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Winning Millions Set to Provide Great Value!

Winning Poker Network Logo  With less than a week before the first Winning Millions of October, time is running out for players to get their share of a potentially large and lucrative overlay.  Not to worry though, lots of opportunities still exist to get entry for far less than the actual buy-in amount, making it accessible to almost any budget!

Winning Poker Network Gears Up for Big October

When Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, announced the 5 Winning Millions in September and October a lot of people thought they were crazy and the potential overlays from these tournaments could hurt the site overall.  While we don’t think that the site is going to be hurt by these events, the potential for large overlays certainly does exist.  The first iteration did not go particularly well, and gives those hoping for a large overlay to take advantage of a lot of hope for the coming 4 weeks of tournaments.  Instead of being scared off though, we strongly suggest you find a way to play this event and get the free money up for grabs!

Why Should I Play The Winning Millions with the Connection Issues?

This is a fair question, because it can be exceedingly frustrating to play in a tournament that is constantly stopping, disconnecting or just running slow.  It can be even more frustrating to not know if the tournament is going to be cancelled at any time during the event and you will be left holding an empty bag not worth much.  The answer though is you still should absolutely play these events, and we are not just saying that because they are our partners. 

The tournament is fairly soft with a lot of satellite winners in the field.  This allows players to have a pretty decent return on investment (ROI,) and on a tournament with this big of a buy-in; that high ROI translates to serious money.  Further, with an overlay (which every instance of this tournament has had) that just becomes free ROI that can’t really be equaled in any other event.  The fact is, very few sites have $100,000-$200,000 overlays on a single tournament, so taking advantage of these rare opportunities becomes even more important.

It’s also important to remember that everyone is having the same problems that you are.  So while it is undoubtedly annoying to sit through the issues, many others would be having the same issues meaning you really are not losing much.  While this is hardly an acceptable explanation for a site to give, it does remain a valid fact about the tournament that should be considered when asking if there is enough reason to play this tournament.  The tournament also did work out its issues by the time the money became significant, which is encouraging if you are someone who is in it to win it. 

How Can I Play it?

Let’s assume you have decided that the Winning Millions presented by Winning Poker Network is worth playing, how can you play it?  Well there are a few choices you have.  You can buy into the tournament directly.  The $540 price tag might be a bit much for players to swallow though, even for their chance at a $200,000 first prize.  That is where the satellite structure of this tournament can really help.  Being Winning Poker Network they have not shied away from giving players many opportunities to get into this tournament for very cheap, working with your budget to get you in for an acceptable risk.

One of the most popular ways of getting into the tournaments are going to be the Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s, because they take so little time to complete.  In under 10 minutes you can have your seat into the tournament.  Right now, there are two buy-in levels for you to play.  The $1 and $12 buy-in levels provide a great opportunity to win your way into the Winning Millions.  Despite the name of “Million or Bust” it really isn’t that dire.  Each buy-in level has smaller prizes as well, and as an added bonus the rake is lower on these tournament than normal Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s at 4% for the $1 level and 3% for the $12 iteration.  Below are the payouts for these events.

Million or Bust - $1 Payouts

Million or Bust - $12 Payouts

The more traditional route is also available to players with many great satellites taking place on a daily basis.  You can win your way into the event through: Freebuys, mega satellites, super satellites and direct satellites. The best value is likely to come from the mega satellites that will run on Friday and Saturday before the event and the Sunday of the event.  On Friday at 7:30 and Saturday also at 7:30 PM ET you can enter into a tournament with a $60 +$6 buy-in to get into the Winning Millions. The Friday version has 50 seats guaranteed, while the Saturday event will feature 100-seats guaranteed.  Sunday features an 11:30 AM ET event that has an $80 + $8 entry with 100 seats guaranteed to the Winning Million later that day!


It may be frustrating to play in an event that has connection issues, but as players, we think that the ROI that you can get from weathering the storm is so good that it balances out the frustration incurred.  It’s important to remember that with such a large buy-in ROI percentages mean pretty serious cash, especially for lower stakes players, pretty quickly.  With so many great ways to get into the tournament for much cheaper on top of that, then there really isn’t a much risk to players by entering the tournament or winning your way in cheaply.  If you haven't yet created an account, be sure to make it a rakeback account so as to increase your ROI even more.  If you aren't quite familiar with your options, then check out our article on Legal US Poker Sites to refresh your knowledge. Will you be playing this Sunday, or one of the Sundays afterwards?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!