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EXPOSED: Americas Cardroom - Honest ACR Review by Pros!

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Americas Cardroom Brags and Beats

  • USA and 98% of countries accepted USA Tiny Flag
  • 100% up to $1,000 bonus
  • Supports Bitcoin + dozens of altcoins
  • Exclusive $10 no deposit bonus: PRB10FREE
  • 27% rakeback available
  • Lottery-style Jackpot Poker
  • Multi-million dollar tournaments!
  • Poor quality Mac & mobile clients
  • Casino + sportsbook SUCK
  • Rakeback users don't get $10 free
  • 3 hour+ late registration in MTTs

The Winning Poker Network is the second-largest (and one of the fastest growing) poker network servicing the US market. They are also the eighth-largest online poker network in the worldwide market.

As always, ProfRB works only with the largest, safest, and fastest-paying operators, which in this case is represented by Americas Cardroom. We have to give ACR the edge over its sister operators as it's the flagship room, and it also grants additional perks that are absent at the other network sites. Americas Cardroom is owned and operated by the Winning Poker Network itself, so you don't have to deal with any third parties when you opt to play here.

This network has a surprising amount of No Limit Hold'em traffic given its size, including high-stakes games up to $25/$50. There is plenty of PLO action for most players as well, and the limit cash games section has also captured some traffic away from competitors although it's still a bit sparse.

The bespoke Jackpot SNG format attracts plenty of participation up through the $40 buy-in level. The major Sunday tournament is a $150k guaranteed MTT and is the largest weekly guaranteed tournament offered by any of the US-friendly sites. They also have a multi-day $50k guaranteed Pot Limit Omaha tournament that is gaining a bit of a following, and it's also the largest regular PLO tournament available to US players.

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27% Paid Daily

24 Hours

Winning Poker Network

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Standard Americas Cardroom rakeback is offered at a rate of 27%, and this is the maximum amount allowed by the network. If you ever see a rakeback deal for more than 27% at ACR, then it is likely a scam or at least a shady, under-the-table deal. Through the use of bonus code PROFRB27, our visitors can get hooked up with a legitimate flat 27% rakeback deal.

The calculations that Americas Cardroom uses to determine cash game rakeback adhere to the weighted contributed model. This means that those who play a lot of pots and actually put money into the middle are rewarded more than nits who just fold, fold, fold. In tournaments, however, these considerations do not apply because your rakeback is equal to 27% of the house fee for each tourney or SNG you join regardless of your style of play.

There's no set schedule for the payment of rakeback at Americas Cardroom. Instead, you can issue your own RB payouts to your real money balance from within the poker software. Select “Rewards” in the top menu of the poker software; then click on “Rakeback.” You'll see a few stats related to your accumulated rakeback and can press the big “Click to Redeem” button to transfer the available cash to your balance.

One of the cool things about ACR rakeback is the way that it interacts with bonuses and other promos. All bonus payments will be deducted from your overall rake totals, but then you will still get rakeback on the remaining amount. For instance, if you generate rake of $150 while clearing $30 of bonus, then the $30 will be subtracted from $150, leaving $120, and you will get (27% x $120) = $32.40 in rakeback. This is a total of $62.40 back on total rake of $150: a 41.6% rate of return.

Other types of promotional payments, like rake race winnings, simply add on top of rakeback without any deductions taking place. It's clear that rakeback in concert with bonuses and other special deals provides a distinct advantage over what your earn rate would be absent RB.

Rakeback is what we recommend for most of our readers because RB is the best value for the majority of players. However, high rollers and those who can put in serious volume at the tables might do better with the Elite Benefits program (described later on in this review).

create an account cta

Watch the video above to find out how to open up a new Americas Cardroom account, or keep reading below for instructions in text form.

Step 1: Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for proper tracking of your VIP or Rakeback rewards! Click the links below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2: If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3: Select your rewards program below (Elite Benefits VIP in green text or Rakeback in red text), then click the appropriate banner or link.

For the true grinder, the Elite Benefits promotion allows high-volume players to maximize their potential with generous rates - the more you play, the higher the rate! Similar to how PokerStars used to work in the good old days, WPN offers these types of players maximum value for their raked dollar. The Elite Benefits VIP link in conjunction with the PRB10FREE bonus code will set you up with a $10 no deposit bonus. The following banner is for Elite Benefits program players.

Americas Cardroom Elite Benefit logo
Direct Elite Benefits text link:
America's Cardroom

All skins on the Winning Poker Network (WPN) offer a 27% flat rakeback program for all players - and thus, the following banner and the ACR bonus code PROFRB27 is for Rakeback program players only. Flat rakeback is the best deal out there for casual players who won't play consistently, raking less than $1,500 a month.

Americas Cardroom Rakeback Logo
Direct Rakeback text link: America's Cardroom

Above are the links to sign up via Rakeback or Elite Benefits programs. If you aren't sure which program is best for you, please check out this detailed page on Rakeback vs Elite Benefits to see which program is right for you and your playing habits.

Step 4: Download, install, and open the poker client.

Bonus Code for Americas Cardroom

Step 5: Create an account and log in / username. When doing so, input one of the following bonus codes to make sure you receive the maximum deposit bonus. Which code you use depends on whether you have chosen a $10 free no deposit VIP account or flat rakeback account: PRB10FREE (Elite Benefits + $10 free) or  PROFRB27 (rakeback).

Step 6: Create your tablename (this is displayed on the tables).

Step 7: Skype or Email us your login name and registered email address for new account rakeback and VIP confirmation.

Step 8: We recommend that you pre-verify your account by contacting live chat as doing so will ensure that when it comes time to withdraw your winnings, there will be no delays. Verification may also result in higher deposit limits.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us here.

$10 Free Bankroll

Most websites you will visit offer only one type of account when signing up to America's Cardroom. Professional Rakeback offers two different types of accounts for you to choose from when creating a new account at ACR. We offer 27% flat rakeback accounts (details above) as well as Elite Benefits VIP accounts complete with a free $10 no-deposit bankroll offer for those who wish to "try before they buy."

$10 No Deposit Offer
With our exclusive Americas Cardroom bonus code PRB10FREE, you can obtain a free, $10 no deposit deal if you reside in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico or New Zealand. The funds will be placed into your balance within three business days.

You must play at least one game/hand of real money poker within 60 days; otherwise, the complimentary $10 will be retracted. There's a rake requirement of $15 before withdrawing the $10 instant bankroll funds. You can take advantage of the PRB10FREE offer and then obtain the 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus like normal later on.


Elite Benefits

The Americas Cardroom Elite Benefits VIP program is the poker room's rewards plan. As you play at the tables, you'll collect Rank Points that will allow you to progress through the ranks from Lieutenant at the bottom all the way up to 5 Star General at the top. Your position in the system will depend on your monthly totals of Rank Points although the top two tiers (General and 5 Star General) are instead based on your annual points.

As your total annual Rank Points pass specified milestones, you'll pick up cash prizes. Furthermore, every Rank Point you earn also awards you Combat Points at a rate that gets better the further you advance in the program. These Combat Points can be traded for cash bonuses in the Points Exchange section of the poker client.

Screenshot of Elite Benefits Display at Americas Cardroom

If you can play poker consistently enough and at meaningful stakes, then you may be able to achieve General or 5 Star General status. If this is the case, then Elite Benefits VIP is likely better than rakeback for you. The $10 no deposit promo code PRB10FREE described above enrolls you into Elite Benefits automatically. For further insight into the merits of rakeback and Elite Benefits, head over to our WPN Elite Benefits vs. rakeback comparison page.

If you do decide that an Elite Benefits + $10 free account is the right choice for you, then please follow the instructions contained in the account creation section above. If you click on any other signup link on this page, then you will receive a 27% rakeback account instead by default.


Americas Cardroom has a full roster of promotional deals running more or less constantly. You are eligible for all of these promos whether you opt for rakeback or an Elite Benefits account. They include:

First Deposit Bonus

The Initial Deposit Bonus, or First Deposit Bonus as it is called here at the Winning Poker Network, is a 100% matching bonus up to $1,000. The bonus will be automatically applied upon your first deposit when you follow the sign up instructions below and use PROFRB's signup links.

As a special reward for crypto-currency fans, any first deposit made via any of the dozens of digital coins supported by this site will boost the percentage match of this bonus up to 200%. The maximum possible bonus value of $1,000 will stay the same, but you will only need to deposit $500 to reach it.

The poker deposit bonus clears at a rate of $1 per 27.5 award points earned. Award points are earned at a rate of 5.5 points per dollar in cash game rake or tournament fees. Thus, the bonus clears at an effective Americas Cardroom rakeback rate of 20%.

If you opt for a rakeback account, then your ability to collect bonuses will not be compromised in any way. There will be a slight reduction in the amount of your rakeback, because any bonuses you earn will be subtracted from your total rake figures, but the combination of rakeback + bonus will still be superior to just RB alone. We advise all players to take full advantage of the Americas Cardroom first deposit bonus because there are no drawbacks to doing so.

The Beast

Every raked cash game pot you contribute to, except at heads-up tables, will give you points toward The Beast leaderboard. At the end of every Saturday through Friday period, more than 100 players receive free cash prizes as well as satellite tournament entries, which are paid out by the end of the following Monday. The top grinders each take home $2,500. The Beast is funded by a portion of the regular ring game rake, and the number of leaderboard points you'll collect is based on how much of this rake you pay.

Sit & Crush

Sit & Crush is the SNG counterpart to The Beast. A portion of the SNG fees is diverted over to the prize pool, and players receive points with every contest they enter. Jackpot Poker is included in Sit & Crush; however, heads-up sit-and-goes don't contribute either money or points toward the leaderboard standings. Each race runs from Saturday to Friday, and the winners get cash prizes of up to $1,250 and satellite tickets by end of day the next Monday.

Elite Benefits Details

We've already touched upon the highlights of the Elite Benefits VIP club, but we feel that it's proper to go into it a bit more thoroughly here. The Elite Benefits system consists of six ranks: Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General, and 5-Star General.

Your placement in the program will depend on the amount of Rank Points you earn. You'll get 5.5 points for every dollar in rake and fees you pay. The top two levels are based on yearly point accumulation whereas the other four are determined by your monthly play.

For every Rank Point, you'll earn a number of Combat Points that gets higher the further you advance in Elite Benefits. These Combat Points can be traded in for complimentary cash.
**Note: Players on a rakeback plan are not eligible for Elite Benefits rewards.

Here's a summary of the Elite Benefits tiers and the benefits associated with them:

Elite Benefits Rewards Program


In 2020, Americas Cardroom reintroduced an old feature that had been gone for years: a store where you can exchange Combat Points for a variety of merchandise:

Americas Cardroom Store Some of the Items in the ACR Store

There are a bit more than a dozen items for you to choose from, ranging in price from 199 CPs for stickers to 9,900 points for a customizable WPN jersey. Other possibilities include COVID-19 masks, sunglasses, and baseball caps. At an exchange rate of $1 = 100 Combat Points (which is the rate used for the smallest cash exchanges supported in the poker client), this works out to pricing of between $1.99 and $99 per item.

