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Exposed: Global Poker - DONT Play Real Money w/o Reading This!

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✓ USA acceptedUSA Tiny Flag
✓ $2 free no deposit bonus via snail mail

Global Poker Beats

x Kicked out of PayPal
x Confusing business model
x Extremely high cash game rake
x Possibility of future legal trouble
x Frequent rigged RNG complaints
x No HUD or tracking compatibility
x Software is quite basic with few frills

In February 2017, a new poker room hit the U.S. online scene. Global Poker is a division of VGW Holdings, which also runs Chumba Casino. Global used to allow you to deposit via PayPal and withdraw your winnings back to your PayPal account:  very convenient for users. However, this functionality has now been disabled! Although we don't know for sure, we speculate that PayPal has deemed Global's services to be a disallowed form of gambling. This is just one instance of Global not being all that it was billed as being.

We have prepared this review so that, if you should elect to play at Global, you'll be going in with your eyes fully open and won't be blindsided by anything unexpected. We do recommend that poker players stay away, however, especially newcomers to the game. You can find a list of reputable internet poker rooms that accept Americans and allow real money play in our U.S.A. online poker guide.


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Global Poker Business Model

Most online poker operations have certain similarities in the way they're set up. Users deposit money, play with it at the tables, and then cash out any winnings they're fortunate enough to collect. We feel that this way of doing things goes without saying, and so we don't mention much about it in most of our poker site reviews: It's just a given. Not so in the case of Global Poker.

You see, PayPal does not allow U.S. residents to use its services for internet gambling, so Global has come up with workarounds that it contends makes its games fall outside the category of gambling. You can deposit real money and cash it out like normal at Global, but what happens in between is unique to this poker room.

Unlawful internet gambling notice
Restricted transactions as defined in Federal Reserve Regulation GG are prohibited from being processed through your PayPal account or your relationship with PayPal.  Restricted transactions generally include, but are not limited to, transactions in which credit, electronic fund transfers, checks, or drafts are knowingly accepted by gambling businesses in connection with unlawful Internet gambling [1]

When you fund your Global account, you are really buying practice chips, called “Gold Coins.” These are just like the chips found at Zynga Poker or the play money section of PokerStars. There are play money games running around the clock at Global, both cash games and tournaments, and leaderboards even reward those who display the most acumen in these not-for-real tables.

Additionally, you also get “$weeps Cash” when you buy Gold Coins. There are separate games that demand $weeps Cash buyins, and they're shown in different lobbies than the Gold Coin tables. You can cash out $weeps Cash at a 1:1 exchange rate for U.S. dollars. It's also possible to complete a process of mailing in forms to get a small sum of $weeps Cash for free each month. Global contends that this arrangement makes its poker games a type of sweepstakes, not gambling.

Global states that its lawyers have carefully constructed these plans to ensure that they're in compliance with all relevant statutes. The firm asserts that PayPal has looked over its operations and approves of them. We don't know, however, how closely PayPal has examined what's going on. It may be that PayPal personnel just took a cursory glance at Global before giving it a tentative nod. Perhaps when they found out what's really taking place, i.e., barely disguised real money gaming, PayPal had a change of heart, possibly the true explanation for Global ceasing to feature PayPal anymore as a payment processor.

What happens when a Federal judge applies the 80/20 rule?

How "barely disguised" is this real money poker? Some further insight was to be found when Jonas Odman, General Manager of Global Poker, gave a talk on February 9th, 2018 at an industry conference in London, England. When asked what percentage of the site's volume was Gold Coins versus $weeps Cash, he visibly stuttered and then stated "roughly have 20 percent of our tables, Gold Coin play, and 80 percent $weeps play."

Yes, you read that correctly. Only 20% of Global Poker's volume is their proposed purpose, and the remaining 80% of their action is essentially real money gambling hiding in plain sight! You can listen to the relevant segment of Jonas' presentation below:

It's important to note that whenever PayPal detects that something is amiss, it typically cracks down not just on the offenders themselves but also individuals who have engaged in transactions with those parties in the past. If it was really PayPal who severed the business relationship rather than Global, any deposits and withdrawals you made at the poker site could conceivably be caught up in the dispute too. Your money might be frozen for a long time or even removed from your PayPal account entirely though this hasn't happened to anyone yet.

Another element to consider is that the money you deposit is used to purchase Gold Chips. The $weeps Cash is just an added bonus granted to you when you buy Gold Chips; it's not considered something of value in its own right. This means that in the event that Global Poker gets shut down, you won't be entitled to a refund of your $weeps balance. It also means that Global's parent company, VGW Holdings, is under no obligation to keep player funds segregated or to maintain enough cash reserves to pay them out.

Speaking of getting shut down, what happens when this goes to court? When a judge sees this complicated legal trickery and decides to apply the good old 80/20 rule, what do you think is going to happen?

Global Poker Signup Offers

Global doesn't exactly provide a wealth of benefits to new customers. With every registration, the user gets $2 in $weeps and 10,000 Gold Coins. This at least gives newcomers the chance to check out the poker action in both currencies on the house albeit for very small stakes. There's no deposit bonus of any kind.

