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Playing Online Poker in the State of Nevada

NevadaNevada Flag  Nevada was the first state to have regulated online poker in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that offshore online poker is dead in the state, quite to the contrary actually.  Regulated poker can have some perks to players, but there are still a significant number of drawbacks that might cause players to not feel the best value for them is through these sites.  Small fields, limited game selection, stripped down bonus systems and many other aspects of these sites might cause players to search for something better for their bottom lines.

Offshore sites provide this to players in Nevada.  While there are less choices available to players than in some other non-regulated states, there is still a lot to choose from, especially if you are looking for soft games and high rewards.  Below we discuss some of the best places for players within the state of Nevada to play from with very little worry of repercussions!

What Online Poker Sites Can I Play in Nevada?

Chico Poker Network

Chico Poker Network  Chico Poker Network, headlined by BetOnline, has seen a fairly meteoric rise in its traffic over the past couple of months.  This has made the network an intriguing possibility for many players as they offer good games, a Sit n’ Go leaderboard and many other promotions.  While they don’t offer rakeback, players can take advantage of deposit and reload bonuses fairly regularly.  This room is a good option for sit-n-go players and full ring cash game players as both are a fairly popular variant on the site.  According to the 7-day average is 450 players.

Chico Network also has a very good and active sportsbook, as well as an online casino option for players.  Chico Network also offers great promotions for both the sportsbook and casino that allow players to easily supplement their win rates and take advantage of the quick withdrawals and payment processing available!

If you think that Chico Poker Network is what you have been looking for in a comprehensive gambling site, then you can get access to the best deposit bonuses for either BetOnline or Sportsbetting!

Grand Poker Network

Grand Poker Network Logo  Grand Poker Network may be a new poker room, but their parent company has been around for a very long time.  5Dimes Group is one of the most trusted names in sports betting, and as such, their new poker room should be trusted without the fear that may come with newer, unproven sites.  While the room is still growing, 50%+ rakeback and soft games are the hallmark of the room and it is a great opportunity for players to take advantage of.

On top of having access to everything that Winning Poker Network offers through its partnership with Grand Poker Network Nevada residents will also have access to the world-renowned sports book on 5Dimes.  5Dimes makes it exceptionally easy to move money from your poker account to sportsbook or casino depending on what you want most and where you feel your greatest edge is.  You will still have access to the bitcoin deposits and withdrawals offered through Grand Poker network, so this means some of the quickest and easiest funding of accounts can be yours exceptionally easily, as outlined in our awesome guide on how to setup these deposits and withdrawals. Grand Poker Network offers one of the premiere sportsbooks and casinos available to US-based players.

To become a member at 5Dimes and get access to their casino, sportbook and poker clients, follow the link provided here.

Payout Report for Players from Nevada

Players can expect no real difference in the payout times from Nevada than the rest of the states chronicled in our report.  Winning Poker Network, Grand Poker Network and Chico Poker Network all have bitcoin withdrawal options that make payouts exceptionally fast.  Other methods are also rather fast, but do take longer than the bitcoin option, hence are rather strong recommendation that you utilize crypto-currency. However they may be easier for some players as there is less middle-man work to deal with those options.  No matter your choice these sites provide easy and safe options for payouts.

Quick Facts about Nevada Online Poker

Individual Online Gamblers

The gambling laws in Nevada are unsurprisingly thorough, but luckily they are not complex or very convoluted.  This makes it pretty easy to make recommendations on what laws affect players, and which ones don’t.  Most of the laws that are not about online poker center on what constitutes as cheating and the penalties for doing such.  In Nevada it is a class B felony, a very stiff penalty, if you are caught cheating at a gambling game.  They have very strict and precise laws on this.  This isn’t really much of a surprise considering how important and extensive the live casino industry is in the state.  They have spent an immense amount f time carving out the laws of the state to support this particular industry.

As for online poker, Nevada has some very particular laws concerning this.  It is illegal to “send, transmit, place or relay” any kind of bet over the internet.  This is a fairly all-encompassing law and is likely there to protect the regulated online market that they have had for the past couple of years.  Players are exempt from the previous law when playing on approved sites, which are regulated sites through the Nevada Gaming Commission.  

Online Poker Operators

This is an interesting section to write, because there has been very little recent activity with states taking aggressive actions against online sites.   With Nevada that changed in the past year as they brought charges against Brian Micon who was the figurehead for Seals with Clubs.  The reason they went after him is because he broke one of the few laws they have on the books about operating an illegal online casino from within the state borders.  Not only was he offering games to those within the borders of the state, which is frowned upon, but generally ignored, but he was actually operating the site from within the borders of the state.  Short of this law, and example of its enforcement, there really isn’t too much more that operators would have to concern themselves with.

How do Offshore Gambling Sites view Nevada?

Offshore sites are generally not too excited about offering services to those within the state of Nevada, because of the existence of the regulated market inside of the state currently.  This regulated market makes it difficult to not worry about breaking specific laws, which most current online sites like to say they actually do not do.  Nevada does have those specific laws, as we talked about.  With that being said, there are still some great options for those residing within the state.  This allows players from Nevada to decide if they want to play on the regulated online site, or offshore sites.  This allows players to game select to the best of their ability and really get as much value as they can from every possible source.  This is exceptionally nice, because just relying on one of these options might limit the total amount of tables one could play.

Regulation Chance for Online Poker

Well, this is a rather easy section to write, because regulation has already happened in Nevada.  Nevada was the first state to legalize and regulate online poker in the US and has since combined forces with Delaware to also be the first state to combine with another state to offer services to a combined player pool.  While Delaware was a barely functioning regulated state on its own, because of the population size, Nevada has had great success with regulated online poker.  Many of the largest companies in the world have a presence in the state and offer games to the citizens of the state.  It’s important to note that you either needed to not operate in the US post-UIEGA or be a new company in order to offer services to the state.  This has caused sites like and Party.Bwin to become the largest operators in the state, while not being the largest global brands.  It is not clear when Amaya will be entering the Nevada playing space and until that does happen, those two sites should continue to reign supreme in the walled garden that is the Nevada regulated online poker space.

Land Based Gambling

Nevada has 4 major types of gambling, but strangely doesn’t have one thing that many assume they would.  Nevada is not home to a state lottery which might surprise a lot of people, because the state embraces gambling of pretty much every kind.  Even more odd is there really isn’t any desire to introduce a state lottery into the mix of the state’s offerings, so don’t expect to see it any time soon.  Luckily for citizens there are more entertaining ways to gamble in the state as Nevada is home to land based casinos, tribal casino, charitable organizations and pari-mutual betting.

Of course the most famous and notable of all of these is the land based casinos that have given rise to the city of Las Vegas and the opulence that it has encouraged.  While almost everyone knows about Las Vegas, there are other great casinos in the state that normally get overlooked, because they are not as fancy or well-known as their sister casinos.  Reno is one of the best places to go for outdoor enjoyment in the state, while it also being home to some great casinos.  Many other northern cities also mix nature and casinos well to give a much different feel than one you could find in Las Vegas.  Tribal casinos are also a not as well-known offering of Nevada that allows players a different kind of feel, as the tribes normally work under different laws than that of the normal land based casinos.  

Do you have an address in a nearby state?

If you are lucky enough to have another address in a nearby state, be it your business address, summer home, second apartment, family home, etc, you may have other online poker options available to you.  Here are a list of the states that border Nevada and Professional Rakeback's review on each of them:  Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming.