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WPN Adds JackPot SNGs to Sit n' Crush

Winning Poker Network Logo  Players have been waiting, quite anxiously in some cases, for Winning Poker Network to add Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s to Sit n’ Crush.  That wait is finally over as it was announced that starting next week they will be added to the race, along with some other major changes to the race.


SnC Undergoes Major Changes

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, has waited a long time to add their newest Sit n’ Go’s to their rake race, just to make sure they have as many bugs worked out as they possibly can.  It seems like that time of waiting and testing has come to an end though, because they announced today that on May 26th Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s will be added to the weekly rake race.  This addition was also announced with a pretty big change to the format of the race, but also helps it fall in line with The Beast, their popular rake race for cash game players.

Jackpot SNGs added to SnC!

With the recent addition of $40 NLHE Jackpot SNGs means that this announcement of these SNG variants being added to SnC actually means something for a very wide range of players.  Players will earn points for every JP that they play at a rate of 5 points for every $1 of rake.  This means that for the $40 SNG players will earn 3 points as there is $0.60 taken out for the SnC leaderboard.

Players can play in any of the 5 variants of JP SNGs offered to earn points; which include: $2, $10 and $40 NLHE and $2 and $10 PLO JP SNGs.  Some players are worried about what will become of the other SNGs as less players are going to be enticed by them, because of how fast you can get points by playing JPs. They likely have a point BUT it is also likely that the regular and turbo speed SNGs will become less regular infested and thus easier to achieve a higher return on investment, even if you don’t place in the SNC, which might not be a forgone conclusion.

SnC Leaderboard Changes

Arguably a bigger change in some ways is the reformation of the SnC leaderboard.  Two months ago Winning Poker Network changed how The Beast did payouts and taking a page from that book they have decided to extend that to the SnC.  The following are the tiers and payouts for those tiers.

There are four payout tiers in Sit & Crush.
• Tier 1: $1,250
• Tier 2: $500
• Tier 3: $125
• Tier 4: $50

Every $3,875 in the Sit & Crush cash prize pool, the prize pool adds:
• One Tier 1
• Two of Tier 2
• Five of Tier 3
• Twenty of Tier 4
• Reseed next race with $969

The breakdown for money paid into SnC and how it will be distributed will be 75% going to payouts on the leaderboard and 25% going towards tournament tickets.  We would compare it to previous weeks to give you some idea about what you might be looking at for what position will get money and how much, but that seems at best premature considering that JP SNGs have been added to the SnC for the first time.  This new addition will likely change the size of the race by a pretty significant amount.


These are some giant changes to one of the best rake races available to US players of SNGs. It likely is only going to get bigger with the most popular format of SNG being added to the mix.  If you want to get involved with this, but don’t have any money on Winning Poker Network right now, don’t worry. Bitcoin is one of the fastest and most secure ways to transfer money to the site.  We recently put together a comprehensive guide to help players new to Bitcoin transactions. What do you think of the changes?  Do you think the race will get bigger than it was? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!