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Full Flush Prepares for SOPS

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker is getting ready to offer their first tournament series, the Summer Online Poker Series (SOPS,) and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the new software Full Flush Poker is excited about has been released to the public.  The series will take place over the course of the next two weeks and have $150,000 in guaranteed prizes!

Full Flush Poker Prepares for Series

Full Flush Poker is preparing to host their first ever series this coming week, and there isn’t a better time to do it, since they can showcase all of the new tournament features and options that their software has available.  The series starts on July 20th and runs through August 2nd with 18 events available to players of all buy-in levels.  This series actually comes at a great time in the US-facing poker world as well, as Winning Poker Network is also hosting a series the last weekend of the month, and this series, allowing players to get a lot of tournament action with big prize pools going over that weekend.

SOPS Series Specifics

Full Flush Poker did a good job of providing a lot of value along with a nice compliment of tournament choices for players.  The series starts on July 20th and will run until August 2nd.  The series will normally feature 1 tournament a night, with exceptions being the middle Saturday and Sunday of the tournament series that will feature 3 tournaments on each day.  During the weekday the tournaments will all start at 19:00 hours with some variation on the weekends.

The tournaments themselves range in buy-ins from small to rather large when you consider most of the tournaments offered have a reentry component, unless otherwise designated.  The types of tournaments though are were the true thrust of this series lies.  Full Flush Poker is showing off all of the different types of tournaments they can offer now by having a bounty, deep stack, “upside down” and many more variations of player favorite tournaments.   There is even a POProll tournament that will allow player to buy-in for the Player Option Points that they accrue during normal play.  Below is the full schedule so you can plan your week to get the most amount of value from this series!

SOPS Schedule

A fun wrinkle that Full Flush Poker has put into these tournaments is that if you get eliminated on the bubble of a tournament you will win a ticket to the SOPS 80k Super Satellite 2 on August 1st at 4:00 PM ET.  This is a nice little perk for all players, and would allow players to get into the Main Event, even if they are unlucky enough to fall short of the cash.  All tournament are able to reap the rewards of this great promotion, except the Main Event and the satellite on July 31st.  So that is 15 chances to get into the Main Event for busting a tournament on the Bubble, great free value for players!


Full Flush Poker has been trying to find the exact niche that they occupy and it has been somewhat hit or miss up until this point.  With the introduction of new types of tournaments and now the first tournament series they have hosted, perhaps they are going to get a bit closer to finding out exactly what their player base is really looking for.  This tournament series features enough for all players and really caters to small and medium stakes players.  What do you think of this tournament series?  Do you plan on playing any of the events?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!