Delivery is free to the continental United States, but there are small shipping charges for customers in other parts of the world. Fortunately, RoW users can pay these small costs directly using their points. Order processing takes between two and six weeks, depending on the type of merchandise ordered, and shipping takes anywhere from 3 to 10 days according to the part of the world that you reside in.

ACR has a returns policy whereby you can exchange damaged or incorrectly sized items for replacements within 14 days of delivery. In either of these cases, you must contact support first before returning your merchandise, and they will give you further instructions.


Most individuals don't experience any delays or errors when attempting to deposit at ACR, but in the event that you do, the deposit and withdrawal team at Americas Card Room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via email. Below, you will find the deposit methods for both USA and ROW poker players:

Bitcoin (Highly Recommended): Min $10, Max: $25,000

The Winning Poker Network now offers its players the ability to deposit bitcoins via its cashier. This speedy method will have your account funded in approximately 15 minutes although the congestion of the Bitcoin network may introduce delays.

Unfamiliar with Bitcoin? No problem, we have created a step-by-step Bitcoin guide to teach you how to quickly and easily deposit and withdraw to online poker sites using this exciting, new digital currency.

Are you a poker player and a Bitcoin user putting in professional amounts of volume and rake? Contact us directly and ask us about our Bitcoin incentive plan.

Crypto Transfer: Min $10, Max $25,000

In October 2017, the Winning Poker Network added crypto deposits for dozens of virtual coins to its cashier. All the big digital coins are present, like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Ethereum, but so are plenty of more obscure ones, like First Blood, Salt, and 0x. With rising BTC miners fees sometimes making the currency impractical unless you're willing to deposit a large amount in one shot, these altcoins provide a mechanism for more inexpensive transactions.

However, the WPN relies on a third party for settlement of its altcoin deposits and withdrawals. This means that, depending on the inventory of coins stocked by this outside partner, a few of these digital payment methods might be unavailable at any particular moment. Indeed, it's not uncommon for a dozen or more of these coins to be temporarily absent.

While Litecoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptos tend to be always active, if your preferred blockchain asset is a niche one, then you may have to wait awhile before it becomes available for depositing.

Credit Cards
Visa/MasterCard: Min $25, Max $650
Amex/Discover: Min $25, Max $600
Diners Club: Min $25, Max $1,150

Credit cards remain among the most popular options for interactive poker deposits, and they’re fully supported at ACR. They’re sometimes declined, however, due to the restrictive rules regarding gambling established by some card issuers. If you try a card deposit and it fails, you can always try Bitcoin or another crypto.

Money Transfer
MG: Min $50, Max $500
Ria: Min $60, Max $500

You can send money to Americas Cardroom by using the services of a person-to-person money transfer service. Unfortunately, the limits associated with this method of funding are a tad bit restrictive.

e-Wallets (non-USA): Min $10, Max $25,000

Players from around the world can use e-wallets, like Neteller, to transfer money nearly instantly. In the pre-Black Friday environment prior to 2011, USA users were also able to use e-wallets for online poker, but this is not the case any longer.


Many of the same options you can use to deposit at ACR are also listed for withdrawals with the exception that credit cards are not valid instruments for getting a payout. Look below for details on the limits that apply and processing speeds:

Bitcoin (Highly Recommended): Min $50, Max $10,000

Withdrawals take 24 - 48 hours when selecting the Bitcoin option, and best of all, these payouts are free of charge. This combination of speed and no surcharges are why BTC is the preferred cashout method at Americas Cardroom.

Crypto Transfer: Min $50, Max $10,000

Crypto transfer payments at ACR are processed in the same one- to two-day timeframe as Bitcoin withdrawals, and the site doesn’t add any additional processing fee. The only issue you may encounter is that some of the more obscure cryptos may be out of stock when you request your withdrawal, and in this case, you will either have to select a different one or wait until your favorite crypto coin becomes available again.

Check: Min $100, Max $3,000

Bank drafts, or checks, are a time-honored way of receiving payments from internet poker firms. Unfortunately, like many legacy payment channels, they come with some annoyances. The first check in a month is free, but any additional checks from Americas Cardroom during the same month incur a fee of $65. Checks generally take about two weeks to arrive.

Money Transfer: Min $100, Max $350

Money transfer services are certainly convenient, with your money ready to be picked up in one to three days, but they come with a hefty drawback. The fees run from $60 - $70, depending on the amount of your cashout, and this, in combination with the very low maximum withdrawal amount, is a deal-breaker for many people.

e-Wallets: Min $10, Max $5,000

ROW customers have recourse to e-wallets. They permit speedy payouts with no fees, and some international players might prefer this method to others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The specific options listed above are the ones that are generally available to the majority of ACR’s users. However, the methods presented to you in the poker cashier may vary a bit from the info shown above. This is because the particular payment channels and limits available to you will depend on your account history and geographic region.

For additional insight into how successfully ACR meets its withdrawal timeframe commitments, head over to our monthly USA offshore poker payout report.

Account Verification

Because Americas Cardroom wishes to make sure that you aren't engaging in fraud or money laundering, it requires that you certify your account before making your first cash out. You'll have to submit a copy of your driver's license and a recent utility bill sent to your name at the address listed under your ACR account. Furthermore, if you made a deposit via credit card, you must send in a signed authorization form and a copy of the card.

Once you complete this procedure, you won't have to do it again for future withdrawals because the poker site will keep your information on file.

America's Cardroom Poker Games

ACR is superior to most other organizations in the American online gambling marketplace because of the breadth of its poker products. Over time, the firm has expanded the types and stakes of the games available, sometimes introducing formats that can't be found anywhere else.

Cash Games

Stakes in the ACR cash games section exist as low as $0.01/$0.02 and run up to $25/$50 in big-bet games (NLHE, PLO, PLO/8).

