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WPN Releases Mac Poker Client; October Promotions!

Winning Poker Network Logo  While it might seem like we write about Winning Poker Network a lot, it is not unwarranted as they continue to try to make big splash after big splash with either promotions, feature releases or great bonuses for players.  October is going to see them do all of these things, perhaps out doing themselves once again!

Winning Poker Network Makes Big Announcements!

We wrote about the opportunities for you to play in the Winning Millions Tournaments starting this Sunday on Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, but we didn’t expect there to be even more announcements that are really just as big and important as those tournaments.  Winning Poker Network is trying really hard to break into a market that has relatively few US competitors with the release of the Mac based poker client.  This isn’t the only great thing happening in October though!

Mac Beta Client Released

The biggest news from Winning Poker Network since the announcement of the 5 Winning Millions tournaments, and potentially larger than that even over the long term, is the beta release of the Mac poker client.  We won’t write too much about it yet, because the word beta is a very important word used when describing this software release, but it is something that could be very important for those who have been waiting to be able to play Winning Poker Network natively on OSX.  We would hazard against jumping in real money games at this point, unless you are comfortable with bugs that could cost you money.  In the post on 2+2 announcing the software the WPN Rep named 16 issues that he software had currently and other have already chimed in with more as well.  While this sounds bad, it is a beta release and they have not hidden that fact at all.

If you want to follow the testing of the new software we would suggest you follow this 2+2 thread, as you will likely get the most up to date answers about bug fixes, issues others are having and any new related to this new software offering.  We will write up a full review of the software when it is officially released to the public and is no longer in beta testing!

Increased Guarantees for Tournaments in October

Winning Poker Network realizes that this month is going to be a huge one for tournaments on their site and they are responding in kind by raising the guaranteed money on their marquee tournaments.  The area that this will be most noticed is in the set of 10 tournaments on a nightly bases called “The Big10.”  For those not familiar with this series, it is a set of 10 tournaments every afternoon through night that run the gamut of offerings in terms of types of tournaments, variation of tournaments and buy-in level.  There is pretty much something for everyone.  Now, that something for everyone is going to be even more lucrative as all the guarantees have been increased, in some cases substantially so, as to allow players to really compete for big money.  So whether you are a micro stakes player or you prefer the larger buy-in tournaments you will be able to find something among these offerings that interest you.

Winning Poker Network Reload Bonuses

Winning Poker Network loves to give the biggest incentives the players that deposit the most, and you can see that in full display when looking at the reload bonus for the month of October.  Of course, this isn’t to say that those who deposit a little bit of money aren’t fairly compensated, but the more you can deposit, the better the deposit bonus rewards are.  Make sure you use the bonus code “FIVEMILLION” on a qualifying deposit.  The following are the reload tiers with how long you have to clear said bonus:

Deposit $25-$100 and get 100% up to $100 bonus (30 days to clear)
Deposit $101-$200 and get 150% up to $300 bonus (45 days to clear)
Deposit $201 and up and get 200% up to $1,000 (100 days to clear)

The great thing for players is that no matter what tier you fall into, you will get the same clearance rate as everyone else at $1 cleared for every 27.5 AP earned.  For a full breakdown of how this works out in the end we suggest you read our review page which goes into further depth about effective clearance rates.


Winning Poker Network was already going to have a huge October, but with the rollout of the beta Mac client, increased tournament guarantees and the reload bonus it is shaping up to be an even better and bigger month than previously thought.  If you want to get in on any of the action we described you can take full advantage of this offers by signing up for any of the great sites on theWinning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker.  Even better about all of this is the ability to deposit money on the site via Bitcoin.  To find out how to do that we have a great guide to help you along the way.  Are you excited about the Mac client release?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!