Global Poker Software and Games

The software used at Global Poker was developed by Cubeia, a Swedish enterprise that focuses on building applications for the online gambling industry. This platform was designed to be fully mobile-compatible, and it uses only HTML5 and JavaScript, so there's no bulky download to install.

This means that it works on virtually every computing device, but there are certain shortcomings. Waiting lists are absent, so if you want to sit at a full table, you'll have to open it up and hope that another player departs soon. There are only a handful of lobby settings, like four color deck and mute sound, as opposed to the dozens of configurable options at mainstream online poker sites. It's not possible to download hand history files. Instead, you can view a listing of the hands you've played within your browser and then select them one at a time to replay. Needless to say, HUD trackers don't work at all on Global Poker.

Global Poker Cash Games

The $weeps ring games run from the equivalent of $0.02/$0.04 up through $5/$10 in NL Texas Hold'em. There are six-max and nine-player tables, but heads-up games are absent. PL Omaha is available at the same blind levels although the action is a bit less bustling than it is in NLHE. Limit Hold'em was added to Global in August 2017, but there's hardly ever anyone playing it. Crazy Pineapple is present too. Originally spread only for Gold Chip play money games, Crazy Pineapple was added to the $weeps Cash section in November 2018 at stakes from $0.02/$0.04 to $1/$2 in No Limit form.

Cash Game Table at Global Poker$0.50/$1.00 No Limit Texas Hold'em Ring Game at Global Poker

Below, we have prepared a video showing the cash games at Global both for $weeps and Gold Coins. Check it out if you want to know more about the Global Poker tables:

Global Poker $weeps Cash and Gold Coin Ring Games Video

Global Poker Ring Game Rake

The rake in Global Poker ring games is 5% across the board. The maximum possible rake taken varies from $1 to $5.50 depending on the format of the game, the stakes, and the number of players in the hand. Taking 5% for the house is pretty standard across the internet poker industry although there are a few rooms that rake less. The $5.50 cap at the highest stakes is, however, a bit more than at most competing sites, which cap the rake at $3 or $4.

Especially worrisome are the rake amounts for heads-up, three-handed, and four-max play. It's typical for a card room, whether brick-and-mortar or online, to give users a significant discount on the rake charged when playing shorthanded. This is done because the edges are smaller, the action is faster, and much more rake is charged per player, per hand, and per hour. However in Global Poker's case, these rake caps tend to be only slightly lower when the tables are short than when they're full.

Versus their competition, GP gets two thumbs down in this category. You can learn more about online poker rake and the lowest-raking sites in our comprehensive comparison of the rake charged by leading internet poker organizations.

Rake Charts for Global Poker
Rake Charts for Global Poker Big-Bet and Fixed-Limit Cash Games

Global Poker Sit & Gos

Global's $weeps SNG lobby starts at the low $0.50 + $0.05 level and climbs up to $200 + $18. Most games are NLHE, but a few PLO possibilities exist as well There are regular-speed, turbo, and hyper-turbo contests, but unfortunately, both regular and turbo games charge a full 10% fee. Hyper turbo players do get a small rake break down to 7%, but this is still higher than at competing sites. For a rundown of sites for sit-and-goes that don't charge such exorbitant fees, look at our list of best SNG sites for Americans.

Jackpot Sit'N'Go

In February 2019, Global introduced “lottery-style” sit-and-goes to its lobby. Called “Jackpot Sit'N'Go,” these hyper turbo contests seat three and use a random multiplier to determine the size of the prize pool.

The buyins for these Jackpot games are $2, $6, $12, $20, $50, and $100. Multiplier values range from 2x up to 2,000x.

All Jackpot Sit'N'Gos are winner-takes-all apart from when the highest multiplier is hit. When this happens, all three participants win something with a 75%/15%/10% breakdown of the cash.

Global Poker Tournaments

The daily tourney roster at Global has events priced from $2.20 through $55. There are guarantees on many of these MTTs, but they're pretty small. For instance, the $50 + $5 daily tournament guarantees only $5,000, which corresponds to a field of just 100 entrants. On the weekends, the MTT lineup grows and distributes greater amounts of money.

However, some of the most interesting events on the schedule aren't open to all – hopeful participants must complete challenges (see below) to gain the opportunity to join these tournaments. The Weekly $5,000 Bonanza is one such event. Before being able to pay their $0.11 and enter, players must see 500 flops in Gold Coin or $weeps cash games previously during the week.

MTT Lobby at Global Poker
The Tournament Lobby at Global Poker

From time to time, Global Poker also runs tournament series with larger guarantees than the normal, everyday schedule. Here is a list of the last few MTT series at Global Poker:

    • GOAT: 156 events from July 28, 2019 to Aug. 25, 2019 - $1+ million guaranteed
    • Rattlesnake Open II: 158 events from May 6 - 26, 2019 - $1+ million guaranteed
    • Grizzly Games II: 158 events from Feb.3 - 24, 2019 - $850K+ guaranteed
    • Eagle Cup II: 135 events from Oct. 1 - 21, 2018 - $750K+ guaranteed

Some of these tourney series feature additional prizes, like trophies for the winners and leaderboard giveaways. In some cases, there's a Tournament of Champions that hands out extra cash and is only open to those who placed highly in series tournaments.

