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Revolution Network Free Cash Outs Now Available!

Revolution Network Logo  Juicy Stakes and Intertops Poker might not grab most of the attention of players with flashy headlines, but small, solid improvements and offerings allow for it to be a very competitive site for serious and recreational players alike.  These latest two announcements continue on that path of not bowling over the customer, but still being excellent opportunities for players to enjoy and take advantage of.

Free Cash Outs and Playstation 4’s Up for Grabs

Juicy Stakes and Intertops Poker, which are both part of the Horizon Gaming Network, have made some pretty interesting announcements that provide a little bit of fun to recreational players and provide a nice perk for more serious players.  These small announcements might not seem like much, but the casual movement towards becoming more player friendly shouldn’t be ignored, even if it is in smaller increments than what players would like to see.

Change to Withdrawal Fees

Getting your money off of Juicy Stakes and Intertops has never been all that difficult as evidenced by our withdrawal report, but what has been annoying is the cost associated with getting your money.  Juicy Stakes and Intertops had some of the highest fees associated with cash outs for US-facing sites, but that is going away to a degree now.  Players are going to be able to get one free cash out per month with two of the most popular withdrawal methods, as long as they rake a certain amount.  They announced on the forums this past week that a player raking at least $40 a month will be able to get a free check ranging in an amount from $250 to $1,000, those raking $80 will be able to get a Western Union from $100 to $500 and those raking at least $100 a month will be eligible for a Western Union withdrawal from $501 to $890.

Players are still going to eligible to cash out more by using the paid methods, but this free check or Western Union withdrawal allows for at least some extra cash with a fairly minimal amount of playing.  The representatives of Juicy Stakes and Intertops Poker have also both alluded to the fact that as things become more profitable in the future that even more free cash out options will become available.  They have also said the Bitcoin is something they are interested in, but very little movement has been made on this front.  While you wait for these changes, there is no reason to not take advantage of the small improvements already at hand.

Labor Day Tournament

The week before Labor Day is going to provide a unique tournament for players to play in that will provide some cash prizes, potentially, but most interestingly will feature some great prizes in terms of material goods.  It’s fairly odd to see tournaments like this hosted by poker sites, but they are always kind of fun when they do happen.  The tournament on Juicy Stakes and Intertops will take place on August 30th at 4PM ET and will feature a $25 + $2.50 buy-in.  The tournament prize structure looks like this:

1st Prize –ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi Signature Edition (laptop and tablet in 1) valued at $500
2nd Prize-500GB Playstation 4 console with Batman Arkham Knight Bundle valued at $400
3rd Prize-Two (2) Google Chrome Cast HDMI Streaming Media Player and External Drive valued at $200
4th Prize- 1 ticket to Sunday 8.5K Guaranteed Tournament valued at $100
Cash Prizes will be awarded once total buy-ins exceeds $1200.

It is a fun tournament that you don’t see that often except for on private rake races and other obscure tournaments and promotions that not everyone has access to.  It’s a good time to treat yourself to something you might want, but wouldn’t by for yourself, because it is too extravagant, or you just aren’t sure you can justify spending the money on it.


Juicy Stakes and Intertops Poker, which are both part of the Revolution Gaming Network, tend to be seen as smaller sites that don’t really have as much viability as some of the larger sites.  With the move to free cash outs in some cases now and more unique prize structure tournaments this might change the mind of players just looking for a fun 2nd site to play on.  They also offer excellent deposit bonuses that we compare against other US-facing sites offerings here.  Are you going to take advantage of either of these offers?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!