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Carbon Poker Unveils March Promos

Merge Network Logo  Carbon Poker doesn’t want to get lost in the shuffle of all the different US networks and they are doing their best to ensure that doesn’t happen by rolling out some big March promotions that are going to be geared towards recreational players and serious players alike.

March is a Big Month for Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker Logo  It seems like every month Full Flush Poker finds something new to entice players with, or some new wrinkle to promotions they have already done to inject new life into them.  This month is no different as they are giving rake races a try, among many other things.  The races are not one size fits all, so micros players shouldn’t fret!

Review of Big Weekend for US-Facing Sites! Logo  US-based poker has been rumored to be dying or at least drying up to a large degree, but if the last few days are any indication the rumors of poker’s demise are greatly exaggerated as the 3 largest US-facing networks have made their presence felt with one in particular making a lot of progress towards the number 2 spot in the US and the other two continuing to stay strong as a world competitor.

Winning Millions Big Success!

Winning Million Logo  Winning Poker Network decided to try to climb the mountain of largest poker tournament available to US players once again, and this time they succeeded.  With late registration having just closed they managed to attract 1,799 entries (including reentries) for a natural prize pool of $899,500, but that was bumped to $1,000,000 to meet the promised guarantee.

Party Poker Announces New VIP Program

Party Poker Logo  Party Poker has decided to listen to what its customers want and reintroduce cash-for-points as an option.  This major change also coupled with some pretty big promotions over the next two weeks provides a lot of extra value for players to take advantage of!  If you are not in the US, PartyPoker is asking for you attention!

Seals with Clubs Shuttered

Seals with Clubs Logo  Seals with Clubs, the leading bitcoin site, has been closed permanently because of security concerns that are still unclear and may remain so for a significant amount of time.  While this leaves a hole in the US market for bitcoin poker, there are a lot of sites chomping at the bit to replace it!

Tournament Preview Extravaganza Feb. 20th-22nd! Logo  Tournament series available to those in the US have been pretty good up until this point, but they have always left a little bit to be desired.  That is changing this weekend as the three largest US facing networks all have big tournament series going on and thus, huge prizes for everyone to take advantage of. Even if you aren’t an American player, this is something you should take note of, as some tournaments are the biggest available on any site in the world except Pokerstars!

Intertops Poker Opens to US Players

Intertops Logo  Intertops Poker has some of the best rewards and promotions available to players around the world.  The issue that many players run into is that they need an invite to be able to sign up for an account if they are based in the United States.  This problem has been easily solved by contacting in the past, but now, it’s even easier to take advantage of another US-friendly site.

Full Flush Poker Introduces Bitcoin Deposits!

Full Flush Poker Logo  Full Flush Poker continues to make strides towards revamping an already solid user experience.  The newest addition should make funding an account for Rest of World (ROW) players exceptionally easy and allow them to take advantage of the great offers and promotions the site has to offer.

Sit n' Crush Reloaded Extended Another Four Weeks!

Winning Poker Network Logo  Winning Poker Network continues to give top players incentives for playing on their site.  The popular Sit n’ Crush Reloaded is being brought back, but this time it’s a little bit different, for the better, for big time grinders.