Cash Game Table at Americas Cardroom $5/$10 No Limit Texas Hold'em Ring Game Table

The $5,000-buyin tables aren't just for show; they sometimes fill up with high rollers eager to battle for substantial sums of cash. These are the biggest online ring games available to poker fans in the United States. Games are divided into nine-seat, six-player, and heads-up sizes, and there are also special CAP and short tables. Unlike at most competing cardrooms, the big games aren't confined to just NLHE. For instance, check out the screenshot we captured of high-buyin PLO action:

PLO Ring Game $25/$50 PLO Ring Game

There's a fairly respectable lineup of fixed-limit games too: LO8, LHE, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo. For each of these formats, you can find tables up to $30/$60, and some of them have even larger games spread. There aren't ever more than a handful of active tables in these less-popular variants, but this is still more than you will find at most other internet poker sites especially those that serve the United States.

7-Day No Rathole Tables

Americas Cardroom offers 7-day No Rathole tables. In these special tables, your initial buyin is for just 10bbs and exactly 10bbs. Then if you walk away with a larger stack of chips, the value of your stack is preserved. Should you wish to re-enter the same table again within seven days, you must buy in with exactly the amount you had previously left with.

7 Day No Rathole is offered for No Limit Texas Hold'em between $0.05/$0.10 and $200/$400 blind levels. There's also Pot Limit Omaha No Rathole for the same stakes and PLO/8 from $0.10/$0.25 to $50/$100.

No Rathole games used to be offered across the entire Winning Poker Network, but in April 2020, this was changed. 7-Day No Rathole is now an Americas Cardroom exclusive. The reason for this change is because people with multiple accounts on the WPN were using different skins to access the same No Rathole table in order to circumvent the seven-day rule.

Blitz Poker

Americas Cardroom promised to shake up the U.S.A. internet poker scene with its debut of fast-fold Blitz Poker in February 2019. Among competing offshore cardrooms, only the PaiWangLuo Network really had a strong fast-fold product, so the Winning Poker Network really stood to capture some market share with this move.

Fast-fold games quicken the pace of the action substantially because they bring players to new tables with new hole cards immediately after they fold. Participants therefore don't need to wait around after they exit a hand; they can instead jump right back into the game without delay.

Blitz Poker Table Blitz Poker 6-Max Table

Unfortunately, ACR's Blitz Poker has had extended periods of downtime along with intervals where it was removed, then added back a few days later, then removed again, et cetera. Player frustration mounted to the point where Blitz hardly ran even when it was technically available in the gaming lobby.

As of October 2019, the Blitz situation appears to have stabilized at least to a reasonable degree. There are several pools of No Limit Hold'em Blitz spread with different blind levels and a couple of table sizes:

Blitz Pools NLHE Blitz Pools

Blitz is offered for PL Omaha as well. You can play Blitz from either a desktop or mobile device.

⚠ Important Note: 6+ Hold'em was removed from the ACR poker client in May 2019 during the transition to the new version of the software platforim. It has not reappeared since that time. We have left this section of our review intact below for historical purposes.

6+ Hold'em

6+ Hold'em, also called Short Deck Hold'em, has become increasingly prevalent in live poker scenes, and this is true of the internet arena too. This is Texas Hold'em with all cards 2 through 5 removed from the deck. 6+ has been making waves in the high-stakes live poker community because the structural changes between it and normal Hold'em lead to bigger pots and more exciting action.

Short Deck Hold'em uses the same rules as regular Texas Hold'em; however, the altered frequency of card combinations leads to a revised hand rankings chart. More specifically, a flush now beats a full house while a set is stronger than a straight. You can learn more about 6+ Hold'em by watching the below video:

6+ Hold'em first appeared at Americas Cardroom in September 2018, and it is now spread at stakes from $0.01/$0.02 to $50/$100.

Sit & Go

NL Hold'em SNGs at Americas Cardroom start at the $1.50 + $0.11 level and extend upward to $1,200 + $15. The majority of the games that actually run are comprised of buyins of $60 and below. You'll see a variety of table sizes and speeds designed to cater to all tastes. As for Omaha Hi and Omaha/8 sit n' goes, they're listed from $2 + $0.10 to $400 + $8.

Whenever there's a major poker event coming up, whether the World Series of Poker or one of the WPN's frequent tourney series, it's not uncommon to find satellite sit-n-goes in the lobby. They're typically held in step format whereby the winners of a given step advance to the next level until they reach the final one and compete for a prize package.

Americas Cardroom has a rather interesting type of SNG called On Demand. In an On Demand tournament, the game starts when a predetermined number of entrants joins, but there's then a late registration period allowing others to jump in. It's thus a kind of combination of sit-and-go and multi-table tournament.

Jackpot Poker

Jackpot Poker, upon its introduction, was the first lottery-style poker offering open to U.S. residents. It's a three-handed competition that uses a randomized multiplier to determine the size of the prize pool. Hitting the highest multiplier leads to a prize pool of 2,500 times the buyin while the lowest is worth only 2 times the amount paid to enter.

Jackpot Poker is a winner-takes-all affair except if one of the three highest multipliers (2,500, 200, and 100) appears. In that case, the default distribution is 75%/15%/10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. However, all three players can agree to a deal that adjusts this payout structure to 40%/30%/30%.

Jackpot Poker is present at buyins of $2, $10, $25, and $40 for NLHE and $2, $10, and $25 for PLO. The frequencies of the prize possibilities are as follows:

Multiplier Frequencies for Jackpot Poker at Americas Cardroom

⚠ Important Note: SNG 2.0 was removed from the ACR poker client in October 2018 without any explanation given, and it has not resurfaced since that time. We have left this section of our review intact below for historical purposes.

