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First Deposit Bonus Guide for US-Friendly Poker Sites

professional rakeback's deposit guide  When considering what site to play on there are a lot of factors that come into play such as cash out times, rake rates and other preferences, but something that isn’t compared as often is first deposit bonuses.  Generally, when we see these offers we only think of new players, but established winners can take advantage of these bonuses if they are moving to a new site as well.  Each site has its own version of a first deposit bonus, with some being much more lucrative than others.  We will take an in-depth look at each US-facing poker sites initial deposit bonus, the clearance rates of said initial poker deposit bonus, other rules and conditions which may apply to it, as well as deposit options available so that poker players may redeem the FDB.  Please note, all of the following sites are friendly to and allow US players from most states to participate in their games.  If you are unsure whether your state is allowed, please check our USA Gambling & Poker Site Guide for more information.

Initial Deposit Bonus Information

UPDATED November 2016

Each bonus and site offers something a little bit different and thus, each site might fit player’s needs a bit differently. For this reason we will not being saying which offer is better, unless something is significantly below, or above, market average.  If you want to have a personalized consultation to help determine the best option for your situation then you can use the “contact us” link to talk to us directly and answer any questions you may have. 

Once you have found one or more poker sites that interest you, simply scroll to the bottom of this page to find instructions on how to sign up and claim the first poker deposit bonuses that interest you.

Chico Poker Network Bonus

BetOnline Logo  Chico Poker Network, with leading skins BetOnline and Sportsbetting, is one of the hottest rooms in poker right now and so you may still have this awesome deposit bonus available to you.  Chico Network offers up to 200% matching bonus up to $1,000, which percentage wise is tied for the best available to US players.  Players will have 120 days to clear this bonus, which is much longer than average, and the minimum deposit is $50.

The clearance rate is where this particular offer ends up getting a little tricky.  Chico Network breaks down their bonus into multiple stages.  These different stages correspond to varying rates of bonus release as well as differing rates of clearance.  When added up in the aggregate, all 5 stages clear at a roughly 20% rate of effective rakeback, with the first stage clearing at a 133% rate and the last stage clearing at a 13% rate.  For a full breakdown we have attached the helpful table that will give you an idea of where you stand for popular deposit sizes.

Getting money onto Chico Network is something that is quite easy, especially compared to some online sites.  Players can use a plethora of credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB or Diner’s Club) to deposit between $50-$500, Western Union allows between $50-$950, MoneyGram $50-$890 and Visa Voucher for between $35-$500.  Chico Network also now has Bitcoin (BTC) available for player to deposit and withdraw.  The limits are between $20-$3,500, but remember that you must at least deposit a minimum $50 to be eligible for the first time poker bonus.  Players can also deposit via book to book, cashier’s check or money order, but you will have to contact live support to figure out the specifics of what will be available to you, and the amounts currently allowed for such methods.

At Chico Network you are not allowed to initiate a withdrawal while clearing a bonus in poker, sports or casino.  This is important to remember as we mentioned that you get 120 days to clear the bonus, you need to consider your deposit amount a bit more before you decide to deposit. If your desired deposit method doesn’t allow you to deposit enough in one instance to maximize the initial deposit bonus, then we encourage you to talk to support BEFORE you deposit and they will likely allow you to combine multiple deposit to take advantage of the full bonus.

Winning Poker Network Bonus

  Winning Poker NetworkWinning Poker Network Logo, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, and True Poker, has a fairly standard first deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000 for players making their first deposit to the online card room.  This bonus clears at a 20% clearance rate which is measured by Award Points given to players after each hand.  You must get 27.5 award points per $1 of bonus you want released, but the bonus does release in $1 increments, which is lower than most sites.  You will have 60 days to clear the bonus, and you must release the bonus in that time frame to earn it. 

NEW March 2016: America's Cardroom recently released an update to their initial bonus structure.  Any player depositing $50 or more will receive $50 in "tourney bucks" in addition to the aforementioned deposit bonus.  These tourney bucks will be paid out over a period of 25 days in a random amount of $1-$6 per ticket.  Players will need to log into their account each day to collect their ticket.  ACR has created 3 new daily $2,000 guaranteed tournaments for players to spend these tickets in and as of the updating of this article, these tournaments are overlaying heavily and providing much value for new players!

Winning Poker Network has two types of reward systems available to players.  The best program to sign up for in order to clear your initial deposit bonus (and subsequent reload bonuses) is the “Elite Benefits” VIP program.  Anyone who has played on PokerStars in the last half a decade will be very familiar with this program, as it is a virtual clone of the supremely popular PokerStars VIP system.  Under this program your bonuses will clear that the full clearance rate which is equivalent to an additional 20% effective rakeback while clearing!  The elite Benefits program also allows high volume player to earn up to 65% rewards their first year and up to 70% in subsequent years!  There is also a flat rakeback program available with 27% rewards, but all bonuses will be reduced by 27% as bonuses are deduced from rakeback.

The first deposit bonus can be claimed by using any of the available deposit methods that players have access to, and there is no minimum deposit listed, however players should deposit as much as they are able to take full advantage of the bonus amounts.  To make said deposit players can use Visa ($49-$1,000), Bitcoin ($10-$5,000) (a preferred method for speed, ease and lack of need to answer question from your credit card company,) Visa Voucher ($50-$500), Western Union (WU) ($50-$1,500) or MoneyGram ($50-$900).  If your desired deposit method doesn’t allow you to deposit enough in one instance to maximize the initial deposit bonus, then we encourage you to talk to support BEFORE you deposit and they will likely allow you to combine multiple deposit to take advantage of the full bonus.

Horizon Network Bonus

Revolution Network Logo  Horizon Network, which hostsIntertops Poker and Juicy Stakes, falls right in the middle of the first deposit bonus spectrum with a 200% up to $1,000 bonus that clears at roughly 27% rakeback over the course of 90 days.  While the terms of the bonus offer seem fairly generous, the lackluster traffic on Horizon Network could make it less appealing to some players.  With that being said though, players playing below 200nl do have enough options to clear the bonus while grinding fairly soft games.  Needing to take a hit to your hourly is not a forgone conclusion as there are a lot of perks that make this a fairly profitable option.  There is a rake race (which is fairly easy to place in), benefits program and other bonuses that help supplement players’ win rates in a less variance intense fashion than just playing at the tables.

Getting money on Horizon Network is simple and varied so players should have absolutely no problem finding a funding method that works best for them.  Players can use a credit card to get between $25 and $500.  Western Union allows between $50-$950, MoneyGram $50-$890. A different option for players is to use a bank wire to fund their account.  There are no limits listed with the bank wire option, but likely there would be different restrictions when you talk to chat, but it’s going to be more individualized.   Horizon network recently added bitcoin deposits up to $1,000 per transaction which is just enough to maximize your first deposit bonus!  If your desired deposit method doesn’t allow you to deposit enough in one instance to maximize the initial deposit bonus, then we encourage you to talk to support BEFORE you deposit and they will likely allow you to combine multiple deposit to take advantage of the full bonus.

Grand Poker Network Bonus

Grand Poker is a new network and at this time does not offer any deposit bonuses for poker.  They do offer the best rakeback offer of all the sites listed here however, with between 50 and 100% rakeback.  They also offer some very soft games, though they have little traffic.  If you like to play in small, fishy player pools, this is a site you might wish to check out regardless of the fact that it doesn't have a deposit bonus.  You can read more about Grand Poker Network in our detailed reviews.

SWC Poker Bonus

This Bitcoin only poker site was the first of its kind.  In the three years since it was launched, many of the larger US-friendly sites have adopted bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, however, SWCPoker is the only site in which all games are denominated and played in btc.  SWC also has the most available game types of any US-friendly poker site.  The down side to playing on this network is that they offer no first deposit bonus and have limited traffic.  However, the traffic they do have is very soft.  Bitcoin only sites attract an entirely different type of player than most poker sites and this is a great place to hunt for an occassional whale or to enjoy playing more obscure online poker games like 12 game mix, badeucy, open faced chinese pineapple, and much more.  You can read more in our SWCPoker review.

Poker Bonus Summary Comparison Chart

Was the above too much to digest?  TLDR?  Well fear not, here is a nice and neat chart detailing the first deposit bonuses for each poker network as well as each individual online site for you to look over.  Once you've decided which room is for you, don't forget to click the appropriate sign up link below :)

First Deposit Bonus Table

Players have a lot of different options in terms of what bonus they want to take, and there are a lot of things to consider when deciding which bonus you will take advantage of. It’s best to think about how much time you will have to spend playing, the amount of money you have to deposit and the methods that you have to deposit that money with.  Keep checking our home page for updates on specific sites promotions for a given month as we try to bring you all the added value promotions at the beginning of each month!

Signup Instructions:

Before signing up for any of the great sites we talked about, it is important to clear your cookies (browsing history) to ensure that you are eligible for the stated bonuses in this article.  below we have compiled instruction for clearing cookies from the most popular internet browsers, including mobile browsers.  Once you have completed the process, you can then find your desired site on the table below and you will be able to sign up for the maximum initial deposit bonus available!

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Poker Site Rewards Program Bonus Code Link
BetOnline VIP Rewards NEWBOL VIP Sign Up
Sportsbetting VIP Rewards NEWSB VIP Sign Up
America's Cardroom VIP Rewards N/A Use Link Elite Benefits Sign Up
  27% Rakeback N/A Use Link 27% Rakeback Sign Up
Black Chip Poker VIP Rewards N/A Use Link VIP Sign Up
  27% Rakeback N/A Use Link 27% Rakeback Sign Up
PokerHost VIP Rewards N/A Use Link VIP Sign Up
True Poker VIP Rewards N/A Use Link Elite Benefits Sign Up
  27% Rakeback N/A Use Link 27% Rakeback Sign Up
Intertops VIP Rewards 1000ITP VIP Sign Up
  36% Rakeback 1000ITP 36% Daily Rakeback Sign Up
Juicy Stakes VIP Rewards PROFRB VIP Sign Up
  36% Rakeback PROFRB 36% Weekly Rakeback Sign Up