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Full Flush Poker Tournaments Updates!

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker continues to try to attract players with big tournaments, new features and other perks to differentiate themselves.  The latest changes they are making should help those who were on the fence about switching to Full Flush Poker for tournaments easily think it is a good idea now.  It’s also important to note that these changes were made because players wanted the changes, showing their desire to take suggestion into consideration.

Full Flush Poker Makes Big Changes

Full Flush Poker, which is the marquee site on Equity Poker Network, has been making some big changes in the last few months with new tournaments, rakeback and now offering tournaments with antes and a turbo tournament on their main schedule.  While some of those improvements might seem small, they allow Full Flush Poker to compete on the main stage for American players, and with so few American sites really catering to the smaller limit players, it should be welcomed by many.  All of these announcements were made on top of a slight tease by Full Flush about an upcoming Summer Tournament Series, but we will have to wait a bit longer for more details on that.

Tournament Structure Changes

Full Flush Poker is completely changing how they have tournaments structured, and according to them it is what most of their patrons wanted.  Previously the software had not been capable of hosting turbo tournaments or tournaments with antes in the structures, but whatever restrictions had previously been in place appear to be history now as Full Flush Poker announced that the last few days has seen them start to introduce some of these new features into the schedules.  It is expected that they will keep making small tweaks as more changes go live and players have a chance to test the structures and features.

The changes seem to have been taken pretty well, and the implementation appears to be seamless.  In the handful of tournaments that the writers at have played/railed there hasn’t been any trouble with them, and the animations seem to be fairly quick.  Full Flush has also added a few turbo tournaments throughout the schedule with them also offering a new late night major tournament that is also a turbo.  It’s important to note that most Full Flush tournaments still do not have late registration, but they are almost all rebuys, except when otherwise noted.

Special Independence Day Tournament

On Sunday July 5th at 5pm ET Full Flush Poker is hosting a special Independence Day tournament that will boast a $25,000 prize pool for only $40 or 1 Gold Bar.  This tournament will be a rebuy tournament with an optional add-on during the first break.  These special tournaments that Full Flush tends to run during major events or holidays are great value for professional or novice tournament player alike.  There are many satellites running to this tournament every day, and there are sure to be even more announced as we get closer to the date.


It’s really encouraging to see Full Flush Poker make a lot of these changes, because it shows that they are taking player’s wants and desires into consideration.  The more sites that adopt this kind of mindset when dealing with players, the better.  These changes, added tournaments and future summer series should put Full Flush at the front of everyone’s mind for micro and small stakes tournaments.  What do you think of the changes?  Do they change anything for you?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

If you live in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada or New Jersey Full Flush Poker is not going to available to you, but you are not completely out of luck.  We have a handy guide that can show you were you can play poker for real money online from your state!