SNG 2.0

SNG 2.0 is a unique type of Sit & Go, which can't be found at any other online poker destination besides the Winning Poker Network. It seats nine and can be played at five buyin prices: $5 + $0.50, $10 + $1, $25 + $2.50, $50 + $5, and $100 + $9. Before the hands of normal poker start, there's a pregame round. Participants take turns flipping over randomly drawn cards, and the right sequence of card colors causes the prize pool to grow. At some of the most desirable prize levels, the entire table ends up getting paid something. There are three jackpots that can be hit during this preliminary round as well, which means that lucky entrants could find themselves divvying up tens of thousands of dollars. You can check out our detailed post on SNG 2.0 for more information on how exactly it works.


Americas Cardroom is the premier venue for online poker tournaments in the United States. The excitement is anchored by the $200 + $15 Sunday Special, which guarantees $150,000. This is the largest Sunday Major tournament among all U.S.-facing online poker rooms. Meanwhile, a two-day $50,000 PLO event, which costs $1,000 + $50 to enter, is similarly the largest weekly MTT for PLO enthusiasts in the U.S.A. online poker space. The other days of the week contain plenty of guaranteed tournaments at price points both high and low although Sunday is the most jam-packed day for MTT fun at Americas Cardroom.

Tournament Lobby at Americas Cardroom MTT Selection at Americas Cardroom

Every few months, ACR used to host a Million Dollar Sunday: a competition that required $500 + $40 to join and paid out no less than $1 million. Americas Cardroom decided to run Million Dollar Sunday events for 12 weeks straight at the beginning of 2018, but player interest was insufficient to avoid massive overlays. Management has elected to instead run a couple of $5 million guaranteed Venom tournaments per year.

Partisans of big-money tournament series will feel at home at Americas Cardroom because they're regular occurrences several times a year here. The Online Super Series is the main example of this, and it has grown quite a bit since its beginnings in 2012 to now distribute more than $5 million with each running. There are often leaderboards in these series that award cool rewards, like sliver bracelets and vacation packages.

One thing that may put some people off is the extended period of late registration for the major MTTs that ACR hosts. It's not uncommon for registration to remain open for three hours after events start, and cases of five-hour late registration are not unknown. This has the effect of making tourneys take longer than they otherwise would although it's understandable that ACR wishes to give tournaments as much opportunity as possible to hit their generous guaranteed amounts.

America's Cardroom Software

Americas Cardroom provides a Windows download version of its software, which is par for the course and just what we would expect of any modern interactive poker provider. In 2019, the company finally officially released its Mac client, which had been in beta testing for years.

There is a mobile poker interface too, but it's strictly limited (see below) and has not really been improved very much since its release.

Desktop Software

The Americas Cardroom download executable follows the tried-and-true formula refined over the years by the industry as a whole. Tabs at the top let you specify the format of poker you're interested in while the main display shows you the games. A powerful system of filters enables you to include or exclude whichever tables and tournaments you wish.

While seated at a table, you can customize the display with different card faces, background images, and the like. Textual and graphical hand history viewers are available at the click of a button.

The Winning Poker Network has pioneered a few luck-based elements in their poker software. They include the ability to go double or nothing on your wins and losses after leaving a table and a “Spin to Get In” slot-like feature that enables you to pay a small fee for a chance to match three symbols and gain a tournament ticket. Poker purists will probably denigrate such gambling, but these elements may appeal to the more impulsive and risk-taking portions of the room's user base.


Americas Cardroom allows you to select an avatar to represent yourself at the tables. Each avatar has five different emotions, and you can switch among them quickly by clicking on the avatar in your player nameplate. The poker room claims that the characters depicted in these avatars are purely fictional and not based upon any real-life individuals, but we think this might not be strictly accurate. Take a look below and see what you think.

Player Avatars at Americas Cardroom

Failed Software Upgrade

In May 2019, following a short public beta period, the Winning Poker Network retired its old poker software and introduced a much-publicized Version 2 client. To the dismay of players, this release was anything but smooth.

Among the issues that annoyed users were the closure of the sportsbook and casino for several weeks, disappearing balances, incomplete cashier histories, a failure to update the standings in The Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards, and the total loss of all player notes during the software switchover.

For months, players did not receive Combat Points, and the other elements of the Elite Benefits program, like exchanging points for cash, were inaccessible. Some customers chatted with live support to get their points converted to real money manually, but the rate at which this exchange was performed was often worse than the user was entitled to based upon his VIP level. Also for months, affiliates were unable to track the statistics of their players to see how business was going.

What's really unforgivable about this entire debacle was that there were almost no new features added to the site. Apart from Blitz Poker, which works only sporadically, there weren't any extra formats introduced, and a couple were indeed removed.

Allegedly, this new software framework will streamline the development process and make it easier to roll out updates faster in the future. We're just left wondering how far into the future we'll have to wait before this supposed investment actually pays off.

ACR Mobile Poker

Americas Cardroom has traditionally been a download-only software suite, but this changed in late 2017 with the deployment of a mobile app. You can log into it by clicking on a button on the ACR homepage while using a compatible device. This button will only appear if you're browsing from a tablet or phone rather than a regular PC. The original mobile poker solution supported solely Jackpot Poker games at just the lowest $2 buyin level. However, it has since been expanded to include Jackpot Poker contests of every available buyin. It's possible to play as many as four tables at a time on your mobile system.

Jackpot Poker on Phone$2 Jackpot Game on an Android Phone

With the debut of the version 2 software client in May 2019, we were led to expect that most, if not all, of the poker features and games would be ported over from the desktop app to mobile. This has not happened yet, so smart device users still have to put up with an inferior selection of formats.

