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5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook Rewards Program Explanation!

Grand Poker Network Logo  The 5Dimes Group, which owns Grand Poker Network, is one of the leading purveyors of gambling in the world, but they have a very complex rewards program that can turn some players off before they even get started.  We hope to clear that up for you and show you that great value that it can offer.

The Cage Makes Return to WPN

WPN Logo  When it comes to large cash games in the United States it can be hard to find anything that will run consistently or for an extended period of time.  Winning Poker Network has an unique way to fix that problem, and now they are bringing it back for even more players to get a chance to compete in!

Bovada Sportsbook Promotions and World Series Preview!

Bodog Logo  Bovada is synonymous with great sportsbooks available to US players, and with the World Series and the meat the NFL season upon us, there is no better time to see what they are offering for lines, promotions and other enticing offers to get you to place bets at one of the world’s leading sportsbooks!

Intertops Sportsbook End of October Promotions!

Intertops Sportsbook Logo  Intertops Sportsbook has always been one of the most aggressive sportsbooks in offering bonuses, promotions and other fun ways for players to get a bit of extra value from betting on their games.  The end of October is no different as some great little chances for value have presented themselves for Intertops Sportsbook members!

WPN MDS Gets Even Bigger!

WPN Logo  The first Million Dollar Sunday was a great success, but Winning Poker Network is hoping that the next three iterations of the tournaments are going to be even better.  With the aggressive satellite schedule combined with a revamped Sunday Tournament schedule it is very possible it will continue to grow the Million Dollar Sunday brand.

Full Flush Poker October Game of Poker Thrones Tournament!

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker has a big weekend planned for those who normally play the Big Fat $15K, as it is going to be replaced by an even better version.  The rising Stars Leaderboard is also in full swing, so make sure you get involved to get your shot at winning $10,000 or some other great prizes!

Horizon Network Mid-October Promotions!

Revolution Network Logo  Horizon Network has unveiled some great promotions for the middle of October through the end of the month that will provide some great value for players and give them a chance to get some great value in both online and live tournament seats.  Find out what you can do to take advantage of these great opportunities!

Articles, Investigations, Rulings; DFS has Whirlwind Week Logo  Daily Fantasy Sports has always lived on the edge and so sometimes weeks are going to seem worse than others.  However, if your worst weeks actually aren’t that bad, then there is almost no major worries that need to be had.  We will breakdown the week that was in major Daily Fantasy Sports news.

Winning Poker Network Changes Winning Millions

Winning Poker Network Logo  The Winning Millions presented by Winning Poker Network had another tough Sunday with a nearly $150,000 overlay for the third time in a row during their marquee event.  While players may enjoy the large overlay, it is also not surprising that things needed to change for the site to keep offering this great value.  As a result a major change to the event and its future was made, but luckily players don’t lose any value.

WPN Tweaks Winning Millions for Sunday

Winning Poker Network Logo  Winning Poker Network once again was unable to avoid a major overlay, but that has not deterred them from offering this great tournament once again.  They are going to make a slight change this week in hopes of bringing a few more players to the table and avoid another $150,000+ overlay on the Winning Millions.