Global Poker Promotions

The majority of the promos at Global Poker come through the challenges system. By completing certain tasks, players can earn rewards. Most of these perks are entry into tournaments whether freerolls or contests that require that a further buyin be paid. The challenges typically reset every day or week, so you have to keep playing to re-earn the same rewards each time you wish to partake in them.

From time to time there are special deals awarding free $weeps, social media promotions, and freeroll tickets. These promos are short-lived, however, and during most of the year, you'll find only scant opportunities for complimentary rewards at Global Poker.

Global Poker Cashier

Gold Coins Available for Purchase in the Global Cashier

At first, all transactions, deposits and withdrawals, were handled exclusively through PayPal at Global Poker. Besides the reasons we enumerated before as to why PayPal might not have been the best processor to use, there was also the further demerit of trusting in a single third party for payouts. Even without considering the more worrisome aspects of Global's sweepstakes vision, relying upon one and only one partner for cashouts is courting trouble. Payment firms come and go all the time, and even those that endure often change their rules and restrictions from time to time.

It turns out that our fears were warranted as Global ended support for PayPal at the end of June 2018. It's not exactly clear what went on behind the scenes to cause such a step to be taken, but we highly suspect that it was PayPal that booted Global and not the other way around.

We've long felt that the addition of multiple payout channels, perhaps including Bitcoin, would help to insulate Global Poker and its customers from any falling out with PayPal. This would have prevented users from being at the mercy of PayPal's decisions regarding their money. We covered the case of Stefan Christopher, a high-stakes pro that has had his money tied up for more than six months because of PayPal's actions.

Sadly, Global doesn't seem to have learned from its experiences. For about nine months, it conducted all money transactions through Worldpay. Again, it was relying upon a single avenue for payments and putting all its eggs in one basket. With the March 2019 decision to add Skrill as a deposit method, this situation may have been alleviated somewhat, but we'll have to wait and see how things shake out.

The Worldpay Connection

Global Poker swapped over to using Worldpay for its transactions near the end of June 2018. Worldpay is an experienced payments firm that does more than $700 billion in transaction value annually. After it announced the news via email, “GlobalPoker_Joey” said on Twoplustwo:

However, it turned out that the changes at Global were not just confined to expanding the payment options available to users. The initial batch of customers who gained access to Worldpay-based credit card deposits and bank transfer withdrawals were banned from PayPal transactions! Even worse, Global decided for each user which cashier method that person would be able to employ! Individual players had no input in this decision. Check out this email that was sent to the “lucky” users who were selected for Worldpay deposits and cashouts:

Email From Global Poker About WorldpayThe Email Global Poker Sent to Certain Customers
Notice the Troubling Text Highlighted in Red

Some affected users contacted support and asked to be returned to PayPal, but no dice: They were informed that they had been permanently flagged to use Worldpay. This is a problem for people who don't want to receive their withdrawals back to a bank account either because they lack such an account of because they don't wish to commingle the other funds in their account with online poker money.

Another issue is that these bank transfers take between three and five business days to be completed whereas Global used to offer same-day or next-day payments through PayPal. Before making a cashout through bank transfer, players must submit a bank statement showing their banking details, which introduces further delays into the process.

Instead of increasing the number of payment channels from one to two, Global merely switched some users, without their consent, from one to another. Whatever the reasons for this adjustment, the way the company went about it was deceptive and shows a lack of concern for customers.

In any event, Global soon moved all customers over to the Worldpay system and discontinued support for PayPal entirely. Account holders were informed of the change June 26 – with the effective date of June 30 just four days away!

Needless to say, there was a lot of outrage at this decision. Because all Worldpay withdrawals occur through bank transfers, anyone who wants to keep his or her bank accounts separate from online poker activities must find another place to play besides Global. The short notice Global gave of this move has probably led to a few players not making their final PayPal cashout in time and having to either use a form of payout that they would rather have avoided or else forfeit their account balances.

We have a copy of the email Global composed announcing the change, and you can take a look at it below:

Global Poker Email About Moving All Customers Over to WorldpayEmail Sent by Global Poker Explaining the Forced Migration to Worldpay

Skrill Added

On or around March 18, 2019, Global Poker added Skrill as a payment option for its customers. Skrill is an e-wallet, kind of like PayPal, that lets users move their money around the internet and spend it with participating merchants. Players now see Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) along with credit card as valid deposit instruments in the Global cashier:

Global Poker CashierSkrill Is Now Listed in the Global Poker Cashier

At around the same time, mainstream news outlets started reporting that Global Poker's existing payment processor, Worldpay, was being acquired by Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) in an extraordinary deal valued at $35 billion.

