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Winning Poker Network Revamps Tournament Schedule

Winning Poker Network logo   Highlights and details of Winning Poker Network's new poker tournament schedules. New schedule affects all WPN sites including America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, Ya Poker, Poker Host, and Shark Tank.

UPDATE: Nov 20, 2016

A few more choice upgrades to the tournament schedule we thought you might find noteworthy:



Winning Poker Network Upgrades M-F Tournament Schedule

With the advent of the first of the April, the powers that be at The Winning Poker Network (WPN) were kind enough to rollout a brand new Monday - Friday Tournament schedule. Dozens of changes, hundreds of thousands in new guarantees and more than 50 new tournaments have been added to the weekly schedule.  These changes should bring about an increase in player base, allowing for future additions and hopefully more cash to be had for all.

We break down each day's highlights and then we provide you with the full schedule broken down by morning, evening, and night time tournaments in Excel screenshots.  Simply click the thumbnails to expand and see the full morning, evening, or night time schedules (warning: they are pop ups - pop up blockers may interfere with viewing the images).

Micro Mondays are the first big splash we see, with 10 new tournament additions, and a total of $30,750 in new guaranteed prize pools.  Most of the new tournaments are NL Hold 'em, with two Omaha Hi-Lo tourneys joining the mix, one pot limit and one no limit.  GTDs range from a $100 FT Experience to a couple $5,000 GTDS.  Most of the structures seem to favor 1 1/2 to 2 hour late registrations, with the $100 FT experience being a 1 hour late registration at 4pm, and a 2pm $1k GTD with a 5 hour late registration window.

Morning     -      Afternoon     -        Night

monday-mornings monday afternoons monday nights

Extreme Tuesdays continue to whet our appetite with a couple five figure GTDs, with the $40k at 6:30pm, a $30 $20k at 2pm and a $10k at 9:45pm.  The late registration window on the $40k GTD was an exciting addition as well at only three hours.  With little, if any, overlays in these large prize pool games, this seems to bode well for the new action offered by WPN.

Morning     -      Afternoon     -        Night

tuesday-mornings tuesdayafternoons tuesdaynights

High Stakes Wednesdays are where things really begin to get fired up with over $100,000 in new GTD prize pools.  Hopefully, with WPN going out on a limb and springing for these large guaranteed payouts, users can expect to see more traffic, and more money in the middle overall.  A 2pm $100 $50k GTD with short blind levels at 12 minutes a pop will get the ball rolling. With a large guarantee, and an early start time, I have to agree with the 10k beginning stack size.  At 5:30pm we run into a decent PLO Hi-Lo game. WPN seems to favor a 6 max structure for Omaha games, though there is talk of going to more 9 max tourneys.  Another five figure GTD pops up at 8:15pm, with a $500 buy-in and long blind levels at 20 minutes per bump, though the short late registration window seems to make up for that a bit.  Wednesday wind out with a $2 $200 GTD at 10:35pm. This tourney should play well considering the deep stack size set at 10k.

Morning     -      Afternoon     -        Night

wednesday-mornings wednesdayafternoons wednesdaynights

Thursday Night Fights show us some pretty good action with four new tournaments between 3:30 and 6:30 in the evening.  The first will excite those of us who enjoy knock out tourneys with a $15 + 5 $15k GTD KO right off the bat.  We see two new PLO tourneys late in the evening to supplement the PLO Hi-Lo KO at 4pm.  The $2k Turbo MegaStack seems like it will work well in its timeslot with a late night $1k PLO Turbo KO with a 10k starting stack to wrap things up.  Thursday also shows us a lot variety as well with a 15k GTD KO at 3:30pm as well as a few three and four figure GTDEs set up during midday.

Morning     -      Afternoon     -        Night

thursday-mornings thursdayafternoons thursdaynights

Friday Fun should bring everything to a nice snowball for the big weekend.  Friday seems to be the slowest day for traffic on the network so we have seen some spice added to the lineup with a $10 $10k at 2pm.  Cash game lovers will enjoy the five different playpen tourneys set up between 2pm and 10:45.  Two new PLO tourneys keep things leveled out, as well as a $7,500 Hold 'em GTD and two different $5k Hold 'em GTDs at 5pm, 8pm and 9:15 respectively.

Morning     -      Afternoon     -        Night

friday-mornings fridayafternoons fridaynights

The TLDR; Article Summary

This is a huge addition and much welcomed upgrade to Winning Poker Network's tournament schedule.  All in all, we see 54 new tournaments and more than $300,000 in GTD games.  As long as they continue to cover, this is extremely exciting news.  Hell, even if they don't cover this is exiting news, what with overlays being great for our ROI.  Over the total five days we see more than 200 adjustments to daily tournaments.  Much of which seem to involve turning a whole bunch of daily rebuy tourneys into R/A tourneys.  Several tournaments have seen their blind structures adjusted as well as a continued tweaking of stack sizes in what seems to be an effort to continue the healthy ability of these tournaments to cover without overlay. Something we should all be welcoming with both thumbs up.


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