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Our contact information is below, but first, a little bit about who we are and what we do for you...

Most affiliates are only in business to sell you something impersonally, pocket the cash, and be about their business.  Professional Rakeback has a different philosophy.  We want to help you find the best poker site for you.  For some players that will mean focusing their efforts on one site, grinding out as many hands and as much rakeback as possible, and reaping the rewards.  For other players, they want to cherry pick their games, and we are happy to help them find the softest games around, find them poker software to more effectively multi-site, and help them maximize their bonuses along the way.  And then some of you simply just want to goof off and play a few tournaments on a slow weekend.  Professional Rakeback staff is here to help you find whatever is right for your needs.  We figure that when we make our clients happy, our clients tell other people what a good experience they had, and those referrals, they help us grow our business.  Let Professional Rakeback make you a happy customer! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about any of the online poker sites we work with, or any others for that matter.  We would be happy to go over with you the pros and cons of whatever room you are considering joining.  We are happy to research new rooms for you if you hear of something before we do.  Professional Rakeback staff is also available to field and pass along your bug reports to online poker sites.  And should you ever have a dispute with any of our partner sites that you can not resolve with support, please let us know immediately.  If we find your cause worth while, we are more than happy to take the issue straight to management and champion your case.  Granted, we pick the cream of the crop on every network we work with so as to avoid such issues, but no business runs without a hiccup here and there, and should one affect one of our clients, we will be on the case for you!

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