Almost immediately, speculation started that the new owners of Worldpay don't want to have anything to do with Global, and this is the reason for Skrill now being accepted. Site rep Kimber was quick to deny that anything like this was taking place:

There's another problem with this Skrill news. While this firm is one of the leading gambling transaction portals around the world, it strictly prohibits its services from being used by United States customers for such purposes. Here's the relevant section of its U.S. Terms of Use page:

Excerpt from the Skill Terms of Use

“Unlawful Internet Gambling, Sweepstakes” is the very first item listed as prohibited! Global is probably relying on its argument that its $weeps games are not real money poker but rather a form of sweepstakes to get around this clause.

The fact that “Sweepstakes” is specifically mentioned as a disallowed activity doesn't look good for Global's future with Skrill. We wouldn't be surprised if Skrill eventually opts to bar Global and its customers from transacting through its products in a reprise of the PayPal debacle.

Global Poker says that it is investigating other payment channels also. We hope that the company eventually provides a well-rounded menu of cashier options, but it seems that so far, every processor Global decides to partner with has come with significant drawbacks.

Gold Coins, $weeps, and Other Cashier Details

As we mentioned before, $weeps is basically the equivalent of U.S. dollars while Gold Coins represent play money. Global's cashier interface offers several packages of Gold Coins that one can buy at tiers from $10 to $5,000. For example, for $10, you'll get 50,000 Gold Coins. With your purchase, you'll also receive an amount of $weeps equal to the sum you pay.

However, there is one exception to this; the $750 level is a Gold Coin-only package. Whoever selects this option will receive 3,750,000 Gold Coins and 0 $weeps. The inclusion of a non-$weeps Cash selection is likely an attempt to satisfy whoever is watching that the play money games are a viable product even without any $weeps being involved.

We feel sorry for whoever inadvertently clicks on the $750 package without carefully reading the description of it and gets only play chips. If management truly felt that it was important to allow people to purchase Gold Coins only, then they could have priced such an option more reasonably, say, at $20 or $50.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, and there is no stated maximum, but we have heard from credible sources that payouts of $50,000 at a time are not unknown.

Identity Verification

Before a cashout will be sent to them, players must enter in their personal info and submit corroborating documents. At most internet poker sites, this is a mere formality, but at Global, it can lead to trouble. Many people have had to send in their paperwork multiple times, often without Global Poker even acknowledging receipt of it. On the upside, once all this identity verification is finally completed, users report getting paid within a few days although it takes a longer time now than it did with PayPal.

There's something even worse about submitting documents to Global Poker: The company has inadvertently revealed ID, proof of address, and banking information to outside parties. The reason for this is that the firm failed to tick a box in its ZenDesk software that would have required customers to be logged in before viewing their own documents. As a result, anyone possessing the URL pointing to the files could access them.

This security hole was finally plugged in June 2018 after being brought to the attention of Global Poker management on the Twoplustwo forums. You can read more about this topic in our article on the Global Poker document security failure.

ROTW Players Beware

There's something else that's extremely relevant to the topic of Global Poker cashouts, and this is that only people in the United States and Canada can request them. Actually, there is even some debate on this because Jonas Odman, the room's general manager, has stated publicly (in the video posted above at the 16:07 mark) that $weeps tables are only available to players in the United States. However, other comments from Global staff indicate that Canadians are welcome to play for $weeps and cash out except for residents of Quebec.

Perhaps Jonas and his confederates don't think of Canada as a real country? Maybe, as a native of Norway Sweden, Jonas is confused about North American geography? For those of you in Canada, we highly recommend you read our guide to the best Canadian online poker sites and avoid the ambiguity about whether or not Global will actually pay you if you win or not.

Washington State was added to the list of jurisdictions in which Global Poker does not transact in June 2018. Players from the state were allowed to continue playing and redeeming their $weeps from the site until July 31, 2019. Management decided to exit Washington in the wake of a case involving Big Fish Casino, which is a play chips casino that was deemed to be violating the state's anti-gambling laws. Learn more about online poker in Washington state.

Those from countries outside North America can play at the site, and even make deposits, but they are currently unable to claim any of their winnings. This dubious policy can lead to unhappy situations, like one that was posted on Twoplustwo wherein someone from the United Kingdom deposited a four-figure sum only to find out later on that he could not ever withdraw any of his winnings nor receive a refund of his deposit.

Global would probably contend that it allows players from most of the world to purchase Gold Coins for the purpose of enjoying the play money games, but this is a deceptive line of reasoning, and there are probably quite a few people from outside North America who are fooled in this manner.

Global Poker Message Shown to UsersAt Least Global Started Showing Customers a Popup Alerting Them to the Geographic Restrictions on Cashouts

Here at Professional Rakeback we maintain a payout report that is updated monthly and covers a wide range of websites that offer poker, sports betting, and casino games. In this report we also cover Global Poker cashouts, so take a look for yourself if you are curious how we score them and various other gambling sites.

Global Poker Complaints

Many players at Global have raised concerns about the way this operation does business. Although for its initial few months, the room appeared to be doing things totally legitimately, its decisions since that time have left many disappointed.

The entire cashier and payouts situation has subjected many users to inconveniences and irritations. Identity verification often requires multiple submissions of documents, which are sometimes rejected for inexplicable reasons. PayPal users who appreciated the speed and ease-of-use of this processor are livid at the switch over to Worldpay transactions.

Apparently random account suspensions, player-unfriendly handling of technical glitches in MTT series, security holes with customers' personal documents, and declining player liquidity have users worried about the long-term future of Global. Occasional snafus are bound to pop up from time to time at any internet poker site, but the management of Global seems utterly clueless as to how best to address these issues, causing plenty of ire in the player community.

What Others Are Saying


Mixed reviews from players. There are complaints about everything from the RNG to, tough games, to a confusing lobby where people accidentally spend hours playing play money games instead of the real money games they intended to play. On the plus side, players in some regulated states appreciate having another place to play (if only for a while before the regulators notice what is going on).

Tough games abound at Global Poker's reg infested tables
Balance discrepancies exacerbated by lack of hand histories
Many accusations of colluding poker bots as well as illegal and unfair use of hand history converters and heads up displays on Global Poker.
Global Poker's FaceBook offer of a free $20 no deposit offer reneged.

Johnspence at 2+2 forums laments the lack of support options as well as missing money after a Global Poker server crash.
Reddit /r/poker user Jascarn comments on June 2nd 2018 about tough games full of multi-tabling regs.

Global Poker Customer Support

Users can contact support through email 24 hours a day. There's also an active Global Poker Facebook profile that responds to messages. Global sponsors its own forum at Twoplustwo, but it's not as good as it could be. Sometimes days or weeks go by before the forum reps address player concerns. There is no telephone number that players can call to speak directly with customer service personnel.


Global Poker aspires to provide fully legal online poker to the United States by adhering to a sweepstakes model, but many entities have endeavored to do so in the past, and their efforts have come to naught. Global may have violated PayPal rules, which is probably the reason it no longer transacts with this respected e-wallet organization. Customers have been greatly inconvenienced not only by this sudden switch in payment processors but also by having their personal information visible for the world to see.

There are  too many red flags with the Global Poker brand  for us to recommend it to any of our readers at this time. Instead, you may wish to try our top recommended site, Ignition Poker.

Global Poker FAQ

If you still have any questions about Global Poker and the way it's set up, then look below in our FAQ because we've collected a wealth of information on this topic. Click on each question to view the answer.

+   Who Owns Global Poker?

+   When was Global Poker started?

+   Can I use tracking and heads-up display software at Global?

+   How can I reach customer service?

+   What is the Global Poker sign-up bonus?

+   How long does it take to cash out?

+   Is there a Global Poker affiliate program?

+   How do I get free $weeps Cash?

+   Why does Global Poker use this weird hybrid Gold Coins and $weeps system?

We are going to leave the comments section open for a while in case any of you wish to chime in and share your own personal experiences. If you happen to be a Global Poker employee, affiliate, or owner, we would be especially keen to hear from you either publicly in the comments, or privately (just contact us).


a lot of rig games

I did not see your site until I deposited $50 to my global poker account. I tried to contact them and I included a pic from my chase account showing the the deposited went through. This has been 4 months now and no refund or a y response from thier support. I sent them 5 emails and not one response.why can't I get my money back? Why are they allowed to get away with this?

Hello Tina A Blair,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us about Global Poker. We wish you would have seen our review first and saved yourself the trouble as well. This is precisely one of the reasons we do not recommend GlobalPoker to our customers!

You may not be able to help yourself, but you can certainly help others avoid your fate. All you need to do is spread this review on forums, word of mouth, and social media. The more people that are made aware of it, the more you can save the disappointment of dealing with

This sites algorithms are complete and utter nonsense. Almost all hands are won on the river, many times runner runner. I bought in but will never play it again.

I have played over 1200 tourneys and sngs and very seldom is there a flush with only 3 of that suit.Almost always four to flush and ace rag will win. Stay away. Check my sharkscope to see what happens to a good player who does not advertise for them. The ones that stream all winners who mostly play trash and hope. Good luck if you play there

Hello Jabo14,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to share your experience at Global Poker. We thought we would go ahead and post a link to your SharkScope profile so that others can see for themselves what your financial experience has been when playing on For those of you who do not want to leave PRB (and who could blame you for that!) here is a screenshot of Jabo14's SNG and MTT results as of May 30th 2018:

The sick swings of Jabo14, a customer at

By the looks in sharkscope you have multiple accounts on each network, is that even allowed? And it looks like you simply really are bad at poker, you are up $7usd on one of 9 accounts between 3 networks? Help me understand this.

And i just yesterday sent all my documents in to verify and within a few hours i was informed all my docs were accepted and good no issues there.

None of the sites allow multi-accounting. However, some poker networks have multiple skins available and do allow players to have one account on each skin. Thus, what you are seeing on SharkScope is not necessarily against the ToS.

I agree completely set up have lost to so many hands on river that shouldn’t even be in the hand push all in with pocket kk and get called by 3/8 offsuit and lose to runner runner straight


Three-eight offsuit still beats kings 12.1% of the time all in pre. The loss being due to runner-runner turn and river cards means absolutely nothing. Those are factored into the 12.1% of the time that 83o beats KK.

Ultimately the fact that weak hands lose to strong hands is not evidence of "set ups" or rigged games. Now, if you had large samples of thousands of hands of this type of match up where KK lost 50% of the time, then you would have evidence of something afoul. But that simply isn't the case.

So again, while we dislike this site, we do not think they rig the RNG against players.

I lost 20 plus hands in a row on the river... But there was one time when I got 8 four of a kinds in less then 2 hours and beating a full house each time.. The luck was on my side but I still know something was wrong.. GP SUCKS>>>

I have been on Global since inception. The last few months have been "river-murder". Never seen anything like it before. The river beats on jackpot poker are especially horrendus. It's fairly common to get river knockouts four or five tourneys in a row. It's almost like they have a program set up to keep all players even overall while collecting rake and buyins. Originally, I thought it was a pretty fair site, but not any more. Something isn't right about it.

There is no doubt in my mind that they have employees play on the tables. It's obvious that they can see your hand and know when to fold, they know when their card is going to hit the river. These hands are pre-planned. You may get AA but the employee knows that his or her 2 3 suit are going to hit the flush on the river.

i 100% agree and have seen this constantly... stay away from this site

I agree with you 10000% and I asked their customer support if this was going on.. But of course no answer.. But yes.. When you go all in with AA for 20k and the other person goes all in and only has 15k and they have 8 hearts 3 clubs.. And on the flop is 338 something wrong with that picture and this happened more then once.. I KNOW THEY ARE CHEATING PEOPLE out of their money..

Hello Promise,

It is very common for new poker rooms to employ people to play at their tables. This applies to online poker rooms as well as brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos.

These players are called "proposition players" or "props" for short.

They are often paid a small hourly wage to play. However, they are often restricted in what tables they play on and with whom they play.

For example, they often have to sit alone at empty tables to start games (this is their main purpose) and they have to play ANYONE who sits down against them be it an unknown tourist or a known professional. In many cases, these players have to leave the table if 80% of the seats fill up and move to a new empty table to start another game.

Props other job is to "prop up" a game that is breaking. So say for example a 6 max table had 6 players, but suddenly many leave and it is down to 2 players. The prop would hop on that table to make it 3 handed in an attempt to keep the game active and producing rake for the house.

Props play with their own bankrolls! They do not play on house money. The house has no financial incentive to make them win or lose as the house does not share in a prop player's wins or losses.

Sites do not rig the games for prop players.

Even huge sites like PokerStars used prop players in the early days until they had enough inherent liquidity to succeed. Many Las Vegas casinos and California card rooms still use props to this day!

Just because a site has prop players, sometimes known as "house players" or "shills", at the tables, does not mean the game is crooked.

Half the staff here at Professional Rakeback has been a prop player at some point in their poker career. We can assure you, the many different card rooms and online poker sites we played at did NOT rig the games in our favor haha!

Hope that helps you understand what may or may not be going on at Global Poker. We have no evidence that they use props in their games. If anyone has such evidence however, we would love to talk to you about it and possibly add this information to our Global Poker Review (the most extensive one online by far we might add!).

the rattlesnake 100k tournament is today but guess what? the whole site is offline and now i cant use my tournament ticket! how convenient that they shut offline the games right at the moment this tournament supposed to start. they afraid they do not make the guarantee so they close down games. bullshit liars and scammers!

Several times I have been deep into a high paying tourney, and out of nowhere GP decides to cancel it, or "system error", etc. and never any real reasons as to why, and the worst part is they never refund the damn money you paid to get into it. TOTAL POS site, stay away

How is a system crash FRAUD? you are refunded for the cost of it and even given cash bonuses as an apology. MORON!

Started at Global Jan of 18 and ran my first $100 deposit up to almost 5k. I tried to cash out 1k and Global said my documents were not clear(5 times).Pay Pal accepted the same ones Global would not. After this i went on tilt and lost the !k and now i am down almost 3k. anyway if they will let you cash your shit out and move on to Ignition.


We find it very odd that PayPal, a globally recognized power house in the payment processing world who deals with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with over 100 international government regulators would accept your submitted documents. Yet Global Poker, who relies on them as their only payment processor, would reject the very same documents. And nearly half a dozen times at that!

Why do you respond with attitude and rudeness to people?

And you posted someone s SharkScope graph? LOL. No chance in hell I spend money here and now I'm telling everyone I know not to

Hello Anonymous User,

We are not quite sure which of our responses you found to be rude or touting attitude but we can assure you that was not our intent.

With regard to the posting of Jabo14's SharkScope graph, we do not think he would mind. He posted about his good fortune. He also posted about his terrible run of cards afterwards. He also signed his post as "Jabo14(real global poker player)".

Only because he posted his username as such did we act. We took the time to look him up, verify his story, and post his graph for players to see that he was telling the truth about his experience at GP.

If you think this was rude or showing attitude to the degree that you you will never give Professional Rakeback your business, that is of course your right. But we think you have misinterpreted our response as something that it is not. Furthermore, you can not "spend money here" as Professional Rakeback is an information portal and in no way, shape, or form accepts money from its readers.

In conclusion, we would like to apologize to you if we offended you. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page on this website and send us your mailing address. We will send you a gift in order to make amends...

Please accept this token of our appreciation for your words of wisdom.

OMG please please i want that sooooooo F-ing bad!!!! i would sport that at my next cash game!!!!

If you are serious, we will buy you one. There will of course be certain conditions.

1) You would need to be an active customer.
2) You would need to send us pictures of you sporting this thing at your home game.
3) You would need to wear a Professional Rakeback patch (or maybe a headband, that might be better suited to this particular outfit) while doing so.
4) Some other minor details.

We would be happy to discuss those with you via chat or email.

Seriously. :)

I love whom ever posted this, NOT lust, simply love.

This advice is 100% true and accurate. I have experienced Global's hesitance to pay out into my PayPal account after accepting Pay Pal transfers into their site without any problems whatsoever. Now they have changed their payment mode in mid-stream and refuse to credit back my PaPal deposits and they do not even acknowledge my several inquires about this matter to their customer service department. They also have again requested my identification documents despite my having sent the documents to them in the past. My total loss amounts to only $87.00, but I assume they have scammed many hundreds of others out of money in a similar manner.

You are correct Ron. Global has forced hundreds of players to provide new banking information and re-verify their accounts.

This is due to their swapping to a different payment processor. They are forcing random players to "beta test" this new service. They have not asked players and will not restore PayPal according to their forum representative on 2+2, Joey.

We have also just updated our review to reflect this new information. Thank you for your commentary, we appreciate our customers interacting with us!

Yesterday i had sent all info they asked for and by the end of the day I had been made aware all was received and all looks good, first cashout at global, so far all has gone smooth a few days will tell if cashout gets processed as smooth, will report back.

Cashouts make no sense!

None of this cashout process makes any sense whatsoever. I feel as though I am just getting the run around. Details:
1. See Global Poker advertised as quick payouts through PayPal on Poker News so deposit $50 on July 9. Global Poker no longer accepts PayPal for withdrawals.
2. There are no options to cash out in the poker client or when signed in on the Global Poker website.
3. Send in my verification documents per the Global Poker website FAQ.
4. Get a prompt response that utility bills are no longer accepted. So I send in my bank statement. I receive an email that my documents are approved.
5. I respond that the cashout process is confusing since it cannot be found in the poker client or on their website.
6. Get a quick response saying that they understand the confusion and provide me a link to click on. Also, in the email they recommend depositing and cashing out with a Visa or Mastercard (which makes no sense for cashing out because I had to give them by bank account to be verified).
7. So, I click on the link in the email and it takes me to Chumba Casino which I have never made an account for. I try my Global Poker credentials and it doesn't work.
8. I send them an email saying this makes no sense and am waiting on a response. Will update. This whole thing just feels like a run around. I regret depositing on Global Poker.

Thanks for the information Dovah. We are trying to figure out what in the world Global is up to as well. This whole swap over to WorldPay, first as "beta testing a new method" and then as a-forced-method-that-everyone-has-to-use-because-PayPal-no-longer-works-with-our-company has been a nightmare for players!

We would love to hear your update on how this works out for you. Even if they do eventually pay, which we think they will, it is a giant pain in the ass and does not bode well for a company who wants to have a good reputation with players, affiliates, and the poker community in general.

I had no problem cashing out I started the whole process for first time on Monday, the info they ask for is common items lucky I just bought a new printer scanner so had easy access to scan my docs. same day I submitted I had a confirmation my info was good, next day funds were released and two days later fund are now in my bank account. smooth and the CS reps were very speedy if you ask me.Thanks Global poker.

Thanks ssmuskie for sharing your experience with Global Poker. We sincerely wish that GP provided the same experience to all players. However, the evidence appears otherwise.

There is of course hope that what you experienced becomes the new normal!

I play poker pretty well, I think I gave this site a shot and I went up fast turning $4 into over $50 in like 30 minutes. Then I sat there for an hour and nothing but 7' and 2's . I swear to god. And every time I would have a flush so would two other people, that is insane. Their algorithm is set up to rob people. STAY AWAY, PEOPLE!!!! And I agree they are using their employees to rib everyone.

Not sure if this is the global poker company but this person claims they made fake winnners.

Thank you for providing us with this link to We had not come across this particular piece of information until you linked us to it.

To answer your question, yes, Chumba Casino is related to Global Poker. They are what is commonly called "sister sites". That is to say, Chumba is an online casino and Global is an online poker room and they are both owned and operated by the same parent company.

Both sites use the "sweepstakes loophole" to conduct business in the United States. Quite dubiously we believe. As our expert reviewers here at Professional Rakeback predicted from the start, Global Poker did lose the ability to use PayPal for player transactions in mid 2018. We documented it all in this review and other articles on GP.