Supplementary Gambling Options

Americas Cardroom Casino

If you click on the “Casino” tab of the poker client, the ACR casino webpage will open in a browser window. Here, you'll encounter several casino side games that may be entertaining as a break from poker. These titles were developed by Digital Gaming Solutions, a Costa Rican gaming software provider. There are only about 40 games, though, and this restricted palette is likely to leave any serious casino gamer unsatisfied. If you intend to devote much time at all to casino gambling, then we advise you to instead choose a site from our list of the best online casinos for U.S.A. residents.

Americas Cardroom Sportsbook

Choosing “Sports” from the poker software will cause the ACR sportsbook to appear in your default web browser. Here you'll see a reasonable roster of matches to bet on, like football, baseball, soccer, and other popular athletic sports. This is fine if you're looking to put some money down on a game or two every once in a while, but dedicated bettors may wish to go elsewhere. There's no rewards program or bonus at the ACR sportsbook, and the betting menu isn't as extensive as you might see at other bookies. In particular, there are very few prop bets available. For a more well-rounded sportsbetting experience, check out our recommended best online sportsbooks for U.S.A. citizens.

Customer Support

Every company talks about how great its customer service is, but they can't all be the best – that would be logically impossible. Therefore, we decided to test out the ACR support personnel and see how competent and helpful they are.

Account verification is a step that every user needs to complete if he or she wishes to receive winnings from the poker room, so this is the procedure we elected to try out. We first got in touch with Live Chat to get some basic info, like where to send our personal documents.

ProfRB's Convo With ACR Live Chat Live Chat Support Worker Richard Was Helpful and Direct

It took only a few minutes for us to receive an accurate, valid response to our query. We then sent our dox to the email address indicated and waited for the site to approve our account for cashouts. We were floored by the speed with which this was completed. Take a look at the timestamps below of the email we sent and the one we received. The turnaround time was less than four hours!

Account Verification Documents Sent to Americas Cardroom
Americas Cardroom Support Email Concerning Account Verification

Player Traffic Trends

We've looked over the cash game traffic history of the Winning Poker Network to attempt to glean some insight into what this operation did right in the past and what the future may hold. The figures we used come from poker site tracking resource GameIntel.

History of Long-Term Player Volume at the Winning Poker Network Average Player Liquidity at the Winning Poker Network and Its Predecessor, the Yatahay Network

Although the originator of the network, True Poker, opened for business in 2001, its player liquidity during its first few years was small, and also, there was a dearth of publicly available numbers on player counts from that era. This is why our chart above starts with the year 2007. For the entire time that the WPN's ancestor network, Yatahay, was active, it remained a niche option with a max of just a couple hundred players logged on during most times of day. No doubt this was a consequence of its independence from major gaming enterprises and its funky and resource-intensive 3-D software platform.

After the switch over in 2011 to the Winning Poker Network and a streamlined, modern poker client from IGSoft, we witnessed an immediate jump in player participation. This is also when the revamped Americas Cardroom joined the network, the old Dobrosoft ACR brand having been in abeyance after being forced out of the market in the wake of the UIGEA in 2006. The growth of the network continued through the subsequent years until the WPN became the second-largest online poker destination for Americans. At some points in 2017, it even briefly eclipsed front-runner PaiWangLuo Network in ring game player population.

Though it has stepped back slightly from its peak traffic figures, the Winning Network is still firmly in second place, ahead of the Chico Poker Network and smaller rivals. Actually, for tournaments, it's probably in first place although data on the number of tournament players is hard to come by. The WPN is the only U.S.A.-facing internet poker room that has the wherewithal to host seven-figure prize pools, which it does with its recurring Venom and Million Dollar Sunday events. Its Sunday Major, the Sunday Special, is also the biggest weekly guarantee ($150,000) open to U.S. residents.

What ACR Players Are Saying

We conclude that Americas Cardroom has its particular strengths as well as weaknesses, but we decided to do some research on the internet to find out what other players think. We've found that player reports on this poker room are largely positive although there are a few minor complaints from time to time. Check out the posts below for further info on how real customers feel about ACR.

Image for ACR FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading our in-depth review, you may still have unanswered questions. Or perhaps you wish to look for answers to your pressing queries first before devouring our content above. Whatever the case, we have addressed some of the most frequent concerns about Americas Cardroom below.

Absolutely. There are no Federal laws that make online poker illegal. Furthermore, only one US state has any language that specifically addresses online poker (Washington State). As such, it is perfectly legal to play on America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, or any other online poker site while residing in the United States.

No way. Although there is some uncertainty in the way online gambling is handled by U.S. courts, both at the federal and state levels, we believe that ACR is doing its best to comply with all relevant provisions of American law and international law especially as it relates to trade organizations that the United States is a member of.

Evidence of this comes in the form of certain legal filings that the company has made within the country, like the paperwork that it submitted to the authorities to protect its logo as a trademark. If Americas Cardroom were a disreputable or illegal operation, then it would hardly retain the services of a licensed American attorney or go to the trouble of making sure that its intellectual property was properly covered under U.S. law.

Yes, Americas Card Room rakeback at 27% does exist, and we offer it directly upon creating an account with us. To create such an account, simply click on the appropriate link in our signup instructions above.

Yes. The WPN caps rakeback at 27% and does not allow any higher rates. Professional Rakeback offers this maximum rakeback amount to all of our players. You may have heard of a 30 or 35% rakeback rate, but those deals are no longer available.

They were special deals that were present on other networks. When the WPN acquired those networks years ago, it allowed existing rakeback players to keep their deals. However, those deals are not available to new customers. 27% is the max allowed.

As of 2014, WPN rakeback is now available to be redeemed once per day, any and all days of the week, in full.

Log into the appropriate poker software, find “Rewards” in the top menu and click it. Then, click on “Rakeback” and redeem with the button on the bottom-right of the screen.

Unfortunately, there’s no phone support at ACR. At least, we couldn’t find any phone number listed on the site’s web pages. Furthermore, the old number that used to work now appears to be disconnected. Live Chat also seems to be absent at present.

If you would like to get in touch with a support representative, you can do so through a webform on the website or by sending an email to

They are reward points rewarded to players for playing poker. Our players familiar with the old Pokerstars VIP program will simply equate Combat Points to FPPs and understand completely.

Yes. The WPN random number generator is independently tested by iTech Labs. They concluded that the card sequences produced through the Random Number Generator are unpredictable and non-repeatable. Basically, that means the card distribution is correct, honest, and fair. If you want to see for yourself, you can review the actual certificate here.

There is a Mac version of the ACR poker software. However, some users have found that it doesn’t run as smoothly as the Windows executable.

You can try it out to see if it works well on your system. If not, you can always attempt to run the normal Windows poker client via emulation software, like Parallels.

Americas Cardroom has released a poker app for tablets and phones, but it only features Jackpot Poker and Blitz cash games at present. Thus, if you wish to join any other type of poker games, you'll have to play through the regular desktop software.

ACR recognizes that sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes a player's profile of play changes dramatically. If you signed up for either Elite Benefits or rakeback and now want to move over to the other, this is allowed.

Be warned, however, that you can only swap between Elite Benefits and rakeback once over the lifetime of your account. Make sure that this is really what you wish to do, and then contact live chat from the ACR website or send an email to support[at] explaining your request. They will make the necessary adjustments to your account.

The first step is to close the poker client and restart it. If that does not work, restart your computer and try again.

If that does not work, we suggest that you clear the cookies and cache in whatever web browser the America's Cardroom software typically opens when you click the cashier (normally this defaults to Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge).

If that fails to solve your problem, the next step is to uninstall and reinstall the game client. However, we do not recommend that you use Windows to uninstall and reinstall. Instead, we recommend that you use Revo Uninstaller. We have instructions on how to use this powerful and free uninstalling application as well as a host of other suggestions to fix your issues in our Poker Problems and Solutions Guide.

Since its relaunch on the Winning Poker Network in 2011, Americas Cardroom has established itself as a trusted and fair place to play. Nevertheless, there have been a few instances over the years when untoward events took place albeit without ACR often being directly at fault.

For the past few years, many online poker organizations have come under threat of DDoS attacks, and, for whatever reason, ACR has been one of the hardest-hit operators. When such incidents occur, games freeze, timeouts during hands become common, and some users can't even log in. Whether the WPN being a favored target of cyber-criminals reflects on the quality of its IT security, the fact that it's the most popular U.S.A. tournament site, or some kind of personal grudge between the network and the attackers is unknown. The site takes active measures to combat DDoS events although its efforts have met with only variable success.

In February 2017, high-rollers Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian were streaming on Twitch while taking turns playing from Perkins' “gastrader” account on Americas Cardroom. This is multi-accounting and a clear violation of the rules. The Winning Poker Network disabled Perkins' account and instructed Bilzerian that he had to open up his own account if he wished to play on the site.

In the first few months of 2018, there was growing concern about botting and collusion at the WPN. Many users blasted the network for seeming to do nothing about these problems. However, quite a few Americas Cardroom customers eventually received refunds. These real money credits came from cash that the site had confiscated from cheating accounts.

In May 2019, the Winning Poker Network rolled out its new poker software on all skins. Unfortunately, this product seems not to have been well-tested as users reported lots of bugs and inconsistencies.

Moreover, players’ bottom line results were affected because the weekly rake races were disabled for some time along with rakeback payments and Combat Point accrual. In some cases, customers were able to have their totals adjusted manually by support, but this was an annoying inconvenience.

Rather than fixing everything within a few days or even weeks, developers took many months, in fact almost a year, before the poker client returned to the level of stability and functionality that the old software possessed. Many observers were incredulous that such a problem-filled release could have been performed without red flags having been raised earlier in private internal testing.

Affiliates were impacted negatively too. You see, while conducting a major overhaul of its cardroom platform, the network also opted to, at the same time, rework the existing affiliate portal. The resulting chaos meant that affiliate stats and payouts were not updated for at least seven months.

Thus, that the poker sites’ affiliate partners were unable to track the number of customers who signed up, view their rake totals, or even receive and verify the amount of their hard-earned commissions. Even worse, they were unable to follow up adequately on customers’ inquiries regarding their RB payments and rewards because these stats were simply unavailable during this time period.

It was only in early 2020 that these issues were finally resolved. This was far too long for players and affiliates to essentially have served as unpaid beta testers.

Americas Cardroom is unable to accept US gamblers from the states of Delaware, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, or Washington State. However, players from Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are accepted. If you reside in a state that is not allowed by the WPN, please know that there are other US poker sites that accept poker players from these states and offer real money games.

ACR also cannot accept players from the countries of Australia,France,French Guiana,French Polynesia,Guadeloupe,Israel,Italy,Martinique,Mayotte,North Korea,Reunion,South Korea,Spain,Sweden,Turkey.


I used ur 10$ bonus code and managed to win the second tournament I entered. Won $176.32! I hope withdraws are legit or imma be pissed!

Thanks for your comment Upgrayedd's double dose. We love your name by the way as a shout out to Mike Judge's Idiocracy!

We want you to rest assured that America's Cardroom does pay its players. If you check out our monthly payout report and associated archives back to 2012, you will find that ACR has always ranked highly, sometimes at the top of the list, for payout speeds. As it stands now, ACR offers more payout methods than any existing card room on the Internet thanks to the dozens of crypto-currency withdrawal options they have.

