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Burnbet Casino Issues Death Threat Against Reviewer

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We here at Professional Rakeback feel it is our duty to warn readers away from crooked online gaming operations, and thus we must bring Burnbet Casino to your attention. The unsavory tactics at this rogue operator go well beyond the slow payment of winners, convoluted terms and conditions, and deceptive marketing practices that we have unfortunately seen all too often in the internet gambling industry. Burnbet has taken things to a ridiculous level by actually threatening the authors of a negative review with death!

About the Threats

The drama unfolded after published a warning that Burnbet was using pirated slot machine software that looked virtually identical to the genuine article but was nevertheless fake. An email correspondence between LCB and Burnbet failed to adequately address the issues raised in the article, and so LatestCasinoBonuses let their unfavorable page stand as written.

That's when things got strange. LCB staff started getting messages like the following:

Threatening Message from Burnbet
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Another Message From Unfriendly Burnbet
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That's right – Burnbet Casino personnel or shills were threatening to send the mafia after the good people at LatestCasinoBonuses!

There were other discussions held through email with a woman named Tina who identified herself as the CEO of Burnbet. Besides the fake gaming software, LCB also raised the issue of Burnbet's questionable gambling licensure. Tina was told that LCB was willing to publish any rebuttal her company wished to compose. However, the conversation soon deteriorated into insults and accusations. Tina's closing messages were as follows:

Tina, From Burnbet, Responds
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Tina's Parting Warning
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While it's not entirely clear what Tina was talking about due to her broken English, she seems to be casting aspersions on the integrity of LatestCasinoBonuses and hinting at undisclosed “problem” going forward unless they removed their negative post about Burnbet.

We're glad to see that LCB did not succumb to these barely comprehensible scare tactics. Their post documenting the shady behavior of Burnbet remains up on the site.

More About the Pirated Software

Box of Software

The software deployed at Burnbet is provided by 2WinPower. They offer a package of content from some of the leading video slot developers, like Realtime Gaming, Novomatic, and Net Entertainment. There are many legitimate software distribution houses, like SoftSwiss and SoftGamings, that bundle games from different vendors together so that individual casino owners don't have to strike deals with myriad independent game houses.

There's only one problem in the case of 2WinPower – it doesn't have permission to distribute the games it claims to carry! Instead, these titles have been illicitly copied and are hosted on 2WinPower's own servers. LatestCasinoBonuses had been instrumental in having the rogue business shut down, but as the casino review site reported, 2WinPower opened up again on a new domain name.

2WinPower's counterfeit games aren't just bad for the internet casinos that purchase them and then may find themselves guilty of copyright infringement. Ordinary players may also suffer harm because there's no way to know if the payout rates have been kept intact or have been fiddled with to increase casino profits. These phony games are designed to look as much like the originals as possible, so much so that many gamers are probably duped into thinking they're playing legit slot titles.

Most dishonest gambling firms focus their misdeeds on stealing the money of customers or misleading marketing efforts, so it's a bit unusual to find one that includes software piracy among its repertoire. Still, this form of theft isn't unknown in the industry – the notorious AffPower group has been guilty of similar misconduct before.

More Burnbet Crookedness

Man With Sack and Cudgel

Vowing to send the mafia after your critics isn't just an isolated quirk; it's indicative of deeper organizational woes. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Burnbet Casino is involved in all kinds of other shadiness besides offering bogus slot games. Many of the worrisome aspects of Burnbet are listed at in that website's “Rogue Casinos” section.

Burnbet claims to be licensed by Curaçao eGaming, a do-nothing regulator that basically just hands out online gambling licenses to anyone willing to pay the fees. However, there hasn't been any proof given of Burnbet holding even such a rubber-stamp license.

The Burnbet website is not exactly top-notch, and some of the text is unclear and confusing. A few sections seem to be incomplete as, for instance, this excerpt from the site's terms and conditions:

1.3. Where reference is made to “Burnbet”, “we”, "our" or “us” in relation to:

(1) Sportsbook products –

(2) Gaming products -

Yes, that's the whole paragraph. It doesn't go on to explain more; it just continues with the unrelated section 1.4.

Burnbet Casino has been accused several times of not paying out winnings fairly or taking a long time to do so. There have also been bans and account closures without adequate explanations given.

Further weirdness comes from the “Burn's Club” promoted on the casino's website, which seems to be a way to earn 2.9% monthly interest on your casino balance by locking up the funds for 30 days. The details of this club are somewhat skimpy, further compounded by the website writer's shaky grasp of the English language, but it has all the hallmarks of being a pyramid scheme.

Stay Far Away From Burnbet

Caution Sign

Burnbet Casino takes its scam to disgusting highs (or rather, lows) by attempting to intimidate those spreading the word about its distasteful practices. There are plenty of other reputable online casinos to play at, so we counsel our visitors to avoid this pile of garbage completely.