It is no surprise to see this petition full of people claiming that there are fake accounts on Chumba Casino's Facebook page. There are also many complaints about fake accounts in gambling forums who claim similar things to their FB page, i.e. having won tons of money in the Chumba Casino.

Beyond the simple claims of fake accounts there are many more claims. Many people report they have issues cashing out funds that they have won in the casino. Lots and lots of people actually.

At the time of this writing over 150 people had signed this petition. We encourage our readers to check it out because these are the same people running Global Poker.


I've been playing poker all my life and I never lost as much as I have in global poker. Over 25k I got sucked like a sucker, my whole life savings gone. Either I am a terrible player or this site is totally a SCAM. Hearing other commenting on this issue confirms it to me that this is exactly the case. There should be something done about this, it's not right. Poker is supposed to be a skilled game not slots. I'm really upset and I think a lawsuit should take place in regards to this. There getting over on people and will keep doing so as long as nobody speaks up

Dear Anonymous,

Regardless of whether or not Global Poker has issues, you have a clear issue. I am referring to this statement:

"my whole life savings gone."

You have a gambling problem. The sooner you admit it and seek help the better. Please call 1-800-522-4700 immediately for help!

I’ve been playing online poker back since the original PokerStars and Party Poker days. I have been primarily playing on America’s Cardroom and Black Chip Poker in recent years. Love the site. I have Global Poker a shot because of the whole PayPal thing, and the supposed ease of cashing out. Cashing out has never been easy on a poker site, other than PokerStars, when I had cashiers processed in 2 hours sometimes.

Anyway, I have played millions and millions of online poker hands. Live casino as well, but let’s just stick to online poker. I have never in my life seen such classic signs of cheating and rigged software as I have seen on Global Poker. I’m not just saying that as sour grapes, because I suck. I only lost about a grand. But 100% without question, absolutely no doubt in my mind, there is extensive cheating and rigged software going on with Global. You start to see certain patterns developing over time.

I urge anyone reading this to STAY AWAY from Global Poker. Go play BetOnline or Black Chip/ACR. They’re two legit Cardroom. Played millions of hands on both.

We agree with you Jake. We think players should stick to other offshore sites and avoid Global Poker. In fact, we recommend BetOnline, America's Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker here on Professional Rakeback.

If you are indeed playing millions and millions of hands online, we sincerely hope you are one of our clients. If not, shoot us an email or Skype and lets talk!


I have been playing on Global site for about 4 months. Just now realized that the rebuy and addon fees are paid in cash by the player, but not added to the prize pool at all in rebuy tournaments on Global Poker.
Is this normal for a poker site to do this????? Just asking a question, and trying to get my ssss together.

this whole site is a rigged scam and the scam patterns daily are unreal... youll win a tad then lose on the river everytime .... they have alot of bots also

I've received all my cashouts via Paypal and then WorldPay. The software has worked fine. I'm glad they don't allow HUD use.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Global Poker Sammy. We welcome all reports, positive, negative, and everything in between.

the site is rigged. Impossible beats after bad beats by same nontalking players. Don't do it. Players calling with AK and no draw for suckouts all the time.

We are not big fans of Global Poker, as you can plainly see. However, we do not subscribe to the "rigged" theory. If people are floating you with AK, could they not simply be drawing to overcards? Six outs to higher pairs, might have the best hand already unimproved...?

People float AK a lot on a variety of flops!

The site has players that never lose. Even when they play a 9,7 allin.
Certain players are all-in all the time and never miss.

I have played at Global for over a year. Lately it is insane.

I'm ready to move on to another site. Please avoid Global.

Thanks for sharing your concerns about Global Poker with us Roger Dodger.

We have to disagree with you with respect to your assertion that the RNG is rigged and/or there are superusers who can not lose.

However, we totally agree with you with respect to your recommendation that players avoid GP and play on other offshore US-friendly poker sites instead!

I have been on Global Poker since August of 2018 and I have had some good and bad experiences. I deposited $250 to start with and in 1 week i was up to over 5K. I cashed out over $1500 on the world pay system and the cash out was smooth and in a timely manner.

Ever since then however I have been experiencing the really bad beats and the frequency of them is unreal. I ended up losing the rest of my winnings and actually deposited several more times but I will not any more. I am convinced there is some colluding or something happening on the site because as mentioned from others before me it seems as there are a handful of regs that NEVER lose and seem to be making TONS of cash. I dont think Phil Ivy is as good as a few of these guys.

That being said I regretfully am going to have to give Global Poker a thumbs down

there is definitely some crazy bad beats. I know they happen it's poker but some of the crazy runner runner cards are just insane and just far way to often. I haven't played real money and won't because of this. One hand was in a decent size play money tourney and had kk, flop came k, 9, something the guy I was playing against had like ace 9 I believe. I went all in he called, turn was a 9, and then river was a 9. I couldn't believe it. I actually have already flopped quad 5s twice I swear it was the same hand and guy ended up catching 10 on turn and 10 on river and had pocket 10s. I mean what are the odds of that happening twice and I've only been playing here for like 10 dats lol.


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