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Nitrogen Sports: 7 Pros & Cons of Poker Room & Sportsbook

Nitrogen Poker Brags and Beats

  • Open to almost all countries, including USA
  • Nearly instant withdrawals
  • Compatible with almost all systems
  • Valuable Nitro Rewards program
  • Daily freerolls
  • Attached sportsbook and casino
  • Anonymous accounts and no dox required
  • Low player traffic
  • Few poker variants
  • No download client
Nitrogen Poker Logo

Nitrogen Sports has been one of the most renowned Bitcoin sports-betting sites for quite a while now, and it expanded its offerings with the launch of an online poker site in late 2014. It's beloved by players who like easy BTC funding, anonymous and speedy withdrawals, and the ability to play cards without installing a bulky poker client application. That's right; this poker room operates through your web browser rather than a dedicated download program. The benefit for most people is that they can play on whatever platform they wish as long as it has a modern web browser: Windows PC, Mac, cellphone, tablet, and more!

All gameplay is denominated in mBTC chips (1 chip = 1/1000 of a bitcoin) at this Bitcoin poker room and sportsbook. There are NO COUNTRY OR STATE RESTRICTIONS at Nitrogen Poker. All players, located anywhere on the face of the earth, are welcome here. The amount of player traffic is currently fairly small, but it has already eclipsed several of its competitors in the Bitcoin poker space, and we expect it to grow significantly going forward.

Nitrogen Poker Rakeback

There's no Nitrogen Poker rakeback program at all, so we're afraid that this poker site isn't the place to go if regular RB payments are what you're after. You might wish to consult our list of rakeback poker rooms instead. What Nitrogen does provide to its players is a valuable loyalty program. As you play at the tables, you'll earn a set number of Loyalty Points based on your rake total and a variable amount of Nitro depending on your position in the program. This Nitro can be exchanged for bitcoins, so it functions basically as a type of rakeback. You'll get between 8% and 50% cashback value depending on how much you can grind in a month.

Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Gambling Lineup

Although you're reading this review because you're primarily interested in poker, there's a compelling argument for making Nitrogen your go-to destination for all your sports betting endeavors as well. It charges low juice on almost all markets – of which there's an extensive selection. Not only can you bet on prominent contests in MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, EPL, and other well-known leagues, but you can also put action on quite obscure events as well. Nitrogen does feature a casino section too, but there are only seven games.


create an account cta

STEP 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for the proper tracking of your account.  Click the appropriate browser button below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2: Click the banner below to create your Professional Rakeback Nitrogen Sports account.

Nitrogen Poker Banner

Step 3:  Click "I Agree, Create my anonymous account.".

Step 4:  Your account will be instantly created without the need for entering your name, address, or any other personally identifying information.

Step 5:  For security purposes and also for ease of logging into your account in future, create a username and password on the page that appears.

Step 6:  (optional) To verify that your account was properly tracked, just contact us by Skype or email and inform us of your account ID (the numbers following your nickname at the right and top of your screen).

Step 7:  (optional) You will appear at the tables as "satoshi" by default, and this is the name other users will see. You can change your screenname by going to the account menu in the top-right of your browser and choosing "Settings."

Step 8:  Within the account menu at the top-right, go to "Cashier." Then press "New Address" to create a valid Bitcoin deposit address.

Step 9: Send any amount of bitcoins to that address from your Bitcoin wallet. Once you get a single network confirmation on your deposit, you'll have a funded and ready-to-go Nitrogen Sports Poker account!

Nitrogen Poker Lobby Layout

The games at Nitrogen are divided into Cash, Sit & Go's, and Tournaments just like at almost every other poker room on the internet. Before taking a seat in any of these games, we strongly advise you to click the settings icon in the top-left of the lobby and adjust a couple of parameters first. Go to the "Tables & Themes" tab, and turn on "Open tables in a new window" and "Four color deck." This will prevent you from struggling to click back and forth in multiple tabs of your browser and will safeguard you against misreading your hand. The other settings involve backgrounds, sounds, avatars, and a few other elements that you can customize according to your tastes.

