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Ignition Poker? - Professional Review, Deposit or Run in 2020!

Ignition Poker logoIgnition Poker

 Reasons for you to play:

‣ Anonymous tables
‣ Soft and easy games
‣ Open to American players
‣ Open to Australian players
‣ Lottery-style Jackpot Sit & Go STTs
‣ Largest US- and AU-friendly poker site
‣ Fast Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals
‣ A top-shelf mobile poker client meticulously built for iOS and Android
‣ Plentiful no limit Texas Hold'em and pot limit Omaha poker cash games
‣ Most fixed Limit Texas Hold'em action available at any site in the world!
‣ The poker deposit bonus equals 50% rakeback in cash games, SNGs, MTTs!
‣ Large multi-table freezeout tournaments; few rebuys and no long-winded re-entry
‣ Ten million dollars, $10,000,000, per month in GTD Hold'em and Omaha tournaments

Reasons You Might Not Like This Site:

‣ Few poker reload bonuses
‣ Inability to use Poker Tracker or Hold'em Manager due to anonymous tables
‣ If you've self-banned at another gambling site your account will be denied here
‣ Strict "Know Your Customer" compliance means you must provide ID verification

Ignition Casino is the newest site available to American and Australian poker players. It boasts a large and full featured online casino as well as, what we are most concerned with, a very large online poker following. In fact, Ignition is the seventh largest online poker provider in the entire world.

Seventh place is good enough to make it the largest option available to players in the USA, and, having recently opened to players in Australia, the same holds true there. When you visit Ignition using our links, you’ll be eligible for a $1,000 Ignition Poker bonus on your first deposit without having to enter in any bonus codes. Aussies are eligible for a $1,350 poker bonus due to the weakness in the AUD.


Ignition itself has been around for a couple of years as a casino, but they did not start to offer poker until the fall of 2016. In fact, they surprised everyone in the industry by coming out of nowhere to purchase all of the poker business from the former giant in the US market, Bovada. Speculation online is that Bovada's poker operations were sold to Ignition for somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million US dollars! A pretty tidy sum – Ignition clearly has deep pockets, which of course bodes well for player fund security. Not only did they purchase the player base of Bovada, but Ignition purchased all of the information technology as well, including the advanced collusion and bot detection security tools. In fact, from what we've been told, they are working on expanding the player protection resources and providing the fairest games for all players, be they recreational or professional.

Speaking of recreational players, they will be happy to know that the tables are anonymous, and sharks will be unable to track their play over weeks and months, chase them should they choose to swap tables, or use advanced third-party software against them. Sharks, sorry, but unlike PokerStars, there is very little third-party tracking software available for this site, but we do recommend that you make use of the (per-session only) Ignition poker HUD.

account creation instructions below

For players in the USA and Australia, sign up with Ignition. The player pools on Ignition, Bovada, Bodog, and Bodog88 are the same - the brands are simply different for legal reasons.

STEP 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory - you may not receive the maximum deposit bonuses (100% match up to $1,000 for both poker and casino products for a total of $2,000 of available bonuses) if you fail to do this step! Click the appropriate browser button below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2:  If you've previously installed the Ignition software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3:  Click the appropriate banner below, depending on whether you reside in the USA or Australia, to create your Professional Rakeback Ignition account.

Step 4:  Click "Join Now" button.

Step 5:  Fill out account information and click "Open Account".

Step 6:  (optional) If you wish us to verify your account was properly created, you must call Ignition at 1-855-370-0600 and ask them for your "customer number." The entire call takes less than 2 minutes. Then simply contact us via Skype or email and provide us with your customer number (ex: 14620799) and registered email address.

Step 7:  Deposit and enjoy! The first credit card deposit is free, after that a small fee is levied. Please note that you will have more success depositing with a MasterCard as opposed to a Visa (~67% vs ~47%); however, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposits work 100% of the time!

We highly recommend using Bitcoin (BTC) which is always free - learn how easy it is to set up bitcoin for online gambling here. Another lightning fast and completely free deposit option is Bitcoin Cash, which we cover extensively in our very detailed BCH set up guide. Not only are both BTC and BCH deposit options easy to use (almost everyone that tries them uses them again... and again... and again!), but if you follow the instructions in our guides you will also get $10 worth of BTC or BCH free upon making your first purchase of crypto-currency. Furthermore, the standard Ignition poker deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,000 is supplanted by a superior deal of 125% up to $1,250 for those who deposit with crypto-currency.

Click here to Read our Bitcoin Guide

Click Here to Read our Bitcoin Cash Guide

When you select your bonus, be sure you choose the one labeled “Poker Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1,000” or the one listed as “125% Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonus up to $1,250” as these are the valid poker bonus. All other bonuses are casino bonuses so don't make a mistake that could cost you up to $1,250 here!

US State Restrictions:   Unfortunately, Ignition poker is not able to accept new players from the following US states and territoriesDelaware, Maryland, Nevada, and New Jersey.

HUD:  Did you want to use a HUD when playing? Unfortunately the terms and conditions of the network are restrictive, and very few HUD programs are allowed. In fact, only one has seemingly passed the test. That program is Holdem Indicator, which even works on fast-fold Zone Poker tables. Professional Rakeback offers an exclusive 10% discount on Holdem Indicator and iHoldem Indicator, for you Mac users, to our players. If you are interested in a review head over to our software page and if you simply wish to purchase it now, with a ten percent discount off the retail price of $99 USD, then all you need to do is click here for PC and here for Mac.

While Poker Tracker doesn't provide native Ignition support, an add-on has been released that makes one of the most popular hand tracking programs work with the most popular USA- and AUS-facing online poker room. The Ignition hand grabber for PT4 is available directly from the company and is totally free. However, PokerTracker itself costs money to buy – between $59.99 and $159.99 depending on which specific package you opt for. You can browse over to our PokerTracker 4 review to learn more about this software. To purchase it immediately, go here.

