with this tier. The next tier is with a preferred deposit method. For this reload bonus you can earn 10% up to $150 if you deposit using Western Union, Money Gram, Neteller, Skrill or EcoPayz.  You minimum deposit must be $200.  The final tier is a VIP Bonus that is given to all players who make a deposit of at least $1,000.  You can earn up to $150 using this tier.  All told there is $400 in instant cashback you can earn that brings the true value of the reload bonus to $1,900!

Players have 30 days from the time of deposit to clear the bonus.  Players need to earn 20 POPs to clear $1 of bonus money.  Players earn 10 POPs per $1 raked, so the bonus effectively clears at a 50% rate as you need to rake $2 to get $1 of bonus money, which would represent one of the best clearance rates in the industry before taking the instant cashback into consideration!


Full Flush Poker has some great promotions this month and some great ways to get involved with the ongoing promotions that they are currently offering.  The World Series of Poker leaderboard has some great value available even if you haven’t started gaining Gold Bracelets yet, because of all the great opportunities to get them now.  What do you think of the changes?  Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.