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Best US Online Poker Sites: Play w/Real Cash Legally in 2019

Example of play on a mobile device at a US poker site

Best Online Poker Sites

The following are the best online poker sites for US players based on traffic, ease of deposits, payout speeds, software compatibility, customer support, as well as a host of other factors. Keep in mind, these sites primarily offer real money games, but most have play money tables for you to test the software and see if you like the interface before depositing.

  1. Ignition Casino - Top overall pick due to providing the most cash games and the best mobile software.
  2. - Second place offers excellent Mac software and a superb mobile client as well.
  3. Bovada - Same poker games as Ignition but with a sportsbook and racebook attached.
  4. Intertops - 36% rakeback paid daily and frequent freerolls is their claim to fame.
  5. America's Cardroom - Offers seven figure guaranteed tournaments most Sundays.
  6. Grand Poker - Compatible with all devices and high player rewards.
  7. SWC Poker - The only site offering mixed games, Badugi, Badeucy, et cetera.
  8. Nitrogensports - Bitcoin denominated games with completely anonymous accounts.

If a site fails to live up to our high expectations, it will not be included in this section. If we evaluate an operator and conclude that they are particularly shady or high-risk, we include it in our rogue poker sites section.

Making Sense of Online Poker - We Can Help

Playing poker online for real money is a vastly complicated subject. A subject that involves old laws that were never enforced, new laws that were snuck into the law books by unscrupulous politicians, underhanded land-based casino lobbyists, personal freedoms, constitutional rights, intrigue, and even murder!

It takes an expert to make sense of it all.

Professional Rakeback and its staff are experts on the subject of online poker.

We have nearly two decades of experience in online poker because we have been playing online almost since the inception of the game in 1998! Our staff consists of veteran professional players with millions of hands played, research journalists with millions of published words, recreational average Joes who dabble in the games for fun, and everything in between. With this diverse staff, we convey all the perspectives to you whether they be good, bad, or ugly!

This USA-Friendly Poker Guide will assist you in navigating through the maze of online poker sites, helping you avoid the bad sites as well as find the best poker sites to play on. We will help you avoid legal pitfalls, find a reliable and fast-paying poker site, and educate you on the legality of online poker and its topsy-turvy, 20-year history.

This is a long guide. It has evolved over the years into a comprehensive 10,000+ word document! The compilation of this guide required over a thousand hours of research, and the maintenance involved in keeping up with all the laws surrounding legal poker sites requires hundreds more hours every year. is dedicated to this cause.

We do realize, however, that many of our readers may not have the desire or the time to read this article cover-to-cover (though we really think that you would enjoy it!). In fact, most of you are probably just itching to find our recommended list of sites and get to playing internet poker already! With that in mind, here is a quick list of our favorite poker rooms and the top category they each excel in.


However, others of you will want to investigate why playing poker online is still entirely legal, and we have that explanation for you, replete with opinions from the United States government, federal judges, respected gaming attorneys, and legal researchers. If you want to look at the legalese, take a look at our references.

Still others will want to learn why we recommend the poker sites that we do as well as why we steer you away from the sites we feel are likely to put your bankrolls in jeopardy (no one wants to be a part of the next Full Tilt Poker scandal, amiright?)

With this in mind, we have added overviews of more than a dozen US poker sites to this page.. Read about the good sites here, and the rogue sites here.

Within the poker room reviews contained in this guide, we also provide links to our extensively in-depth, industry-leading, often 5,000+ words-long reviews of each specific poker website and gaming network they are attached to. These reviews are full of rich picture and video media so that you, Dear Reader, are given the full story, good and bad, on what the real money online poker market for US players is all about.

We encourage you to use the Table of Contents below to quickly and easily find the information that most interests you! Once you visit a section, hitting the back button in your browser will take you directly back to this ToC. We also encourage you to leave comments and questions at the bottom of this page: We answer every single one!

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The Legality of Online Poker in the United States

Few Laws Exist

How so you ask? Well, let us start with the most basic thing, the absence of prohibition. Any activity that is not specifically prohibited by law is, by default, legal to engage in.

If you take the time to read through the legal statutes in each state, you will find exactly what we, high-dollar gaming attorneys, and legal researchers have all found, i.e., an almost complete absence of law relating to the subject matter of online play.

You see, almost no states have laws on the books that cover online poker. As such, it is perfectly legal to play from the comfort of one's own home in almost every US state and territory.

The only state with a specific legal restriction regarding online poker is Washington State although this two decade-old law has not once been enforced and may not be eligible to be enforced due to legal desuetude.[1]

Basically, what you have is a bunch of issues that have not been adequately addressed or have not been addressed at all by state and federal legislatures and lawmakers. Confusing matters even further, the statutes on the books often contain different text pertaining to horse racing, casino table games, slot machines, charitable bingo, social gaming,[2] lotteries, and of course poker and other card games. Furthermore, most states have not updated their gambling laws in decades, and thus their laws were created before the internet was even invented!

Esteemed California gaming attorney Martin D. Owens, Jr., the man who wrote the book Internet Gaming Law,[3] has been quoted as saying:

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia don't even have a working definition on their own statute books of what gambling is and is not. Only nine even mention the Internet in connection with gambling at all. - Martin D. Owens Jr.[4]

Much of the public confusion stems from misinterpretations of existing laws.

What About UIGEA?

For example, The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, was enacted in 2006[5]. This is widely regarded by the media as a reason for online poker being illegal when, in fact, it does nothing of the sort.

UIGEA makes the knowing processing of deposits to online gambling sites illegal for banks. UIGEA is in no way directed at private citizens.

It was literally snuck into law on a “must pass” Safe Port Act[6] bill by two senators in the last hour before the vote. None of the other US senators who voted on the bill even read the UIGEA amendment, nor were many of them even aware of its addition to the Safe Port Act.

These two unscrupulous senators, Bill Frist (R, Tenn.) and Jon Kyl (R, Ariz.), were known to be taking large sums of money from the casino lobby. One well-researched article found in the pages of The Economist magazine characterized UIGEA as “a 2006 law, hastily tacked onto the end of unrelated legislation, bans American banks from handling money related to internet gambling.”

Note how the law has nothing to do with players or the operators and does not actually restrict the play of everyone's favorite card game online. A former US Senator who served 2 decades for the state of New York and current chairman of the Poker Alliance had this to say:

Online poker is not a crime and should not be treated as such. - Alfonse D'Amato

The main goal of UIGEA was to underhandedly shut down real money online poker while the major US casinos played catch-up to their offshore brethren. We have written about UIGEA in great depth and you can read more about it here if you are so inclined.

You see, domestic casinos had greatly underestimated the potential market size of online gambling for real money. At the time UIGEA was passed into law, online gambling was a $30 billion a year industry, and online poker was quickly becoming a larger share of that pie with an estimated 10 million US citizens, or roughly 3% of the population, having tried their hand at the online card game.

They thought it was only a passing fad; the unscrupulous lobbyists needed a stop-gap measure in order to come up with plans to infiltrate this multi-billion dollar industry. UIGEA was their chosen tactic. Fortunately for us all, the casino lobbyists – with their underhanded tactics, deceptions, and attempts to infringe upon the rights of American citizens to engage in legal activities in the privacy of their own homes – have failed miserably.

Thirteen years later, and we still only have five states having passed self-regulation and no Federal regulation whatsoever. In fact, even to this day, 8th richest man in the word and owner of numerous brick-and-mortar casinos, Sheldon Adelson, is still bribing senators in attempts to sneak a federal ban of online poker onto unrelated legislation.[7]

Luckily there are plenty of reputable, offshore-regulated sites that still provide games to Americans like you.

Online Poker USA - Real Money Sites Reviewed and Ranked

There are a number of reputable as well as disreputable websites available to you no matter what state you reside in.

We realize that most people do not eat, sleep, and breathe online poker like we do. We also realize that it may be difficult for you, Dear Reader, to figure out which is which and who is who.

We have done the hard work and research for you. We encourage you to make use of this painstaking research to find a fun and legal online poker game to play within minutes.

We know that you value your time and your money, and you therefore wish to deposit your entertainment budget at only the safest online poker sites for US players. No matter which of our partners in the following section you opt to play at, you can rest assured they are in fact safe poker sites. Your funds will be held securely and will be sent back to you, along with your winnings, promptly upon your request.

Want proof?

We maintain what we believe to be the most thoroughly detailed payout report in the online gambling industry. Each month we comb the Internet in order to seek out, collect, and collate hundreds of publicly verifiable mentions, made by real users, of payouts at numerous gaming websites. Then, we crunch the numbers and publish the data so that you know which casino, sportsbook, and poker companies offer the fastest payouts.

We promise that we will not recommend any poker site to you that we do not personally risk our own money on. We are not like many of our “professional affiliate” competitors who use “churn and burn” tactics. We “put our money where our mouth is” and “practice what we preach” here at Professional Rakeback. You can bet on it!

Our staff consists of a number of professional, enthusiast, as well as recreational players. Most of us are real money players, but one staffer, who will remain unnamed, still donks off on the play money tables.

All of us have played extensively on all available US-facing rooms, some of us for over a decade. Internally, and on public forums, we endlessly discuss and debate the available options while we're playing and writing the latest poker news.

We have an expert-level grasp on the current situation in the US markets. Below you will find our current favorites.

Ignition Casino's poker room's best qualities
Ignition is our #1 ranked real money online poker site
Most players
✓ Softest games
✓ Our top pick

Ignition Casino is the hottest site available to Americans. In Q3 2017, Ignition also became available to Australians. This is significant because it is the country with the highest gambling rate in the world, and subsequently, a lot of new fish are joining up at Ignition. So don't let the name fool you, Ignition's poker room has nearly twice the traffic of the nearest competitor and easy competition to boot.

A Hong Kong investment firm, Pai Wang Luo, bought the poker operations of the then third largest poker network in the world, Bodog (known as Ignition in the USA and AUS). Instantly, this well-funded newcomer, licensed and regulated in Hong Kong, has become the largest poker site available for players from the United States of America as well as the largest and best Australian online poker site. The PWL Network, on which its poker games are run, also draws many weak and unskilled players from Latin America, China, and India.

Newly created player accounts are eligible for deposit bonuses on poker and online casino up to $2,000 USD and up to $3,000 when depositing via Bitcoin. It is noteworthy that the poker deposit bonus has been upgraded and clears at an astonishingly fast 50% effective rakeback rate!

As it is the largest operator on the biggest global poker network in the world, as well as the largest available in the United States, players are always able to find a suitable game to play. At any given time, there are hundreds of games running though it doesn't always appear as such because full games are hidden from the poker lobby. The company does this as it operates under a game-changing “recreational poker model” as a means of protecting the recreational players from sharks. The company is very friendly to recreational players and especially losing players who often find themselves privately invited to a secret VIP club where they receive additional custom bonus offers as well as a VIP host and expedited payouts (not that they are needed, the payouts here are fast!). This is also why the games are anonymous. This recreational model is also why players are limited to four cash game tables maximum so as to deter the slow-to-act, mass-tabling sharks found on other networks as well as to keep the speed of the games swift and enjoyable.

The cash games range from micro stakes no limit Texas Holdem up to $2,000 buy-in pot limit Omaha. They also have a variant of fast fold poker, dubbed "Zone Poker" where players can play very high-paced games with no waiting for blinds to begin and the ability to see up to 1,000 hands per hour when playing four tables! This network also recently introduced Jackpots, their own version of variable prize pool, hyper-turbo spin and goes that have become so popular on sites that are no longer available to Americans such as Poker Stars, Party Poker, Winamax, and 888.

One pet peeve we have about Ignition is that it is not intuitive which bonus is the poker bonus. When depositing one must select the bonus labeled as "Ignition Casino Welcome BonusAll other bonuses are casino-only bonuses!

For the more casual player, there are myriad tournaments with buy-in amounts below one dollar all the way up to $540 high-roller tourneys. All tournament action culminates in a weekly $100,000 guaranteed tournament that is known to exceed $200,000 prize pools on occasion. Add to this frequent tournament series with $4 - $6 million collective prize pools, and one has no problem finding a fun MTT to unwind in. One thing we like about their tournaments is that the overwhelming majority do not allow re-buys or re-entries, i.e. most tournaments are freezeouts. Once you buy-in, you know that the tournament will end in a reasonable time frame and you won't be dragging ass at work tomorrow because you were up until 4am playing a tournament! Up until June of 2018, tournaments were only available in the downloadable Windows and Mac versions of the poker client; however, due to a new update to the mobile product software, tournaments and sit and goes are available on iOS and Android devices like smart phones and tables. When playing tournaments on mobile, only one table at a time is allowed; however on desktop, one can play up to 12 tournaments simultaneously.

Like Bovada before them, Ignition has excellent payout options and players rarely have to wait more than 10 days for a pay out. In fact, players that opt for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payments are paid out in 24 hours or less! Other, more traditional methods like checks and bank wires are often handled in 5-10 business days.

The game play is anonymous on this site, another way in which they protect recreational players from being hunted by aggressive sharks. Some novice players fear anonymous tables, thinking them ripe for collusion and infested with bots, but that simply isn't the case. Ignition Casino has a proactive security department, purchased all of the IT tools Bodog had to suss out cheaters, and is actively at work creating even more swift and robust methods of detecting shady behavior among players (which is more than we can say for some rooms *cough* Ourgame *cough* FulPot *cough*).

Professional Rakeback recommends Ignition's poker room as our top-rated site for Americans. You can sign up today and get up to a $3,000 deposit bonus by using our sign-up link. In order to take advantage of this offer you must first clear your cookies or we can't guarantee you'll get the proper deposit bonuses, so be sure to clear the cookies in your web browser (should take 30-90 seconds) before using our $3,000 max bonus Ignition Poker sign-up link above. If you would like to read more about Ignition, please see our Ignition poker review.

Betonline and, leading poker sites on the Chico Poker Network

BetOnline and sister site are the US friendly options on the Chico Gaming Network. Chico is a recreational poker network who prioritizes their sportsbook and casino operations over poker. While at first that statement might be off-putting, it is actually great news. You see, the tables have a higher-than-normal proportion of gamblers from the sportsbook and casino.

This also means they have a lot of sports and casino bonuses and reloads if you are into that sort of thing. Since this is a poker review, we will focus on the poker bonus, which happens to be tied for the largest bonus on offer of any site on this page, or any site available in the US-friendly market for that matter. The poker deposit bonus is a 100% matching bonus up to a maximum of $1,000 - this is a typically as big as poker bonuses get. It clears at an average of 20% effective rakeback rate as well. Also, to help new players build their bankrolls, all new account holders who deposit on either of these sites are eligible to compete in four weekly new depositor freerolls each with a $2,500 prize pool.

If you are into Bad Beat Jackpots, this site has a six figure BBJ that recently hit for $1,200,000! Like all bad beat jackpots at all live and online venues, there is an additional fee taken out of each pot in order to "feed" the jackpot. Not all tables are included in this promotion, so you can choose to play for the BBJ or not, whichever you desire.

The poker software was once a reason not to recommend this room, but that is no longer the case: quite the opposite in fact. In the middle of 2016, the poker software was rewritten by a brand new software provider and is now quite smooth and glitch-free. It also deals more hands per hour than the previous software, which is great because the old software was boringly slow. It no longer has those annoying blackjack mini-games attached to it either! In fact, a great proportion of our Mac users prefers this software over all other options because it is so fluid, responsive, and bug-free.

High-volume players will be happy to know that the Chico Network offers a number of rake races to take advantage of. There is a weekly cash race for ring games that awards $15,000 per week. The weekly $5,275 sit and go leaderboards keep the SNG grinders happy. There are four separate categories for the distinct varieties of single-table tournaments offered, so you can participate in the one that's appropriate for the games and stakes you most prefer.

With super-soft games, upgraded software, and a generous maximum $1,000 initial poker deposit bonus, BetOnline and are great choices. Please note that this is the new management and ownership team that came on board in mid-2013. Before that, Professional Rakeback did not recommend this group because of slow payouts. However, for five-plus calendar years now, Chico Network payouts have been extremely prompt under the new owners. This network offers all traditional deposit and payout methods, as well as utilizing the crypto-currencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum for cheap, speedy, and anonymous deposits and withdrawals.

After clearing your browser's cookies, you may sign up directly at BetOnline or or opt to take some time and read our full BetOnline & reviews before continuing. Chico Network adheres to international law and World Trade Organization guidelines, and thus they accept players from 49 of the 50 US states and all US territories.

Bovada has Poker along with Sports, Races, and Casino Action

Bovada is an old name that some of the long-time gamblers among our audience may recognize. It served the United States poker market starting in 2011, but then it closed down its poker room in September 2016. Not to worry though – Bovada is back in all its glory since August 2017, and it has more or less the same gaming platform that users loved before, but it now also has many improvements.

Bovada shares many similarities with Ignition because they're both sister sites on the PWL Network. All the poker games are identical, from micro-stakes Holdem all the way up to high-stakes Omaha, and the cashier methods here include the ever-popular Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash crypto-currencies too. What sets Bovada apart is the fact that it has a racebook and sportsbook, which are not present at Ignition Casino. While the 100% up to $500 poker bonus is only 50% of what you can obtain at Ignition, Bovada also has lucrative sports and casino bonuses in addition to the poker offer. Taking into account all the bonuses in the various betting products available, we discover that newcomers to Bovada can obtain up to $3,750 of the house's money. This climbs to $5,500 for those who are savvy enough to use crypto-currency to make their deposits!

Putting some money on the line when you root for your favorite athletes and teams can really enhance your excitement when sweating a good game. Leading American leagues, like MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA are fully supported by the Bovada sportsbook. There are also quite a few contests listed from European and global sporting activities, like Premier League soccer, golf, tennis, and cricket. Through the Live Betting section of the website, you have the option of sifting through the constantly updated lines and placing extra wagers even after a game has begun. Bovada provides new sports customers with a 50% up to $250 bonus, but you can max out this bonus at $500 instead via BTC. The bonus is also valid in the racebook, which carries horse races from close to 200 tracks.

Even the casino has a few reasons to recommend it over the Ignition Casino despite the two products being virtually identical. You see, the casino promotions have the potential to yield far greater returns. As a new Bovada depositor, you're entitled to 100% up to $1,000 bonuses on your first three casino deposits, but this deal is turbo-charged if you elect to transact in bitcoins, yielding a whopping 3 x 150% up to $1,500 special bonuses for a grand total of $4,500 to play with in the casino!

As if this weren't enough, Bovada also maintains a rewards system that credits you with valuable perks, which include cash back on any losses you might be unlucky enough to incur. To make Bovada your comprehensive, all-in-one internet gambling home, click on the above banner (remember to clear browser cookies first). To get a better handle on what to expect before signing up, check out our Bovada Review page.

Juicy Stakes and Intertops Poker are safe online poker rooms for US players

Juicy Stakes and Intertops are the only recommended safe and secure online poker sites on the US-facing Horizon Network. These sites do not operate in certain areas and are thus only available to players in 43 US states. Both rooms offer multi-table tournaments and sit-n-go's which are structured to be fast, fun, and priced just right for recreational players, which is to say, there are no restrictive, high-dollar buy-in events on this network.

Players can safely deposit on Juicy Stakes and Intertops with a larger than normal amount of deposit methods. There are over a dozen types of withdrawal and payouts available in the Intertops cashier which services its sportsbook, casino, and internet poker room. Payouts from both sites come well within stated time frames, usually within 5 business days for up to $3,000 checks and 2 business days or less for bitcoin payouts. If you are a crypto-currency enthusiast, you will be happy to know that their cashier includes Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

The initial deposit bonus for poker is an above average 200% match up to $1,000 - meaning that a mere $500 deposit will be doubled to a $1k bonus thus maximizing your bonus potential with less initial investment. The poker bonuses also clear at above average rates and when coupled with the 36% rakeback paid daily and provided by Professional Rakeback, the effective rakeback rate for new players is nearly 64%! 

Cash game player traffic picked up noticeably throughout 2016 and has remained steady ever since. There are regularly up to $200 NLHE games to be found during peak Euro and US hours. Pot limit Omaha games run less frequently, but often a half-dozen or more games can be found running, and they are of excellent quality with plenty of fishy, often overly aggressive gamblers. The Holdem cash games that run are of good quality, if a little nitty at times, but they are especially good when coupled with the highest rakeback in the US market at 36% dealt methodology rakeback - paid daily on Intertops and weekly on Juicy Stakes.

Most of the cash game action is centered on  micro- and lower-stakes games. This is a good site to build up a bankroll at $5, $10, $20 and $50 buy-in Texas Holdem tables while accumulating steady rakeback payments. For players wishing to play higher-stakes games, as we stated above, they do exist, but you will not find a large amount of volume with them. Many of our players who play these stakes load up a table or three on this network as a secondary, or even a tertiary, site along with another site having more liquidity at 100NL and higher stakes games.

Juicy Stakes and Intertops offer daily freerolls for all players as well as a weekly $4,000 rake race on top of all the other promotions. The highest-raking players on this network pay very little effective rake, and the elite players play essentially rake-free after all of their accumulated rewards. If you're sold and want to sign up immediately for 36% rakeback at Intertops, then click the banner above (after you clear cookies in your web browser!). If you would like to read more about either Horizon network site, please check out our detailed Intertops Review and Juicy Stakes Poker review.

Safe US Online Poker Rooms America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker on the Winning Poker Network

America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and True Poker are the leading brands on the US-friendly Winning Poker Network, which is a fine destination for US and international players alike. Professional Rakeback works with all three sites because the WPN owns all three of them directly. You can be sure all of them are safe and securely backed by the parent company, an A+ rated sportsbook that has been in operation for going on two decades now. This network recently started allowing nearly 70 crypto-currencies for deposits and withdrawals – read our interview with their CEO here.

Currently the WPN is the 9th largest worldwide online poker network, also making it the second largest available to American players. The WPN offers a plethora of cash games, multi-table tournaments, and sit-n-goes with steady traffic and plenty of options for players of any skill set. This is the toughest US-friendly network at higher stakes, it runs the highest-stakes games of any US site, and if you are looking to sharpen your skill at the tables, this is the site for you.

Players can take advantage of a 100% matching bonus up to $1,000 while safely depositing on any of the recommended rooms on the WPN using their debit or credit card as well as cash transfer methods such as Western Union & MoneyGram. However, we highly recommend depositing with bitcoins or any of the other 69 crypto-currencies accepted by the network cashier. The WPN offers very swift and convenient bitcoin deposits and withdrawals in amounts up to $25,000 USD as well as accepting many “altcoins” for deposits and withdrawals in amounts up to $10,000. To the uninitiated, crypto-currency may seem daunting; however, it is actually fast and easy to use. If you're unfamiliar with using bitcoin, we have got you covered with our bitcoin gambling guide, which provides convenient pictures and step-by-step setup instructions. On top of the deposit bonus, which adds an additional 20% effective rakeback, new players will receive $50 in free credits upon their first successful deposit to check out the games. Furthermore, as an exclusive bonus to our customers, new players on the network can earn an additional $10 free when signing up by entering bonus code PRB10FREE.

Payouts dependably arrive within stated time frames. We are confident in this assertion because we have been tracking cashouts since 2012 in our monthly payout reports. Clients who prefer cash can take advantage of MoneyGram withdrawals, though these are capped at much smaller denominations than crypto currency or check withdrawals and also come with higher fees.

The rooms on the WPN are also among the very few that still allow Peer-To-Peer or P2P transfer ability. A P2P allows a player to send their own funds to their friends with just a few clicks, enabling easy staking, tournament swapping, and helping your friend out if he needs a loan for that upcoming big tournament. Speaking of tournaments, WPN offers many special events, including the popular High Five and Online Super Series tournament series each quarter which often boast aggregate prize pools in the multi-millions. In fact, they are the US poker site who hosts "Million Dollar Sundays," which are the largest tournaments in the US market by far. Their most successful iteration of said tournament generated an astonishing 1.4mm prize pool! Because of its success, they began offering the world's largest guaranteed Sunday tournaments clocking in with a $1,000,001 guaranteed No Limit Holdem tournament multiple times per year! This exceeds PokerStars' Sunday Million by $1, we suppose just so that WPN can show them who is the new big boss in this industry!

The large rewards offered to higher-volume players can reach upwards of 60% on their Elite Benefits VIP program, which is a virtual clone of PokerStars' old, prestigious, and sorely missed rewards plan. On top of these rich rewards, there are weekly progressive rake races for both cash game and SNG players. The highest-volume grinders on this site make 90-100% effective rakeback and approximately $250,000 in cumulative rewards each year! has extensive reviews of America's Cardroom, Black Chip and True - all of which have the same cashier, promotions, staff, shared player pools - and recommends them as safe online poker rooms for American players. If you do not have an account at any or all of these fine places, please consider signing up with Professional Rakeback! Sign up for your Elite Benefits VIP account by clicking either of these links Americas Cardroom, Black Chip, or True and using bonus code PROFRBVIP. If you're looking for a flat rakeback account instead, please go here.

Grand Poker Room banner and best qualities

Grand Poker Room is the newest poker site to make itself available to American poker players. But don't let that fool you, this new network is owned and operated by the 5Dimes group of sports books, who carry an A+ rating virtually anywhere you care to look. This group of companies is not new, they have been around for well over a decade and they haven't updated the look of their website since! However, even though the website looks dated, their payment processing is not, and they are known for lightning-fast payouts for casino and sportsbook customers as well as reduced juice sports betting lines.

This new poker site offering has a smooth interface, is natively Windows and Mac friendly, has a slick mobile poker app, and sports a small but growing player base full of fishy sports and casino players. Since this is a network-owned site, they are promoting it aggressively by allowing Professional Rakeback to give new sign-ups anywhere from 50 to 100% rakeback via an innovative "SNG for cash" rakeback system. You can read more details about this at our comprehensive Grand Poker Network review page. 

Our main complaint about Grand Poker is that it is too small. Rarely does one find more than a dozen cash games running even during peak times. This is good for players who like small card rooms where they can get to know the competition intimately. Furthermore, the games are relatively devoid of seasoned professionals and are a great place to build a bankroll due to the double whammy of extremely low rake coupled with extremely high rakeback rewards.

Even though this is the newest competitor on the block, the sportsbook and casino operation backing it is old school. The payment processing is first grade, and the amount and variety of deposit and withdrawal options offered to American online poker players is impressive. GPN even offers bitcoin deposits and withdrawals! Professional Rakeback recommends clearing browser cookies and then signing up with 5Dimes by clicking above in order to access the GPN.

SWC Bitcoin Poker, available to all US online poker players.

SWCPoker, formerly Seals With Clubs, is the leading #1 Bitcoin-only site. Independently operated, players can deposit and withdraw, using the ever-popular crypto-currency known as bitcoins. It is worth noting that all games are denominated in Bitcoin, and at no point in time are deposited bitcoins converted into fiat (like most sites do). It is Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out at SWC. This leads to lightning-quick payout time frames and ease of transfer when making withdrawals. SWC is truly one of the last "Wild West" types of poker rooms available, offering cash games, multi-table tournaments, and sit-n-goes with steady traffic.

The games are odd in that the recreational players are bad of course, but a strange type of bad, perhaps because of the whole "technology nerd" aspect of even getting funds onto a Bitcoin poker site. There is always action at the micro and small stakes, and even high-stakes players who are willing to wait around and start games will find easy short-handed action up to 25/50 USD equivalent at times. SWCPoker has the most mixed games available of any of the sites listed on this page, from holdem + omaha all the way to a crazy 12-game mix!

Deposits are nearly instant and players are credited with SWC chips, which are used to enter tournaments and ring games alike. Their 'Krill' rakeback program is cumulative over the life of your account as well, meaning it never resets and ultimately caps out at 50% rakeback coupled with industry low rake of only 2.5%. And SwC offers popular special features, such as a bad beat jackpot, streaming bounties, rake-free microstakes, and the monthly 1,000,000 chip (1 bitcoin) guaranteed Big BTC tournament. Plus, SWC is available to all American poker players in all 50 states! You can sign up directly now by clicking the "play now" button above or continue reading our SWC Poker review.

Nitrogen Sports logo banner

Nitrogen Sports decided to dip its toe into the online poker space a few years back, complementing its popular sportsbook and casino with a virtual cardroom. As a Bitcoin-only gambling company, they do not deal in USD, GBP, EUR, or any other FIAT currency. This permits speedy and hassle-free deposits and withdrawals without the need to submit identifying information. That's right, you can play on Nitrogen completely anonymously. Each chip counts as 1 milli-Bitcoin, so 1,000 of them are equal to 1 BTC. One added benefit of this site is that all you bitcoin funds are kept in bitcoin. Thus, if bitcoin appreciates in price, like the tenfold price increase experienced in 2017, the fiat value of your balance also increases!

Nitrogen Poker targets a type of player quite different from the traditional grinder, and games here tend to be on the easier side. Microstakes accounts for most of the action although it is possible to get games running at higher blind levels for those willing to table start and play shorthanded. On an average day, however, the highest stakes games typically running will be $100 buy-in equivalent level or lower.

Every day of the week, there are a couple of 20 chip guaranteed MTT for a buyin of 1.08 + 0.12, and on Sunday, a 500 mBTC prize pool beckons for a price of 22.5 + 2.5 to enter. As they pay rake at the tables and fees in tourneys, users increase their ranking in the Nitro rewards program. The ability to exchange points for instant BTC credits and free sports wagers represents a type of rakeback. On a daily and weekly basis, players receive entry into freerolls based upon the number of Nitro points they accumulate.

There are no restricted states and very few prohibited countries, so almost everyone is welcome at Nitrogen, and the fact that all gameplay is conducted over the web means that the cross-platform compatibility is excellent. Create your Nitrogen account now by first clearing your browser cookies and then clicking on “Play Now” above. Or to get more info before joining up, consult our Nitrogen Poker review.

US Poker Sites and Networks - State Legal Restrictions

97.8% of the US population is not restricted by law from playing on US poker sites in any way! Most Americans, 81.4% to be exact, can play without any restriction imposed by their state, federal government, or the US-friendly poker rooms themselves. Of the 18.6% of the population who are restricted in some way, only 2.2% of those are restricted by state laws, zero by federal laws, and the remaining 16.4% are only restricted in the sense that not all of the offshore poker sites allow them to play in their games.

As there is no federal law against playing online, simply placing wagers online is legal. - Katherine Butler[8]

States that do not have full access to all available offshore hosted real money online poker sites include: Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, and Washington. There are at least three online rooms available in all of the aforementioned states. Less excluded states, such as LA for example, have half a dozen options to choose from.

Our map below lists states with limited options in yellow, the other 41 states and all of the US territories are wide open. If your state is in yellow, it is not necessarily because there are laws prohibiting residents from playing online poker for real money. It simply means that some US-friendly sites and poker networks do not provide services to your state for any of a variety of business reasons. Click the map to open a new window where you can visually see what poker websites are allowed and disallowed in your location. Then continue reading for more information and reviews. If your state is indicated as green in the graphic below, all of the following legitimate and legal real money Internet poker rooms are available to you:

Network Exclusions

Pai Wang Luo Poker Network

Chico Poker Network

Horizon Poker Network

Winning Poker Network

Grand Poker Network
Serves all states and all territories.

SWC (Formerly Seals With Clubs)

Serves all states and all territories.

Cubeia Network

Serves all states and all territories.

State Specific Gambling Information

If you are interested in learning more about the specific legal online gambling situation for any US state, we have spent thousands of man hours researching the legal status of poker, sports betting, and casino play via the Internet in all 50 states. In these reviews, we go over all of the applicable state gambling laws in an attempt to ascertain not only the letter of the law, but the true intent of the laws in each state. We make cases for and against gambling online in each state and why you should feel safe or avoid playing online in your particular state.

Check out our individual state law reviews no matter what state you reside in. We also include, where applicable, short reviews of the options available where you reside as well as history, updates to pending legislation, and more. All of our US state reviews will help you play poker online for money in no time! In states where it is legal, we also include which website is best for sports and casino action.

In some states, it’s possible to partake in regulated online games overseen by the legitimate authorities in that jurisdiction. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have had licensed internet poker markets for about a half a decade, and they’ve even signed a compact allowing players in one state to compete at the same tables and games as their peers in the other two.

However, a January 2019 Department of Justice opinion has declared interstate gaming agreements like this one to be against federal law. This line of reasoning is being contested by many parties,and New Hampshire has actually won a verdict in federal court against the DoJ. The Feds aren't going down quietly without a fight though, and the entire dispute may only be resolved, eventually, by the Supreme Court.

This legal uncertainty may hamper the prospects of the two newest licensed online poker states: Pennsylvania, which legalized poker over the internet in October 2017, and West Virginia, which passed an online gambling bill in March 2019. These two states don’t yet have any active sites for internet poker, and would-be operators will probably want to see how the legalities ultimately work out before devoting themselves to PA and WV in earnest.

Poker Scam Sites to Avoid

We have informed you about the companies we recommend. We think it is perhaps even more important to inform you of the sketchy places you should avoid! The sites in this section are either certified scams or so shady that we not only can't recommend them to you but also advise you to avoid them in order to protect your bankroll from any sort of disastrous theft.

***WARNING***  You may have heard about a site called Betcoin. When this crypto currency poker site launched, it had a lot of potential. However, that potential has fallen flat on its face. Not only do players here report abusive and vindictive customer support agents via live chat, but many have been publicly berated by them on online message boards! The site has busted numerous players cheating via playing on multiple accounts at the same time, acknowledged they were cheating, and yet allowed the players to continue to play. There are numerous security concerns with some of their pages not being SSL encrypted and thus exposing user's passwords to hijacking by hackers. And to top it off, our analysis of their business model yields similar results to what we saw in Lock Poker.  Our professional opinion is: Stay far, far away from this poorly run site.

***WARNING***  The Merge Gaming Network, once the most popular online network in the United States (circa 2013-2015), is now on our non-recommended list. Sites on this network include Carbon Poker, Players Only, and Sportsbook. Carbon Gaming at one point offered high rakeback, player-friendly promotions, huge game liquidity, and friendly customer service. Then they were bought out by Jazette Enterprises, a ruthlessly money hungry casino operation who puts its players behind its profits by using second-rate payment processors that cause payout delays. They also forced the removal of rakeback, cut all VIP rewards, and reduced promotions to a mere pittance. What is worse is that they broke their lifetime contracts with thousands of vendors effectively stealing millions of dollars from previous partners. This has caused traffic to fall nearly 90% from its 2015 peak. Avoid playing on Carbon Poker and other Merge Network skins and you'll sleep better at night. Read our Carbon Poker review for in-depth information.

***WARNING***  You may have heard about a room called 64 Spades. This company appears to have ties to numerous former Jao Poker and Poker Mania employees, affiliates, and even perhaps owners. Considering that both of the aforementioned businesses were bankrupt multi-level marketing schemes[9], which failed to pay out their customers, that is a big red flag for those thinking of playing on 64 Spades. Beyond that connection, there are many real and easily visible problems with the site, including, but not limited to, piss-poor web design, a shady agent structure, an overly aggressive muting and banning of dissenting customers coupled with poor customer service – and then there is the biggest issue of all. That issue is the fact that the site rarely has a working cashier! Oftentimes, the cashier has gone down for months consecutively, forcing players to resort to trading funds amongst themselves with high vig/juice charged as well as having to take the risk of being scammed during the exchange by their trading partners. If you are interested in reading about these problems in more depth, read our review of 64 Spades.

There are countless other unscrupulous internet gaming sites lurking to try to ensnare you. We have done thorough research on quite a few of them and urge you to check out our page of blacklisted sites so that you can learn more about the online gambling companies to avoid.

Exercise CAUTION at These Sites

We have laid out for you the sites that we feel are the best. We have told you which sites are the worst, some outright scams, and to save yourself the trouble of playing at them. But are there any sites in between? As a matter of fact, there are.

The sites below all have positive features, mainly payout speeds, so they are legit poker sites in that sense. Also, they provide games to US players, but there are issues with them, which hold us back from recommending them to our loyal readers and clients. We will go over those issues below and let you decide if you want to proceed. We will not recommend that you play, or not play, at any of the following sites.

Global Poker logo

Global Poker - This site provides games in most states. Its main appeal initially was that it offered payouts via PayPal, which is a great thing for players and hasn't been seen since before Black Friday on any legitimate site. However, Global Poker lost that juicy advantage when PayPal ceased doing business with them in the middle of 2018. What gives us further pause is the fact that the site uses a "sweepstakes model" as its legal justification. There are many industries and gambling venues that have attempted to use the sweepstakes loophole and almost all of them have lost in court.[10] In fact, sweepstakes gambling has been tried, and failed, in numerous states such as Texas[11], North Carolina[12], and many others since the 1970s.

Such legal precedents do not inspire confidence in us that this business venture will last long-term. We were surprised PayPal was cooperative as long as they were and that the US Feds and Department of Justice haven't stepped in to enforce some sort of UIGEA violation. This is in fact a real money gambling site disguised as a sweepstakes game, and it is exceedingly unlikely to stand up to government prosecution in a court of law.

We also dislike this site because it offers no rakeback or player rewards, no waiting lists, no late registration, no freerolls unless you play 500+ flops, and no bad beat jackpot. The buy-in amounts are almost always trivial, which encourages lots of flips and little poker play. Oh yeah, and the rake is in some cases 40% higher than its competitors, aka the offshore sites above that we actually recommend. Read our full Global Poker review for more information.

Logo of PPPoker

PPPoker - This is a mobile poker platform that started out in Asia in 2015, but it has since expanded and now has players in dozens of countries across the globe. This internet poker destination is famed for the softness of its games because it's marketed toward recreational live donks who wish to take their fishy play online. Unfortunately, this site uses an agent model, which makes it much riskier than traditional online poker rooms.

In order to access the tables, you must join a private club that's managed by an agent. All gameplay is conducted onsite for play chips, and the agent handles deposits and cashouts directly with the players, translating fake money into real currency at whatever rate he has agreed to with his customers. This play money-only policy allows PPPoker to disclaim all liability if your account balance goes missing. The safety of your funds is directly tied to the honesty of your agent. If you encounter one who's trustworthy, then you might very well have an enjoyable and profitable experience at PPPoker. If not, well, then it's the agent who will have an enjoyable and profitable experience…at your expense! Sure enough, there are examples of agents who run away with the bankrolls of all of their players, such as "NYPokerKing" who absconded with his player's funds in late 2018.

The federal government, since at least the time of the The Wire Act of 1961[13], has maintained a tough stance against unregulated gambling, and it included online poker within its remit once technology made this possible. Yet, there are signs that these outmoded laws are increasingly falling by the wayside and have become basically unenforceable.

In the past, the Wire Act was interpreted by some arms of government to cover online poker[14]. However, in 2011, shortly after Black Friday, the US Department of Justice reinterpreted the Wire Act[15] to be much more online poker friendly. The Department of Justice changed its mind in January 2019[16] , but this new interpretation of the Wire Act has been declared invalid by a US District Court.

Also, a slew of state lawsuits filed in Kentucky in the late 2000s were a legal hurdle. However, those cases have been settled in favor of the gaming sites[17] without any criminal wrong-doing admitted by any parties.

These changes are widely assumed by industry insiders to be paving the way for a federally regulated framework sometime in the future. However, in the meantime, there is no Federal law that would prohibit you, a private citizen or resident in the United States, from hitting the digital felt from the comfort of your home or mobile device.


Online poker is illegal.


Playing online poker is not a
violation of any Federal laws.

This thesis is bolstered even more with the decision in Murphy vs. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)[18] in 2018 which ruled in favor of New Jersey's governor, Phil Murphy, with regard to striking down PASPA (The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act[19]). Some legal scholars contended that this was the last possible Federal law which could have been construed to make sports betting, as well as online gambling in general, illegal. Now stricken down, the flood gates have opened, and as of the summer of 2019, over a dozen US states have moved forward with legislation allowing online gambling in several forms.

Yet another misconception swirling around is that poker is a form of gambling. It is our contention that poker is a game of skill coupled with elements of chance. We are not the only ones with such an interpretation. For example, in a long and detailed 120 page ruling, a Federal Judge elucidated that poker is a game of skill[20] and therefore not gambling or subject to laws about gambling. In other words, this Federal Judge ruled from the bench that poker should be treated as a skill game. A highly respected law firm hired by a D.C. lobbying group, Poker Player's Alliance (now called the Poker Alliance), also agrees that it is a skill game in this white paper.[21]

We constantly compile an extensive amount of information on the subject of legal online gaming (for real money), after all, we grind for a living! On this page, we strive to pass that information on to you, so that you may be better informed of the options available to you, the American poker player, in your particular state or territory. The overwhelming majority of states have no restrictions or negative laws on the books, and the game is available to play 24/7/365, often even from one's Mac or mobile device! We have also included reviews above, highlighting the pros and cons of each gambling site, providing information on the cashout speeds, available games and traffic, rakeback data, whether they are Mac-friendly or not, and much more.

If you are interested in betting in the best online sportsbooks, gambling at online casino sites, or putting money on the ponies, most of the offshore poker sites we have reviewed will also happily accept your wagers on these pastimes as well.

Online Poker History

Online poker history is so convoluted and confusing. I wish someone could explain it to me easily and concisely!?- The online poker environment in the USA has had its ups and downs throughout the years. From the excitement of the first few sites offering real money play to the vacuum created by the underhanded passing of UIGEA and the disheartening events of Black Friday, all fans have ridden a roller-coaster of gut-wrenching emotion.

The love for this game is strong though, and the fans and the companies who court them always seem to bounce back. There have been options to play available since Planet Poker launched in 1998, and twenty years later, despite whatever has happened, plenty of players still play and sites still offer games. No matter what choke holds are put in place, a way will be found to circumvent them. Even now, a burgeoning era of decentralized computing may be ushering in a wondrous new set of games and opportunities in this sector.

Below is a timeline we created to help you keep track of all the major historical events that have taken place to change and alter the online landscape from 1998 through 2019.

online poker time line of significant legal and industry events

Other Internet Poker Rooms

American heart image

Are there any other online rooms for Americans that you have not listed in this guide? - Sure, there are a few. Mainly they are skins on networks that we have already covered. A skin is another company on a network that offers an identical product to other rooms. Hence, for the sake of brevity, we have chosen not to include some of those in the main section of the guide.

However, in the spirit of full disclosure, we decided to provide a full list of all poker websites that USA players can access. Here is our comprehensive list:





No Opinion




Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions even after reading our comprehensive guide? Well, we're here to help you out. Below, you'll see a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about online poker.

+   How old do I have to be to play at offshore poker sites?

+   How do I know these sites won't rip me off?

+   Is online poker safe for me to play from a legal perspective?

+   I live on the border between the USA and Canada. Do I have more or perhaps better options to play online poker in Canada than I do in the USA?


  4. - quoted at 11m 15s.

None of the information on this web page should be construed as legal advice. While Professional Rakeback does its best to provide accurate and up to date information, new local, state, and federal legislation is being written, proposed, voted on, and passed into law constantly. It is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer to thoroughly research and comply with the laws in their particular jurisdiction.


Ignition Casino. Attempted to deposit $50 with Visa card twice. Declined both times.  Also, you need to advise you cannot play in tournaments with an iPad. That info would have avoided this whole mess.

We are sorry to hear that you had issues depositing. Unfortunately, credit card deposits only work about 65% of the time at offshore gambling websites. You can improve your chances of success by enabling International transactions on your credit card(s), as all deposits to offshore gaming sites are non-domestic. Alternatively, We highly recommend that you attempt to deposit with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in the future. These transactions can not fail and will work 100% of the time for deposits and withdrawals! We have created extensive user guides with detailed illustrations of the entire process to help make the process quick and efficient for first time users!

With regard to your other comment, the mobile poker app does in fact support tournaments and sit and goes! It should be completely compatible with your iPad as well. We wrote an extensive review of the mobile app when it was launched simultaneously on Bodog, Bovada, and Ignition Casino

We appreciate your comments!

Keep up the good work!

Can non-residents play on these sites? I am a EU citizen stationed in America for the next year. Poker Stars and Party Poker told me that I could no longer play there while in USA and withdrawals of playing I am having!!

Will these sites allow me to play for money? Will they take Skrill, Neteller, or Ecopazy wallets? If so, do they accept deposits in Euros?

That is a lot of questions. Lets answer them one by one:

[1] So long as you are physically located in the USA, you can play on ALL the sites in this guide. Foreigners from all countries would be accepted when creating new accounts, so long as they were physically located on US soil. You won't even need a US drivers license or ID of any kind. You will need to provide high quality scans of your foriegn passport however. You will also have to provide proof of address documentation, much like at every other poker site you have ever played on.

Furthermore, most of the sites in this guide allow players from Europe, Asia, and indeed the rest of the world to play in their games. A notable exception here is Igntion Casino, which only allows Americans and Aussies. There are other rooms on the network it shares, such as Bodog, Bovada, and Bodog88, but none of them allow Europeans (probably for legal reasons).

[2] Yes, these sites will allow you to play for both play money and real money. However, all the games are denominated in USD, or in some cases crypto-currency like Bitcoin. There are no Euro denominated games on the sites listed on this page.

[3] Most of the sites in this list will accept Skril, Neteller, and EcoPayz deposits. However, there is a catch. You can't use those ewallets while in the USA! Gambling transactions while located within the borders of America are prohibited by Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz. If and when you leave the states, you could cash out and deposit with your favorite ewallet while back in Europe.

[4] No deposits in Euros. Only USD or crypto-currency.

Hello there, You've done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they'll be benefited from this website.

How come you dont touch on regulated US states? Whats up with that? Im in Pennsylvania and I heard its legal now but I cant find info here or anywhere else about what websites are Penns regulated.

Plz help.

We are going to upgrade this article to cover regulated states and sites. We added a list of all of the currently regulated US poker sites in the FAQ section. We intend to expand and add reviews of all sites soon as well.

With regard to Pennsylvania, legislation has been passed, but there are as of yet, no active sites. The reason for this is that the state has yet to issue any licenses. Until such time, you can still play on offshore sites.

In fact, it would be a great time to create accounts on all of the offshore sites now if you are a citizen of PA. The reason being that sooner or later many of them will cease allowing new sign ups. However, almost always, the offshore sites grandfather in existing customers and still allow them to play.

Take advantage while you still can!

go internet and try BLACKCHIP POKER work for me, is very good place

We agree with you chil25. Black Chip Poker is a solid poker site to play at. You may have missed it, but it is included on this page under The Winning Poker Network.

Black Chip Poker is the 2nd largest site on The WPN behind America's Cardroom. We have a full on review of Black Chip Poker available for you to read here.

Do you offer the same $10 free bankroll offer on Black Chip that you do on Americas Card Room?

Sorry MaSuzeQ, but we do not offer that promotion on Black Chip Poker. Said promotion is exclusive to America's Cardroom. In fact, if you already have a Black Chip or True Poker account on the WPN, you are ineligible for the $10 free promotion on ACR, as it is intended to draw new players to the network via ACR only.

No double dipping unfortunately!

Hi all,

I saw the advertisement for ignition poker on this site and started playing there 6 weeks ago counting on the 100% deposit bonus from the bonus code. After clearing enough points which should have cleared me $50 in bonus already, I contacted their support and asked about bonus payments. They are now telling me that I need to play casino games to clear the bonus and can only use the poker points to buy tourney tickets. Another person told me that I can get a poker bonus if I make deposits with bitcoin (I used credit card).
I fell mislead by the advertisement here for Ignition and would recommend that you reconsider making it your top choice. I sent them another email asking for the bonus. I will keep you updated if I get it.

For now, I advise not to count on bonuses from ignition as they will try to find any excuse not to pay it. I wonder what cashing out will look like....

I want to follow up on a comment I sent you earlier today. Ignition replied that I did get some bonus, but did not get the full amount, as I only have 30 days to clear it. On their bonus tab, it said that I have until September to clear my welcome bonus. It looks like all bonus are really only for casino usage. The bonus system for poker is more or less non existent.

The poker bonus is, unintuitively labeled "Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus". We are sorry that you chose the wrong bonus and that we didn't make it 100% clear which to choose on this page (as we do on our more extensive Ignition review). 

We would like to make it up to you. Sebastian, we ask that you please contact us via Skype or Email and reference your comments on this page. We will try our best to work something out for you to make sure you aren't out of pocket with the poker bonus snafu. 

We have updated this article to reflect this bonus information so that others do not befall the same fate!

We sympathize with you Sebastian. The bonuses are not labeled in such a way as to clearly indicate which bonus is the poker bonus. We have known this at Professional Rakeback for some time and we have two large warnings on our Ignition Poker Review. Here is what those warnings look like:

When you select your bonus, be sure you choose the one labeled "Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus" as this is the poker bonus. All other bonuses are casino bonuses so don't make a mistake that could cost you up to $1,350 here!

Be sure to select the proper bonus when depositing. It is a bit tricky, but if you want the poker bonus you must select the bonus labeled as: Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus  All other bonuses are casino bonuses!

However, these warnings were not present on this page. And for that we apologize. We have rectified the issue and put up a warning on this page so that no one else suffers the problems that you have gone through. We are going to address your other statements below so that others will get clarification:

Another person told me that I can get a poker bonus if I make deposits with bitcoin (I used credit card).

The poker bonus, as well as all of the normal casino bonuses, are available to all players no matter what method one uses to deposit. The confusion likely comes from the fact that there are special, larger casino bonuses which are only available to Bitcoin depositors.

I will keep you updated if I get it.

Please do keep us updated. We want to follow up with you after you have spoken to Ignition Casino management. We want to make this right by you!

I wonder what cashing out will look like...

Cashing out is smooth at Ignition Casino. Just like all other offshore sites, you will need to provide picture ID and proof of address to satisfy international money laundering and know your customer laws. But once you have submitted those documents, cashout speeds are the best in the business. In case you weren't aware, we have a cash out report that we udpate monthly with publicly verifiable information that we compile about payout speeds. Here is a link to our monthly payout report.


I read your site and decided to try and play some poker online again. I was playing daily years ago when all the sites stopped letting US players play and have not tried sense. I was a bit disappointed to find out that I can not even sign up or make an account there without a cell phone. I do not own a cell phone and have no need to waist money on one monthly. I think you may want to add that you can not play without owning a cell phone.

Hello Ken, We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience with us. First let us explain what is going on and why.

The mobile phone verification is an advanced fraud prevention technique. As you may or may not be aware, privacy is dead. Mobile phone carriers sell their databases to anyone with money and so a person's name is associated with their cell phone number. As such, gambling sites use the cell phone number to send SMS verification texts upon account creation. This helps them match up names to numbers. This helps sites keep down their fraud rates so that they can avoid processing deposits for stolen credit cards for example (they match the name on the CC to that of the mobile phone). So the good news is that you can bypass this mobile phone number restriction. There are websites out there where you can get a temporary telephone number online that will receive your SMS verification code thus allowing you to pass verification checks. This will allow you to create an account on Ignition Casino, and the many other gambling websites who use this verification technique. One such site you could use is called

The bad news is that they will know you used a VOIP / online number because they have sophisticated fraud prevention remember! So what will happen is that your account will be flagged and the deposit and withdrawal options will be limited. As the account will be classified as a "security risk" your only options for deposits and withdrawals will be crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

If you aren't familiar with crypto-currency, do not fret. We have created full on step by step pictorial guides that will help you create a wallet, buy crypto-currency from an exchange, and deposit it within minutes. Simply find our menu titled "Crypto" where you will find all the resources you need to get started.

I must ask, at one point there were real legitimate sites that gave FREE money to try out and you can do as many or as many casino's you wanted. I used to play party poker and when they stopped the U.S. they took over 13,000 from me and sent me a letter saying I owed the government all that because of how long I had been playing. Here's my question I need a good poker site that gives at a minimum of $100 that has a withdraw option. No playthrough and where I can cash out at any moment, so if I make $200 and chose to leave $50 in and cash the $150 I should be able to. Can someone help me out with this?

Hello Amy. We are not sure what you are referring to with regard to Party Poker. When they pulled out of the US online gambling market, they paid out all players. Furthermore, we have never once heard of someone getting a letter from them at that time. Further still, Party Poker would have no way of knowing if you owed the US government any money.

With regard to your question about good poker sites, this page is full of them. However, perhaps not with the criteria you want. No one gives out $100 no deposit bonuses with zero play-through requirements. That would be akin to handing out free money and no business could survive such a practice.

We do however offer a $10 no deposit bonus through America's Cardroom. You can learn more on our Exclusive Offers page. There is a play-through requirement, but it is miniscule at $15 of rake paid. You can of course always withdraw your winnings earned from the $10 free bankroll offer, with no play-through requirement.

their live support says they have no US restriction and take players from all states. They said they used to have a restriction but it was removed. I know people in NV stream on ACR.

Hello TheShadow7478, It would seem that the person in customer service you spoke to was, regrettably, incorrect.

America's Cardroom, and the Winning Poker Network in general, allow 43 of 50 US states. We have confirmed this on their website after reading your comment. Here is a screenshot of the USA state restrictions for their online poker site:

Screenshot of website detailing residents from which states are allowed and disallowed from playing online poker.

What poker sites are you an agent for? We are big agents for many Asia sites and we want to cooperate with Professional Rakeback! Email me at [REDACTED].

Thank you for your interest in wishing to do business with However, we have yet to find a trustworthy Asian poker site that uses the agent model. The problem is that our customers would have to put their trust into an unknown person who handles all money at sites that are intended to be "play money" websites, yet somehow offer real money payouts.

This is too shady for us. We could of course handle the payments ourselves, but this would be a violation of US law if we did this with our US customers and we simply are not interested in such things.

Good luck with your business, but your shady Asian agent sites will never be listed on this website. We actually care about our customers :)

When are the legal Michigan poker sites coming online? Will those off shore companies bail when they do?


It turns out that the governor of Michigan decided to veto the bill that allowed for state-wide regulation at the last minute. As such there was no time to overturn it. Also, the necessary votes to do so almost certainly did not exist. Here is an article we wrote on the subject.

Not that it is valid any longer, should the bill pass in the 2019 legislative session and be signed into law, the offshore sites would certainly take notice. Judging by what they have done in other regulated states they would likely cease taking on new clients from Michigan once regulated sites began operating so as to avoid any legal issues.

Past and existing clients would probably be grandfathered in. Odds are that they would be allowed to continue to play with existing funds, as well as withdraw any current and future winnings. However, new deposits would likely be prohibited.

How soon will we see one of these sites adopt PayPal for payouts or/and funding of accounts? It seems like only the super small shady sites accept PayPal, and even then it never seems to last. Why?

Highly unlikely that any US-facing offshore sites will adopt PayPal due to UIGEA restrictions. Even onshore sites will have issues getting PayPal to work with them now with the recent reinterpretation of the Wire Act by the DOJ as of Jan 2019.

We suggest just sticking to crypto currency. It's just as fast as PayPal, and cheaper in most cases.

Can you get me a list of all the online rooms that offer Android poker games? TIA!

Hey Galaxy-Liferrr,

First up, nice name! Secondly, sure, we can provide you with that information (although all this information is contained above in The Guide). In order of largest to smallest player pools, here goes:

1] Pai Wang Luo Network: Ignition Casino and Bovada, cash games and fast fold zone poker only, no tournaments, HTML 5 web client (no download necessary).

2] Winning Poker Network: America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, fast fold Blitz poker and Jackpot sit-n-goes only, no normal paced cash games, tournaments, or regular sit-n-goes, HTML 5 web client (no download necessary).

3] Chico Poker Network: and BetOnline, all game types offered, HTML 5 web client (no download necessary).

4] Horizon Poker Network: Juicy Stakes and Intertops, all game types offered, flash based web client.

5] Cubeia Network: Nitrogensports, all offered game types, HTML 5 web client (no download necessary).

Hope that helps and you are welcome!!

I win but maybe I win more if there were less bots. When are they gonna do sumthing about that shiz?

Thanks for the comment gattlinggunz703.

While we realize that ACR (America's Cardroom) has bots on its site, so does every other poker site in the world. However, they are not as commonplace as many conspiracy theorists would have you believe.

ACR, like all other reputable online poker sites, polices their games actively in search of bots. Any that are found are banned from the network.

However, no site is perfect and it is a constant game of "cat and mouse" with each side constantly upgrading their technology to evade detection / detect the botters. This will likely go on forever, but it is really nothing to worry about and will have a negligible impact on your winrate.

Did anybody get there money back from those thieves at Lock Poker? I lost like four grand.

Unfortunately pixmaly, no one has gotten back a dime from Lock Poker.

It appears that Jennifer Larson and company absconded with the money. There were many reports of her buying $600 bottles of wine with every meal, renting castles in Ireland to throw parties, and investing in Canadian real estate, but nothing has ever come of these investigations by 3rd parties or by Interpol (who at one point was involved).

For what it is worth, Professional Rakeback NEVER recommended Lock Poker. In fact, we openly advocated that players not play there. We easily concluded that the business model was unsustainable and resembled a Ponzi Scheme. We took a lot of heat for that from those in denial, but ultimately, and sadly for those screwed out of funds, we were proven correct. Hopefully some heeded our warnings!



This is a poker website, so of course we are going to recommend playing online. However, with that said, we want you to do so responsibly!

If you have $20,000 and no debt, we suggest that you tighten up your living expenses and set aside at least 6 months of that $20k as an emergency fund. Then, don't touch it at all.

The remaining funds will need to be divided up into your current living funds, and your bankroll for poker. Odds are you will have a small 4 figure bankroll. Depending on the game types you play, you will be relegated to low or micro stakes poker. This likely will be inadequate to make a living off of unless you put in a solid 40+ hours per week of high volume play.

If you can commit to doing these things and implement them with rigid discipline, we suggest that you also study 10+ hours a week on top of full time work, with the goal of rapidly moving up to mid-stakes games where one can earn a solid 4 to low 5 figures a month and support ones self.

Good luck in your quest to partake in the freedom being an online poker grinder provides!

Hi there. I am from India and staying in Charlotte.. Can I allowed to play online poker with real Money..

Hello Appu, We presume you mean Charlotte North Carolina. If so, nice choice, it is a fine city in which to reside.

The answer to your question is YES. In fact, here is our guide to North Carolina online poker.

You will need to provide proof of residence at a permanent address in Charlotte to any of the online card rooms you wish to play at. You will also need to provide photo ID. Your government issued ID from your home country of India will suffice.

Once you have provided this information to any of the card rooms in this review, you will be eligible to participate in for money card games!

Thanks for your question, and if you have any more feel free to email us, Skype us, or post another comment.

Good luck at the tables Appu!

Stay away from PPPoker. My agent sucks n hes hassling me to pay me out n there is nothing i can do about it cuz i have no one to complaint to!

We couldn't agree more Marvin5. PPPoker is a difficult place to find someone accountable for their actions. The agents are mostly fly-by-night in nature and difficult to trust.

Currently we do not recommend any PPPoker Clubs. Nor have we recommended any in the past. This may change at some time, but as of yet, we have found no one we would trust with our own money. As such, we would not recommend any Clubs to you, or any of our other readers!

Seeking advice for a site to join. My experience is only with live poker. I'm in NY

Hello Fitzdaddykane! In our opinion, the best sites available to you for multi-table tournaments in New York state are as follows:

Pai Wang Luo Network - This would include Ignition Casino and/or Bovada. Tournaments have lots of recreational players and are mostly freezeouts with decent structures.

Winning Poker Network - This includes America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and True Poker. The games here are tougher because there are more sharks, but they have rakeback, and they do run the largest guarantees. In order to meet those guarantees, the tournaments often have 2-5 hours of late registration, which tends to drag them out much longer.

We actually have a page for you to read that is dedicated to helping you find the best MTT sites. Let us know if you have further questions, we would be happy to answer them all!

Good luck at the tables.

Does Ignition Poker have to option of setting up a cash game table or tournament by invitation only where I can invite only my friends to join the table/game?

Hello Cory. Unfortunately, Ignition Poker does not have any mechanism where in a user may create invitation only or password protected games. In fact, none of the sites on this list have such a feature for regular users. We as affiliates can set up certain tournaments on a couple sites, but even that is not built into the software/easily done.

These features used to be common a little over a decade ago. However, they were thoroughly abused by professionals fleecing fish and home game players bypassing paying rake . Thus, ultimately, virtually every site ended up removing the ability to create these types of games.

I wish more online poker sites would offer privacy coins for cashing out and putting money on in the first place. Given there are so many countries who try to restrict poker, it seems like offering privacy coin support like DASH, ZCASH, MONERO, etc would really help increase the player pool amiright?

You guys should use your connections and lobby these sites to start using privacy coins!!!!!!

We do not really know why the overwhelming majority of sites eschew the acceptance of privacy coins. Perhaps it is because those markets are smaller? Perhaps the development is more difficult? Maybe the real world banks they are connected to simply don't want to do business with entities that accept privacy coins?

Unfortunately we have nothing to offer but this idle speculation.

We don't think it would greatly expand the player pool, but it may provide a small boost in some, more difficult markets.

In any case, we thank you for your comment and we will try to chase down a more thorough answer from some of our partner sites as to why they do not do business in privacy coins.

In the mean time, please note that the Chico Poker Network accepts DASH and the Winning Poker Network accepts all the major privacy coins.

Preciate the detailed data dudes
Let's get it

Party on G̶a̶r̶t̶h Max pain!

I dont see this site reviewd here or anywhere on your site. Is it safe to play there or not?

Hello JamesK. We have not yet reviewed Kings Club Poker, but it is on our to-do list.

Generally speaking, we are not fans of "agent sites". Software could be the best in the world, but if the agent is bad, or the games are poor in any particular club, then we can not recommend it. 

Given that there are dozens of clubs in these type of scenarios, we can't recommend the product because the experience is not homogenous for all users.

We shall see however, soon we will review KCP, so keep checking back :)

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