One unusual feature at Nitrogen is the site-wide chatbox, which shows the last message by default at the top of the poker lobby. You can expand it by clicking on this message, and then the box will open up, allowing you to see several lines at a time and type in your own comments. This feature is more annoying than useful, but it does create a feeling of community as people cheer for their favorite sports teams, brag about their winning bets, and whine about rigged poker hands (some things are the same at every site).

Nitrogen Poker Cash Game LobbyCash Game Lobby at Nitrogen

Nitrogen Poker Cash Games

The most popular game is No Limit Texas Hold'em, and you'll typically see around a dozen tables with cards being dealt from 0.01/0.02 to about 0.25/0.50. There are higher blinds offered, and in fact, the lobby lists up to 200/400, but there are hardly ever any players actually sitting at these stratospheric levels. You can play 9-handed, 6-max, or heads-up. Limit Hold'em and PLO can also be found, but there are usually no more than one or two active games running.

In December 2019, Nitrogen added Six-Plus Hold'em tables to its ring game roster. At present, there's only a single nine-handed table listed for 0.05/0.10 blinds. Nitrogen uses “Triton Rules,” which means that while a flush outranks a full house as is usual in 6+ Hold'em, a straight is better than a set, which is not the case for standard Six+ games.

There's one other type of poker present in the ring games: Crazy Hold'em. Veterans of the old Paradise Poker may recall playing this format, under the name "Crazy Pineapple." It's similar to Texas Hold'em, but you get three hole cards instead of two. After the flop round of betting, every player must choose one of their three cards and discard it. Crazy Hold'em leads to intriguing strategic implications and looser gameplay than traditional Hold'em, but unfortunately, these tables are usually deserted.

Nitrogen Poker Tournaments

The biggest weekly events at Nitrogen Sports Poker are the 4.5 + 0.5 chip Saturday and Sunday tourneys that guarantee prize pools of at least 100 chips. Daily, you'll find a couple of 20 mBTC guaranteed tournaments that cost 1.08 + 0.12 to enter. There are also a few smaller tournaments every day mostly priced between 0.1 and 0.6 chips. There's a freeroll each day that awards MTT step satellite tickets. Sit-and-gos are present as well, up to 0.025 BTC buyins, but they seldom fill.

Nitrogen Poker Tournament LobbyTournaments on Offer at Nitrogen

Nitrogen also runs freerolls every day and week for users who can achieve certain rake targets in cash games. In total, there's more than 1.8 BTC up for grabs each week in these challenge freerolls.

Nitrogen Poker Tables and Software

The poker software at Nitrogen is supplied by Cubeia, a Swedish developer that focuses solely on web-based gaming solutions and has been in the industry since 2007. While there's nothing amazing about this poker solution, particularly in comparison with download poker clients, it works smoothly and is easy to use. Undoubtedly, the decision to deliver up basic gameplay without a whole lot of frills was influenced by the need to remain compatible across a broad spectrum of devices.

Nitrogen Poker Table0.02/0.04 NLHE Ring Game

You have a betslider, buttons for fractions of the pot, and a box to type in the exact size of your bets, which is good because the buttons allow you to make quick bets while still preserving the ability to tailor your betsizing more precisely when needed. One odd thing about the poker table interface is the fact that dealer messages (like the community cards dealt and the betting action) are presented at the bottom of the table in a separate tab from player chat. It's easy to switch between them, and there's nothing really wrong with doing it this way, but it does take some getting used to.

Nitrogen Poker Cashier

Nitrogen Sports Deposit Interface

Because this is a Bitcoin-only site, all transactions are done exclusively in this cryptocurrency. Every customer has a Bitcoin address to which he or she can send funds, but it's possible to generate new addresses whenever you wish. When you send BTC to your Nitrogen account, the sum will show up in your balance as soon as there is one confirmation on the Bitcoin network: a process that can take a few minutes or a few days depending on the miners fee you have indicated.

When requesting a cashout, the procedure is simple. Just enter the amount you wish to receive, the address of your Bitcoin wallet, and your password. Be aware that any amounts smaller than 0.00001 BTC will be rounded off, so you may have to leave a bit of spare change remaining in your balance. We initiated a test withdrawal from Nitrogen and are pleased to report that it took less than 2 hours from making the request until the coins were safely in our wallet.

As long as you've ever deposited at least 0.005 BTC to your Nitrogen account, you can get a free withdrawal every six days. Additional cashouts beyond the first within a six-day period incur a charge of 0.0001 BTC intended to offset the cost of Bitcoin miner's fees.

Nitrogen Rewards

Although Nitrogen doesn't compete heavily for new business with big bonuses or headline-grabbing freebies, it does take care of its customers with the Nitro Rewards system.

For every 1 chip you rake in the poker room, you'll receive 2.5 Loyalty Points. These add up during the course of a month to determine your position in the ranks of the loyalty program for the next month. Every rewards tier comes with a multiplier, and you'll gain the spendable currency Nitro faster the higher you advance. The breakdown of the levels is as follows:

  • Bronze: 0 points required, 1.0 multiplier
  • Silver: 100 points required, 1.25 multiplier
  • Gold: 500 points required, 1.5 multiplier
  • Platinum: 2,500 points required, 2.0 multiplier
  • Diamond: 7,500 points required, 2.5 multiplier

You used to be able to trade in your Nitro for either chips added to your account or free bets to use for sports betting, but the free bets appear to have been discontinued whether temporarily or permanently. Therefore, you are limited to receiving mBTC chips unless and until the free sports wagers are added back in.

The smallest cash reward is 1 mBTC, which costs 30 Nitro, meaning you'd have to rake 12 chips at Bronze level to earn it, for a rakeback percentage of 8.33%. At Diamond level, you'd only have to rake 4.8, bumping your rate of return up to 20%+. Here's a list of all the goodies available through the Nitro rewards program and their Nitrogen Poker rakeback equivalents:

Chart of Nitro Rewards at Nitrogen Poker

The most sizeable crypto credit, for a whole 1 bitcoin, is priced at 12,500 Nitro. For Diamond players, this only takes 2 BTC worth of rake to achieve, so they're getting back 50% of what they paid. The next lowest cashback tier, for 500 mBTC, also delivers a 50% rate of return for Diamonds. These two options represent the best Nitrogen Poker rakeback value to be had from Nitro Rewards at present.

+   Maximizing Your Nitrogen Rakeback

Nitrogen Sportsbook

Sports wagering is Nitrogen's main product, which it has been offering since 2012, a couple of years before it started dealing poker games. The broad selection of markets, reduced juice odds, and easy-to-use interface has kept bettors loyal to this book, which is regarded as the premier Bitcoin bookmaker online.

When you log into your Nitrogen account, you'll see a list of sports along the left of the screen. Clicking on any of them opens up a submenu containing the various leagues and special betting possibilities available. Most major athletic leagues are present, like Major League Baseball and English Premier League soccer. You might be surprised by the extensive palette of more niche organizations listed as well, like Korea Professional Baseball and the Bolivia Primera Division.

After you select the type of match/wager you wish to place, all the upcoming lines for that selection will appear in the middle of your screen. You'll see the odds of each side of every contest along with the betting limit. The maximum possible bet varies wildly, but for the most popular games, it tends to be between about half a bitcoin and 2 bitcoins. Clicking a blue arrow next to a betting option will add it to your betslip.

Nitrogen Sports Betting WebsiteThe Interface for Betting on Sports at Nitrogen

Within the betslip, you can enter the amount you wish to put at risk, and the system will calculate and display the sum you stand to win. You can place straight wagers, parlays that depend on the results of multiple happenings, and teasers that allow you to shift the points spread in football and basketball contests to your advantage.

When you're ready to book your wager, click on “Place Wager.” You will then be asked to “Confirm Wager,” after which your bet will be accepted by the system and will be considered officially placed.

Nitrogen In-Play Live

Nitrogen's In-Play Live section permits you to place additional wagers even after sports competitions have already begun. This is a feature that has become more prevalent online as time passes, and it's now fairly standard at every modern sports-betting site. Unfortunately, there are usually only a few games listed in the In-Play Live area of the sportsbook, so if you're a really big fan of live betting, Nitrogen might not be able to satisfy you in this department.

Nitrogen Sports Promos

There are tons of sportsbook promos at Nitrogen. The most famous is probably the monthly Parlay Jackpot competition. Three leaderboards (classified by amount staked) each reward the seven users with the highest parlay paydays during the month. Even if a parlay loses by a single leg, it still qualifies for the Parlay Jackpot. The top prize is often more than 1 bitcoin!

Time-sensitive offers, geared around specific sporting events, abound. Examples include complimentary credits for successful NCAA March Madness bracket predictions, free bets for placing parlays on certain games, and rewards for correctly guessing who will win the most medals in the Olympics. Almost all of these specials are not advertised on the Nitrogen main site, so you'll have to keep an eye on the Nitrogen Sports blog and Twitter to participate.

Nitrogen Casino

The Nitrogen Casino promises a diverting break from the sports and poker action. Some of the titles appear to have been custom-developed for Nitrogen, meaning that you won't find similar games elsewhere. Others were created by third parties, like Parlay and Concept Gaming.

While the number of games present could have been counted on one hand when Nitrogen first opened up its casino, the game library has expanded somewhat since then. Nevertheless, there are only 40 titles available for your amusement.

The games created by Nitrogen itself are:

  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack One Deck
  • Blackjack Two Deck
  • Blackjack Eight Deck
  • Three Card Poker
  • Craps
  • Knockout Slot

And the titles provided by outside software houses are:

  • Fruit Loot
  • Toy Box
  • European Roulette
  • Gold N Gems
  • Fruit Loot Reboot
  • Gold N Gems II
  • Baccarat
  • Multi Hand Blackjack V2
  • Pompeii
  • Koi Fortunes
  • Cretaceous Park
  • Keno Fortunes
  • Keno Vegas
  • Diamond Times
  • Fire Storm
  • Blackjack Tournament
  • Fortunes of China
  • Blood Money
  • Rainbow Farm
  • Pharaoh's Gold
  • Rainbow Farm Returns
  • Pharaoh's Gold II
  • Samurai Gold
  • Samurai Gold 2
  • American Roulette
  • Pirates The Lost Treasures
  • China Fortunes
  • Big Vegas
  • Beautiful Asia
  • Jacks or Better
  • Area 51
  • Fruit Crush Super Pays

This very limited game selection would be forgivable if the gameplay was stunning with top-notch graphics and a wealth of bonus features. Sadly, this is not the case. The Dice interface looks like some kind of wacky '60s B movie, the Blackjack tables use weird, six-sided cards, and the flow of the Baccarat game is almost incomprehensible to the newcomer. The slot machines are somewhat better, perhaps because most of them were not designed in-house by Nitrogen itself but rather provided by outside firms.

Nitrogen Casino Slot Game: KnockoutNitrogen's Slot Title: Knockout

If you're an online casino enthusiast, then Nitrogen's product will most likely not measure up to your standards. You might want to check out our list of the best internet casinos for USA players to get some more ideas on where to play.

Nitrogen Poker Support

Fast support at NitrogenSportsSupport concerned about user safety and responded in under 30 minutes.

Through a "Help" link at the bottom of the website, you can receive assistance with any problems you encounter at Nitrogen Poker. The in-house ticketing system is the fastest method you can use with replies typically arriving within a couple of hours and in many cases, mere minutes. You can also send an email to support[at] if you prefer. There are sometimes support personnel watching the global chatbox too, and they may answer your questions in that forum as well.


The rake is too high. The software is mediocre. The games are easy.

Hey there btc over shitcoins,

We pretty much agree with your review. One thing of note however is that the rake adjusts periodically. As it is denominated in Bitcoin rather than in USD, the USD equivalent of the price of rake fluctuates with the price of Bitcoin. As such, they do adjust the price of rake from time to time to compensate for price changes in Bitcoin.

Your poker rakeback table is way off.

Seems that you did not look closer into freebet T@C.

When you bet 0.400 BTC when odds are e.g. 1.5 (risk 1 to win 0.5) and win - you got 0.600 BTC total (= initial stake + 0.200 profit).

When , in the same situation, you bet FREEBET 0.400..... - you got 0.200 BTC total.

Hello Zorba,

We take issue with your analysis, your assertion that we incorrectly parsed the T&C, and your skill with advantage betting.

One can get asymptotically close to realizing an expected value of (freebet denomination - juice) by making bets with longer and longer odds. In the example provided of betting on a favorite, it is indeed a low-value play.

Perhaps the assumptions in our chart are too optimistic, but they are certainly more reasonable than using the freebets to make 1.5 selections, which is the wrong strategy to employ.


I was checking out your site and its been very informative, but is your rakeback info for nitrogensports accurate?

When calculating the rb percentage for players when they purchase an freebet, i think it should be half of the value of the freebet
ticket, no? You win half the time and lose half the time. So the value should be about half of the freebet. Which would make the info
you presented wildly inaccurate.

Hello albert and thank you for leaving your comment. It is questions like this that prove to us we have not explained the concepts in our review in such a way that all readers can digest them, thus forcing us to improve our reviews. For that, we thank you!

In short, you have incorrectly assessed the value of the free bets by using the worst possible example. There are much better bets to make that create tremendously more rakeback value. For more detail, I turn you over to our Nitrogen Sports editor who had this detailed explanation of our methodology:

While it is true that you cannot realize the entire face value equity of a Nitrogen freebet, you can get closer and closer to it by making longshot bets. If you deploy the bet to make an even-money selection, as in your example, it is true that your EV is only approximately 50% of the size of the free bet.

However, if you put your money down on a bet with odds of 5.0 (4 - 1 or +400), for example, then you will win about 20% of the time, and when you do, you will collect four times the value of the free bet. If your freebet is 10 mBTC, then the EV calculation looks like this:

EV(win) = 0.20 * 40 mBTC = 8 mBTC

EV(lose) = 0.80 * 0 mBTC = 0 mBTC

EV(total) = 8 mBTC

Here, you have captured 80% of the value of your free bet. And you can do even better by making a pick with even higher odds.

Of course, there is a small vigorish baked into the betting lines, so you might only effectively realize 77% or so of the face value of the free bet in the example shown. Nevertheless, it's possible make your free bet returns come out pretty close to the total sum of the free bets as long as you're willing to put up with higher variance.

Because your actual EV will vary based upon your risk tolerance, the sharpness of Nitrogen's lines, and a few other minor factors, we cannot present a totally accurate reflection of the expected value of these bets. Therefore, we have elected to treat them as being worth their face value and leave it up to the bettor to determine how best to utilize this value.

We hope that this has clarified for you that once a more appropriate betting strategy for the freebets is chosen, the EV skyrockets compared to the low EV bet you used in your example. Furthermore, we welcome any and all questions you may have about this so that we can further improve our explanations and this review!

Good luck at the tables albert!

Thanks for your response. You guys are right, I have not thought of it that way, and it seems i have been making really poor bets with the freeplays that i've been getting from my sportsbooks.



Hello robert lastt, Do you know that all caps = SCREAMING ON THE INTERNET? Perhaps you do not. Are you aware that SCREAMING SOMETHING to people with no facts to back it up rarely works as an argument? Perhaps you do not. Can you provide a shred of evidence to back up your claims? For example, how are customers being scammed? What sort of cheating do you suspect?

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