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Poker Mania Adds New Player Tier: Orca

red king logo  Newcomer to the US poker scene,, is dedicated to protecting its recreational players, and as such, they have recently begun classifying players according to skill level...

Poker Mania Player Tiers

PokerMania, up until today, had 3 player tiers in their Aqualife player rating system.  Guppies, fish, and sharks.  Today, March 4th 2017, they added the Orca tier.  These tiers classify players based on skill level and help to segregate the player pools so as to protect recreational players from skilled professionals.

We know, we know, many of you are already about to close this page in disgust, but hear us out, it's not as bad as you think.  The recreational player model has been gaining in popularity for half a dozen years now since Bodog first introduced anonymous tables back in 2011 so as to protect their recreational sports and casino punters.  Many players scoffed and prognosticated that they would go out of business, but today, Bodog, a part of the Pai Wang Luo poker network, is one of the top 5 online poker rooms in the world!  Poker Mania is also taking steps to protect their recreational players, but in a different manner, via player tiering.

How Does It Work?

Players are classified based on a proprietary algorithm and manual review process.  That's right, every single player at the Poker Mania poker club is reviewed and classified into skill level tiers.  The smallest depositing, most passive, and weakest players, many of which will play any two cards with pleasure, are put into the Guppies tier.  These players are limited to playing the smallest stakes of 0.01/0.02 up to 0.50/1 games.  On the fixed limit side they can play all games up to $3/$6 blinds.  Guppies only play against other Guppies and Fish.  Fish tier players, players who know the difference between a flush and a straight, are allowed to play all stakes starting from 2NL/PL up to 600 NL/PL as well as all fixed limit games up to 20/40 while mingling with both Guppies and Sharks.  Sharks are the experienced players.  Players who know that they should raise pre-flop and bet aggressively after the flop in order to take down pots.  Shark tier players are allowed to play limit tables of 2/5 up through 40/80 and stakes of 1/2 through 5/10 in pot and no limit.  Thus mingling with both Fish and the newly created Orca class players. 

Orcas are the newest player tier introduced today.  These players are the biggest and most bad-assed players in the world.  It takes a lot to become an Orca.  You have to be world-class and pull hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit off of the site before being considered for promotion to this level.  As of today, there are only 33 players classified as Orcas in the entire poker club.  Orcas are only allowed to play with other Orcas and Sharks at stakes of 40/80 and 50/100 for fixed limit games and 5/10 and 10/20 for pot limit and no limit games.  Don't fear, PokerMania is very reticent to classify players on this level.  Only the top 1% of players ever reach this level.

Why Is This a Good Thing?

Well, it is not necessarily a good thing for a player classified as an Orca.  Once put into this category, he can never be moved back down and he holds the title for life.  The other 99% of players however can then rest easily knowing that this best of the best world-class player will not be grinding their games, or bumhunting them day and night.  Aspiring sharks who want to take on the best players in the world, in order to sharpen their game, can still go toe to toe with Orcas at $1,000 buy in big bet games and up to $40/$80 fixed limit games.

This decision will increase the longevity and ecology of the player room.  Much like anonymous tables have evened the playing field for sites like Ignition, Party Poker, and BetOnline's heads up games.

I Am an Orca and I Want to Start Over On a New Account!

Tough luck my friend.  Unfortunately you hold the prestige of Orca for life.  New accounts are not tolerated.  Any player attempting to circumvent Orca status will be banned for life.  Furthermore, any agent or affiliate who registers such a player for a second account will be permanently penalized with a reduction in commissions!  PokerMania.Online takes their player rating system very seriously so it's best not to risk it!  Besides, there are plenty of other US online poker sites available to play at!