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WPN Announces WSOP Jackpot SNGs

Winning Poker Network Logo  Players have been asking for new ways to qualify for the World Series of Poker and Winning Poker Network is looking to deliver on that by combining their newest game with a typical satellite to hopefully entice players. We will breakdown all the details for you!


Winning Poker Network Expands JP SNGs!

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, has announced a big promotion to qualify players to the World Series of Poker Main Event, and this one is more unique than pretty much any other site.  Starting on May 26th players will be able to qualify for the World Series of Poker through Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s!  Also, two major paydays have been hit in the last couple of days playing the regular Jackpot SNGs, for a total of $125,000!  All of this comes on the heels of the announcement of the inclusion of the JP SNGs into the Sit n’ Crush promotion.  Winning Poker Network is trying third to reformat the face of US-friendly poker, especially when you factor in that players can easily and quickly get money onto the site through bitcoin deposits.

World Series of Poker Jackpot Sit n’ Go’s!

Players looking to satellite into the World Series of Poker is nothing new, but generally player are used to typical tournaments that can have long odds and take hours to complete.  Winning Poker Network is hoping to change that mindset with the introduction of the WSOPJP’s which are exactly what they sound like, quick and efficient ways to qualify for the World Series of Poker Main Event.  For either $3 or $30 players can get a chance to win a $12,500 Main Event prize package.  What is unique about this promotion though is that  players don’t walk away empty handed if they happen miss out on the big prize as there are four different prize levels you can hit.

The following two charts are the breakdown for prize distributions for the two different levels of WSOPJPs:

Winning Poker Network WSOPJPs Table

Big Prize Pool Jackpot SNGs Hit!

The above is not the only way to get the money to go to the World Series of Poker through a Jackpot SNG though.  In the past couple of days some players have gotten very lucky playing the Jackpot SNGs and have more than paid for a trip to the World Series of Poker if they so choose.  In a $40 Jackpot SNG a $100,000 prize pool was hit.  In this particular instance the players took the deal that Winning Poker Network offers and the winner took him $40,000, while the other two finishers took home $30,000 apiece.  If this deal sounds odd to you that might be because it is not offered by any other site on the market.  Players have the option to accept a deal when a spin lands on one of the top three prizes.  If they do each person get 30% of the prize pool leaving 10% up for grabs, but if they don’t, then the winner taken the loins share of the prize.

On Winning Poker Network Ambiance took home the $40,000 prize after beating thfp and madman1024.  In a $10 Jackpot SNG a $25,000 spin was hit with nj7777 taking home the top prize.    That is a lot of money up for grabs with not that large of an investment.  When you combine these prizes with the Sit n’ Crush prizes we wrote about yesterday, the deal making ability that isn’t present with PokerStars’ Spin and Go’s and the Elite benefits that Winning Poker Network offers, it can become a pretty good deal to grind these games.

Winning Poker Network JP $100k


Winning Poker Network is offering up a new and innovative way to qualify for the World Series of Poker.  It focuses on their newest game type that has caught all of the headlines in recent weeks, and for good reason as players are getting chances as huge pay days and the recreational player has a quick and painless way to enjoy poker.  What do you think of the WSOPJPs?  Are you excited?