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WPN Announce $150,000 Freebuy Super Series II

Winning Poker Network Logo  Much of the attention at Winning Poker Network, and rightly so, has been on the announced Million Dollar Sunday Series coming up in September and October.  This isn’t the only important tournament series happening though, as the 2nd Freebuy Series has also been announced and it is expected to be even better than last time with a full schedule of great events and a very lucrative Main Event starting in late August!

Freebuy Series II coming in August to Winning Poker Network

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, realizes that not all players can afford to take advantage of the great Million Dollar Sunday promotion that is coming up in late September and October, so they are doing something that anyone can get in on.  Starting on August 28th they are hosting a $150,000 Freebuy Series that will last just over a week and allow players to enter tournaments for free, while still having access to large prize pools and significant money.  This is the 2nd such series they have ran, and this one is expected to build on a fairly successful first run.

How the Freebuy Series Works

The Freebuy Series is more attainable for most players, because even if you bust out of the tournament on your free entry, the buy-ins to get back into the tournament are very cost effective and allow players to have great chances at big prize pools for not that much of an investment.  Another feature of these Freebuy Tournaments is that they had an add-on period that allows players to get free chips for the rebuy price. Players don’t have to take this add-on but it is helpful.  It’s still a really cheap addition though, so taking them on every tournament wouldn’t even hurt your bankroll that much, if you chose to do so.  The great thing about this format is that the add-on is three hours after the tournament starts so you will know if it is going to be worth it for you to take advantage of this, or to forgo it this time around.

A Freebuy Series hits the groups of freeroll players and more serious players at the same time, and that is not something a lot of tournament series can say for themselves.  Also, with all of the overlays that were present in the last series, players of both levels can experience a lot of value as either you are spending nothing to get a shot at a prize pool or you are spending very little to get a shot at the still very lucrative top prizes.  Further, many players will enter into the tournament, play badly and then leave.  Meaning that you get there chips for free.  We strongly encourage any player thinking of playing these events to register early and be there from the beginning.  There is too much value to wait until the first break or even later to late register for this event.  You can maximize your returns even further when you sign up for a real money account and utilize our rakeback programs.

The Latest Iteration of the Freebuy Series

The Freebuy Series itself is like many tournament series in that it will offer players a lot of opportunities across a wide range of buy-ins to win lots of money.  While every tournament is free to enter, as we mentioned add-ons and re-entries do cost some money.  Players shouldn’t be too worried about this though as there are a plethora of tournaments for player to re-enter or add-on that cost well below $1.  A great example of that the Main Event which takes player on September 6th, the final day of the series, which guarantees $20,000 is only a $20 rebuy/add-on.

The rest of the 57 event series has a wide range of events starting on August 28th.  Players can play No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better.  There are multiple buy-in levels for each type of event running from $0.10 to the $20 we mentioned, but generally events are $5 or under, and this is only if you want the add-on or have to rebuy into the event.  Most of the weekdays feature 6 events and happen pretty much in every time zone in the world, so no matter where you live, or what sleep/work schedule you have you can find something to play in the great series.


Winning Poker Network made a splash with their announcement of a major series for higher stakes players, but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten the lower stakes players either.  The Freebuy Series provides a perfect opportunity for players of any stake level to compete for large prize pools in pools of players that are below average in skill for absolutely nothing.  Do you plan on playing the Freebuy Series?  Tell on Twitter or Facebook!