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Intertops Sportsbook May Promotions!

Revolution Network Logo  Lots of sportsbooks have fairly mundane and basic bonuses for players that fail to capture the imagination of bettors or really provide anything of free value to players.  While this isn’t completely bad, it does make for a boring time for players, but Intertops Sportsbook attempts to change that by offering free bets, stake-backs and a great software experience.

Intertops Sportsbook May Promotions

Having numerous sportsbooks at your disposal is advantageous to the serious sports bettor, because the lines can be slightly different, just slightly different enough to make your bet go from a loser to a winner.  Intertops has unveiled its new betting platform that we outlined earlier in the year.  To go with this new betting platform they have also packed on the promotions for players to take full advantage of.  It’s important to note that Intertops has consistently been rated as one of the best sportsbooks across the web in terms of payouts, lines and other factors that really matter to the sports bettor.

New Player Signup Offers

New sports book players have a chance to get one of two major promotions to help make their betting futures with the site as bright as possible.  The first major option is the 25% up to $100 sign up bonus that has the normal 8x rollover for players. This is a fairly standard and expected offer from a sportsbooks.  The other bonus is a $20 free bet token earned by players whenever they make their first bet of $20 or more.  Players will receive this bonus and will have 30 days from the point the player accepts the bonus to wager the full amount, including the 16x rollover associated with the bonus.

Which bonus the player choses is really up to them and how they plan on betting.  If you want to try to have a sustainable betting pattern without risking a lot of your bankroll then the signup bonus is likely going to be the best, but the bet token can be pretty useful if you just want to try to run up a bit score and cash out the winnings after doing so.  Players need to make sure they decide before making that deposit as the signup bonus needs to be activated while they deposit the money, where the token is activated after the first bet has been placed.

Parlay Mania Stake-back Offer

Parlay bets can be one of the most fun ways to get multiple games at time, because the payoff can be huge.  These huge payoffs though mean that players much pay long odds to get them though and that can end in losses more often than a play may like.  Intertops Sportsbook is taking a bit of the sting away from players though if they come ever so close to nailing one of the big parlays, but fall just a bit short.  If a player wagers between $10 and $100 on a 10-13 fold parlay and miss exactly 1 of your selections then you can get your money back, OR players can select 14 folds and miss up to two to get their money back.

The reason I used the word “fold” is because the parlay doesn’t just have to be on teams, as any combination of valid selections can be used.  The stake-back money is subject to he standard rules and conditions, including rollover requirements.  Players just need to send an email with the bet reference number and how much they bet within a week of the completion of the bet to claim their stake-back offer.

Facebook Free Bets

Social Media Marketing has becomes more and more important for companies and Intertops is embracing that by running a contest on their Facebook page.  All players have to do to be entered into a contest that awards three $50 free bets to anyone is “Like” their Facebook page, tell them who you think will make the Champions League Final along with your Intertops username and bet $25 or more at -200/1.5 on games before 2:45 PM ET on May 12th.  The site will then hold a drawing for those free bets on May 15th with three players getting a free $50 bet token.


Intertops Sportsbook has one of the more interesting lineups available to US players, as well as a plethora of gambling games since they host two casino sites.  This lineup combined with the reputation makes it an easy choice for players to place some fun bets during the NHL or NBA playoffs, or on the regular season MLB or Soccer leagues going on throughout the world.  Which games interest you the most?  Do you plan on placing any bets on all the games going on right now?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!