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WPN MDS Gets Even Bigger!

WPN Logo  The first Million Dollar Sunday was a great success, but Winning Poker Network is hoping that the next three iterations of the tournaments are going to be even better.  With the aggressive satellite schedule combined with a revamped Sunday Tournament schedule it is very possible it will continue to grow the Million Dollar Sunday brand.

Million Dollar Just Gets Bigger!

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s CardroomBlack Chip PokerPokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker  announced last week that the Million Dollar Sunday would be changing slightly too only a $500,000 guarantee with a lower price tag.  While most were pretty happy about this change, some did say that it is a bit misleading to still name it Million Dollar Sunday without $1 Million guaranteed to players.  Winning Poker Network seemingly heard this complaint and fixed that with a revamped Sunday schedule and tons of tournaments with healthy seat guarantees throughout the week and over the weekend.

Million Dollar Sunday Takes on Bigger Meaning

While there is a loss in overall money per Sunday, because of the change, there is a lot more money to be had by a larger number of people as Winning Poker Network has completely overhauled the Sunday Tournament schedule.  For the next three weeks the site is going to have 17 new or changed tournaments for players to take advantage of.  Many of these changes are not insignificant either hovering around 25% or higher guarantees for players, not including the completely new tournaments being offered.  The great thing about some of these changes is that you don’t have to just be a high roller to really take advantage of them as you can get in some of these tournaments for rather small amounts.

Simply, there is too many changes for us to write out for you, but we will give you the chart that America’s Cardroom has on their site for you to see all the great choices you have.

WPN MDS Sunday Schedule

Everyone Should Get Seats

As expected, there is an increased desire to satellite people into the event, but the new schedule is maybe even a bit more than what other thought might be offered. Every week for the next 3 week there are going to be 531 seats awarded to players.  This doesn’t include the SNG seats players can win, the jackpot SNGs and Spin and Get In seats either.  This is great on a few levels because players have a lot of opportunities to qualify for these events for a much reduced price, but also player who buy-in directly are going to be able to take great advantage of a presumably weaker field.

Of the direct satellites to the event there are 4 different buy-in levels.  The first are daily satellites that are $6.60 to enter.  The next level are the $22 satellites that happen during select days of the week. As the week goes along there are going to be more seats up for grabs, which makes sense.  These events happen mostly in the evening and allow for people of all time zones to get a good amount of opportunities to play.  The last three events are either $33 or $44 and are the mega satellites that happen on Friday-Sunday.

MDS Satty Schedule

MDS Mega Schedule


Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s CardroomBlack Chip PokerPokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, may have cancelled the remaining $1 million guarantee tournaments, but they are fairly far from not offering something back to the players (ex: rakeback, deposit bonuses, and new Mac client).  With the new announcements of a revamped satellite list and an exceptionally impressive Sunday schedule, it is clear they want to make players feel like they are still getting some great value.  We would strongly encourage any tournament grinder to get some money onto Winning Poker Network to take advantage of these great tournaments.  If you don’t have any money on their right now, don’t fret as you can get as much as $5,000 on Winning Poker Network in a day using Bitcoin.  What do you think of these changes to the million Dollar Sunday schedule?  Do they make up for the lack of a larger tournaments?  Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!