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WPN Tweaks Winning Millions for Sunday

Winning Poker Network Logo  Winning Poker Network once again was unable to avoid a major overlay, but that has not deterred them from offering this great tournament once again.  They are going to make a slight change this week in hopes of bringing a few more players to the table and avoid another $150,000+ overlay on the Winning Millions. 

WPN Continues Winning Millions October Promotion!

Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya Poker, suffered another major overlay in the Winning Millions event held last Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that they are even thinking of not having the next couple of events, as some have speculated. In fact, Winning Poker Network is trying to help things even more by making a few tweaks, but they in no way should make things worse.  Also, for those worried about getting their money in a timely fashion, there has been come excellent news on this front provided by a player that won the Winning Millions event in September, who received his entire $200,000 prize in one lump sum via bank wire!

Time Change for the Winning Millions

In what could either be a genius move or a huge mistake, the team at Winning Poker Network is going to move the start time for the Winning Millions back to 5:00PM ET.  The debate around this change has been fairly intense and even the representative for Winning Poker Network admits that his is a risk and could backfire on them.  It is likely they feel pretty confident about the move though, as it would seem pretty counterproductive to change it on a whim.  The major argument and fear from players is that this will make the tournament go on for far too long with a lot of players predicting it not ending until 6:00 or 7:00 AM the next day.  Also, the European crowd is going to be a bit less willing to play it as it will be start very late for them, especially in Russia and Germany where it will be starting at 12:00 and 11:00 respectively.

If you are on the side of many players thinking that this will actually decrease participation it might be a good time to jump in the event then, because the overlay associated with it might be pretty large.  As mentioned last week saw over a $150,000 overlay, and if it does decrease the player base it could bring that numbers back up to $200,000 like the first event.  If it does do better, it will likely be on the back of satellite winners getting in at the last second, which can really help good players.  It is a move that could either go very good or very bad for the network, but players should benefit either way!

Satellites Provide Great Value

Winning Poker Network just didn’t have an overlay on the big tournament, but the satellites to the event also overlaid in a pretty big way allowing for players to get some really good value.  They didn’t make any changes to the lineup of the satellites though and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that these overlays might happen again.  The biggest overlay happened in the Sunday Morning super satellite that guarantees 100 seats to the Winning Millions that afternoon.  If you want to learn about all the great ways you can try to take advantage of these overlays in satellites we invite you to read our full breakdown of those possibilities here. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Money is always one of the biggest worries for US-based players.  Either they want to not keep a lot on a site at one time, or they want to make sure they can get off their big wins very quickly.  Luckily for Winning Poker network they have been able to instill confidence in their players with quick and easy deposits, but just as quick and easy withdrawals.  One of the players who chopped the September running of the Winning Millions reported getting his wire transfer to his international bank happened in about 8 days.  Players being able to get over $130,000 in 8 days from any site is impressive, and so playing really shouldn’t worry players, as it is not monopoly money like some may feel while on other sites. 

If you want to wait until the last possible minute to deposit money, but don’t want to use credit cards (and the fees that are associated with them) to make that deposit you are in luck.  Even US-based players can use the Bitcoin deposit options to make a quick, easy and cheap transaction.  If you are unfamiliar how to use Bitcoin to make your poker and other gambling transactions you can look at our very detailed step by step bitcoin guide on how to do it.


Winning Poker Network, which consists of America’s Cardroom, Black Chip, PokerHost, True Poker and Ya, is a legal US-friendly real money poker site, and that naturally means that it is going to face scrutiny that no other site is going to face.  Instead of shrinking under this pressure like many sites might, and have, they have stepped up their game.  The Winning Millions might not seem like a success but they are willing to keep trying to make it work well and provide a great tournament for players to participate in.  Do you plan on playing this week?  Have you played in any of the previous events?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook!