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Understanding Juicy Stakes' Situation

Revolution Network Logo  Individual player reviews of sites can be exceptionally useful when determining if putting your money on a site is a good idea or not.  However, sometimes these reviews can be misleading and spread incorrect information either though not understanding what is happening or extreme biases for hidden reasons.  Juicy Stakes is experiencing this problem to a degree, but we are here to explain things sans this emotional bias.

Juicy Stakes Remains Safe Place for your Money

The forums have been a great place to gain information as online poker has continued to evolve, but sometimes half-truths can get spread fairly easily.  Juicy Stakes, which is part of the Horizon Poker Network, has had a rough history with its’ former owners ripping off players and leaving them holding accounts with money in them that they could never expect to withdraw.  When the company was sold many players hoped that they could get their money back, and while this is slowly becoming the case, there are some strings attached to this situation, and that has caused some players to exaggerate the situation and make it seem as if the new owners are also not paying out payout requests, which is in fact not true.  This article is going to hopefully let you know a little bit more about why some players feel as if they are being ripped off and why that reaction might not be the complete truth.

Where is this coming from?

What these people are saying isn’t false, but it leaves out major information that is important to understanding the situation and why Juicy Stakes management have made the decisions that they have.  As mentioned above and in our review Juicy Stakes has had a very checkered past, but that was under the previous management at Cake Poker Network.  The new owners of the company are different people, and in fact the same people behind Intertops Poker, which has a very long and established record of paying out players fully and on time.  Most sites that review poker and sportsbooks rate it as one of the best places to do business and one of the best bets for quick payment from US-friendly rooms.

When Intertops management took over for Juicy Stakes they inherited the player balances that were left outstanding.  Unlike some companies that take over smaller rooms they decided to honor these balances, but are unable to pay them out in full as quickly as people would like.    Instead, Juicy Stakes asks players to generate player points (meaning paying rake) to help create more liquid cash so that they can start paying out players these outstanding balances over time.  Some players are not happy with this solution though and have taken to saying that “Juicy Stakes doesn’t pay players.”

This statement is kind of true, but only in terms of players who have an existing balance from the previous owners and have not paid rake under the new management.  All new players who have signed up for accounts on Juicy Stakes are getting paid in a very timely fashion, as chronicled in our US Site Payout Report.  Also, players with previous balances on the site have gotten paid out after meeting the requirements set out by the customer service.

Players who are complaining generally state that Juicy Stakes has their money and they should have access to their money whenever they want.  While the sentiment of those comments makes a lot of sense, the actual logistics of it are not nearly as simple.  As stated by their customer service representative on 2+2, and many other posters, Juicy Stakes didn’t have to inherit the debts from the previous management and they were trying to do something good for the community by not leaving these players out to dry.  He further stated as time has passed players have been able to withdraw larger amounts of money without paying rake, so it stand to reason that eventually all players will be able to get access to money owed from previous management without any strings.


Juicy Stakes is a safe place to put your money, even if what some forum posters are saying is true about not having access to money owed to them.  Getting the full story to fully understand what is happening is vitally important and far too often to forum posts leave out important information.  While it would be ideal to not have any money in limbo, it is admirable of the site to pay back money they had no obligation to, even if it would take a bit longer than some would hope.  If you find yourself in a position to get money back by playing on the site, it’s also important to remember you are eligible for all the rake races and other great benefits that Juicy Stakes has to offer.  We hope that this article was helpful in parsing through some of the mess.