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Intertops Sportsbook End of October Promotions!

Intertops Sportsbook Logo  Intertops Sportsbook has always been one of the most aggressive sportsbooks in offering bonuses, promotions and other fun ways for players to get a bit of extra value from betting on their games.  The end of October is no different as some great little chances for value have presented themselves for Intertops Sportsbook members!

Intertops End of October Sportsbook Promotions

Intertops Sports is unique in that it is not afraid to offer their players rewards, even if you are not a losing player.  This breaks from the normal mode of operation as most sportsbooks try to discourage anyone who could be a sharp until proven otherwise.  While the promotions themselves might not be that big, they are a nice little bonus for players.  The middle of October actually has some pretty enticing options for players despite being the middle of the month, when typically promotions dry up for any kind of gambling related site.

Choose Your Sign-up Bonus

If you want to talk about unique signup bonuses, then you have to look no further than Intertops Sportsbook.  Not only do they offer a bonus that actually is a higher return on investment for smaller players, as opposed to larger US players, BUT you also get to decide what bonus you want to take advantage of.  While having a choice in something might not sound like something you should brag about, in the gambling world is kind of is.  Very few sites allow you this much freedom to decide what works best for you.

The bonuses themselves are kind of small, but provide a good opportunity for players to deposit a little bit and see if they like the product or not.  The levels are Rookie 50, Rookie 100 and Rookie 200.  The Rookie 50 is up to a $50 deposit with a 200% bonus.  The bettor needs to rollover the bet 8x to clear the bonus.  The Rookie 100 is a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100 where the player needs to rollover the bet 6x to have it cleared.  The final level, Rookie 200, is a 50% deposit bonus of up to $200 that needs to be rolled over 4x to clear.  These are a great opportunity to tailor what you are looking for in a site perfectly to how much you plan on spending.  No need to spend the big money to get the big rewards!

Good Luck Giveaway

Every Thursday Intertops is giving away up to $50 for free to players.  All players have to do is email support from 00:01 EST through 23:59 EST to claim a free bonus up to $50 when they make a deposit.  The only two rules that you have to follow are that there is no withdrawals allowed for 21 days and that a credit card cannot be used for the deposit method.  It’s a great chance to earn some extra money for free from the site.  Since it is a giveaway, it does not appear that you have to rollover the amount as it is not stated in the terms and conditions!

Free Weekly Pool

Intertops just doesn’t offer free bets or other promotions where you need to put your own money at risk first.  They also offer a free weekly pool of NFL games where you can walk away with $100 when everything is said and done. Each week you can guess the winner of the NFL games for completely free and earn up to $100 depending on where you place on the leaderboard.  The top 10 players will earn at least $10.  Ties will determined random and picks must be in prior to the kick off of the first game, which is going to be on Thursday Nights.


Intertops Sports has some great promotions available to those looking to get a bit of extra money when making that’s sports bet or that casino wager.  While they aren’t going to change the world for anyone, the extra perks are more than pretty much any site is offering right now, and they've recently added a bitcoin deposit and withdrawl options to increase payout speeds even more! Do you plan on using any of the promotions we talked about today?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!