Play well friend, "U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D will find a way to get his money!"

Still are Ukranian, Russian, and Belarussian scammers. When is ACR going to get it right? Just go search the 1/2 PLO tables or stakes close to there. The majority of players are from these areas that are known for cheating. Farality1 is killing the game and playing every table open whether it's heads up or full. No way this is possible. This screams Ukranian bot scammer. Not only that, this "person" is taking "The Beast" money from the legitimate players. I guess ACR just doesn't care because they're still making money. What a scam site!

Hi Alan and thanks for your comment. Although we do disagree with much of what you have said, we are happy to take the time to debate it.

Just because there are Eastern Europeans and Russians playing does not mean they are scammers. There are plenty of legitimate grinders from those countries who play poker online because it is a great way to make large amounts of money relative to the salaries they can earn in their respective countries. Sure, some of them do nefarious things, but as we discussed in an article we wrote about online poker bots, the fear of them is overblown and they come from countries you might be surprised by. Here is a quote from that article we wrote detailing some of our own proprietary research into the topic:

Not only do botters tend to congregate in certain countries, but they also cluster in specific cities. The top cities for poker botters, according to the records we have seen, are:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Kaharlyk, Ukraine
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Schwaz, Austria
  • Pascani, Romania
  • Medellin, Colombia

 Also we disagree with your assertion that "the majority of players (playing PLO) are from these areas that are known for cheating." We just spot checked some of the mid stakes PLO games and saw that most of the players were in fact American, Canadian, and Australian. There were players from the Eastern Bloc as well, but they were far from the majority.

Player "Farality1" we have no direct knowledge of. However, just because a player can play competently at heads up and 6max is not evidence of them being a bot. In fact, it is rather evidence to the contrary. Most bots are very specifically programmed to play one form of poker. Period. And most of them do a poor job of that and can be beaten by players with a modicum of skill. They are mainly there to grind rakeback playing a break-even form of poker where they beat the fish and lose to the regs (partially because the programmers of said bots can't beat the games and thus can not program their bots to do so either!).

ACR does care about bots. In fact, we recently wrote an article that detailed how America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker - all collectively part of the Winning Poker Network - issued refunds to players after busting a bot ring in the games. You can read about those refunds here. In fact, we would argue that ACR has a lot of incentive to bust bots, and to make a public spectacle of it when they do. It serves to bolster their reputation as being a fair site to play at, which in turn attracts more paying customers who feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that they play at a poker website that actively polices the games and keeps them, and their precious bankrolls, safe!

I'm aware. Just tell me how it's possible that this one player can play 24/7 8-12 tables? Have you seen the videos Joey Ingram made? About the players from Belarus, Ukraine, etc?

A player can not play 24/7 over that many tables. Even amped up on "wakefulness aids" staying up for 7 days straight and playing poker is essentially, impossible. However, we do not think that is the case and that you are perhaps, exaggerating just a tad bit? For example, this is what The Beast leaderboard looks like right now, just before midnight on June 27th, 2018:

The Beast leader board circa June 27th 2018.


If you take note, the player you describe, Farality1, is in 6th place. He is nearly 12,000 points behind the current leader, FundMyFarm. If what you claim were true, specifically that:

this one player can play 24/7 8-12 tables?

then Farality1 would be crushing this leaderboard and none of the other players would have a chance. Now, we realize you may argue that the other players are bots as well. To that we just have to say, it is unlikely.

You see, we have a staff member at PRB who has, in the past, won "The Last Man Standing" competition on Carbon Poker / Merge Gaming Network two years in a row. They too were accused of being a bot. MamaCoolJ, aka Owen Gaines, dominated The Beast for nearly 2 years and he was constantly accused of being a bot. Even a player we sponsored, TheGreenSmoothie, won something like 23 weeks out of 52 weeks one year and he was definitely accused of being a bot. 

The truth is that none of these players were bots. They were just hard working guys who know how to grind long hours. It takes dedication. It takes will power. It takes planned meals, pee bottles, poly-phasic sleep schedules, and all sorts of other +EV meta-game tricks.

But it damned sure can be done!

With regard to Joey Ingram's videos, yes, we saw them. We also discussed them in one of the links in our prior responses to you. Yes, there is truth to bots existing at ACR, and at every online poker site for that matter. However, Joey's videos were laced with hyperbole. After all, he has a podcast to sell and an axe to grind with WPN.

We stand by our prior claim, namely that botting exists, but it is not a huge problem in the online poker world as some people would have you beleive.

I would also like to say that I appreciate you're response. I do understand that you have some incentive to back the site; however, i would also like to say that I have been beating the game. But the whole bot/cheating allegations that I have just become aware of have me very leery to say the least.

No worries Alan, we are happy to discuss the matter and we certainly appreciate your comments. Even if we do not agree with you. It is through discussion that we both expand our perspectives. And Hell, customers tell us things all the time that we are unaware of. After all, we can not know and see everything that goes on. It is a huge industry!

We understand your fear about bots. It is not entirely unfounded. Like we said, they do exist. It is a constant game of cat and mouse between online poker sites and bot creators to detect and circumvent detection. But to quit the game online because of a small (very small) cadre of bots existing at America's Cardroom or any other poker site is an overly dramatic response. 

We wish you good luck at the tables and hope that you continue to win.

Also, please stay leery. Like any "game" involving money, poker is full of cheaters. It is always to be on guard because everyone wants a piece of your bankroll added to their own!

This site sucks. I've played there for two weeks now. This site is full of bots!

Hello elijahgonzales, May we ask what evidence you have to support your conclusion? If you have evidence, we encourage you to use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on our website to get in touch. If you show us credible evidence of your accusation, we will investigate and publish it.


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