Game Variety and Stakes Offered

Ignition is part of the Pai Wang Luo poker network. PWL network is a world-wide based poker network operating in USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, several other Asian jurisdictions, and about a dozen Latin American countries. As of April 2017, they intend to expand into more Latin American and Asian countries heading into 2020. Starting in July 2017, Ignition Casino began offering poker in Australia. This network is the 7th largest online poker provider in the world behind PokerStars, GGPoker, PartyPoker, and Winamax. The games here are easier than almost every other site!

Cash Games offered:
NLHE: 5NL - 2000NL
PLO: 5PLO - 2000PLO
PLO/8: 5PLO8 - 2000PLO8
FLHE: 0.05/0.10 - 30/60
Zone (Zoom): 5NL - 500NL

Heads up, six max, and full ring are the game types offered in cash play. 

Something that both recreational and professional players will adore is cash game selection and availability. This site exceeds all other US-friendly sites in this regard, offering up considerably more traffic than its nearest competitor, Winning Poker Network. Cash games are available 'round the clock, every day of the week, for Texas Hold'em. Pot limit Omaha too draws action across all levels of stakes.

Also in the cash game department there are "Zone Poker" games, Ignition's version of "fast fold" poker where players can play up to 1,000 hands per hour (once you fold, you start a new hand on a new table almost instantly). Zone games run regularly up to the $200 buy-in level and sometimes above.

Zone Poker lobbyZone Poker Pools at Varying Stakes

We get that our textual description of Zone might not quite do the format justice, and you may have to see actual gameplay to truly understand what we're talking about. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video has got to be worth, like, at least 100,000 words, so we've recorded a session of Zone Poker for your enlightenment, and you can view it below. (We've actually performed sophisticated calculations to determine that our video is worth 2.75 million words. Click here to see the math behind this startling result):

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Ignition hides its cash tables, apart from Zone, from the lobby, making casual visitors think that the site has far less traffic than it does. They do this to protect their recreational players from being scouted by sharks and also to keep nosy tracking sites from collating and reselling their game data.

To get in a non-Zone game, you have to use a Quick Seat feature that lets you enter in the stakes, table size, and game format that you want. Then, the software will place you in a matching game. If you happen to be sent to an empty table, simply sit around for a minute, and it just might fill up. If not, try opening up another, similar type of table, and you might have better luck.

NL Texas Hold'em cash games at Ignition$0.10/$0.25 No Limit Hold'em Action at Ignition

Sit and Goes: 
Double Ups, Triple Ups, Regular, Turbo, Heads Up, 6max, 18 mans are all available. Buy-ins range from $1 to $214.

Sit and Go action is also good at Ignition. They do not offer hyper-speed games of any appreciable size, relegating the faster-playing games to lower stakes. Most of the higher-stakes games, as well as many of the lower-stakes SNGs, are regular-speed sit-and-goes that allow for deeper-stacked play for longer. They do this to, once again, cater to the average player, many of whom they have found do not like five-minute poker games with quickly increasing blind levels. Ignition is also one of the few remaining sites for USA visitors to offer Double or Nothing / DON / DUP sit-and-goes, and they also offer a unique triple up structure.

Jackpot Sit & Goes: 
Buy-ins listed at $2, $7, $20, and $60

The newest format of game to appear in the Ignition lobby is called Jackpot Sit & Go. These are three-person games that use a random multiplier to determine how big the prize pool will be. The highest possible value for the multiplier is 1,200, and the lowest is 2. The winner is normally the only one paid, but when one of the higher multiplier values is chosen, all three contestants receive cash. Find out more about this lottery-style sit n' go variant with our breakdown of Jackpot Sit & Go prizes and structures.

2 million dollars a week in guaranteed tournaments, $162 Sunday Major with $150,000 Guaranteed, freerolls, points tournaments.

There are no re-entry events on the regular Ignition schedule; most tourneys are freezeouts with just a few rebuy + add-on events thrown in. The $150k weekly Sunday Major is so popular that the prize pool sometimes hits $200k. Every week, there’s a Mad Monday tournament series with a dozen tournaments featuring guarantees ranging from $2,000 to $100,000 USD. Every two months they also run a tournament series that culminates in a main event typically having a $250k to a $500k guaranteed prize pool. The most prominent of these series are the Black Diamond Poker Open and the Golden Spade Poker Open.

Tournaments at IgnitionTournament Offerings at Ignition With Golden Spade Series Running

Initial Deposit Bonus

The Professional Rakeback Ignition poker bonus is among the fastest-clearing bonuses to be found in internet poker. It is a 100% match up to $1,000 bonus (125% up to $1,250 for Bitcoin enthusiasts), and it pays out in $5 increments as you collect the required number of Ignition Miles. You need to collect 150 Miles to unlock each $5 bonus payment.

Ignition Poker players will earn Ignition Miles at the following rates:

  • Tournaments will pay 15 Ignition Miles per 1 dollar of fees
  • Cash games will pay 15 Ignition Miles per 1 dollar of rake collected
  • Jackpot Sit and Go players will get 1.5 Ignition Miles per dollar of buy-in

Learn more about Ignition poker rake.

You have 30 days to work off the Ignition poker bonus. After this time, all unearned bonus pieces will expire.

Remember to select one of the two poker bonuses from the drop-down menu when making your first deposit.  All other bonuses are casino bonuses!

Because 150 Ignition Miles corresponds to $10 in rake and tournament fees, and you get $5 added to your balance whenever you hit this Miles target, the Ignition Poker welcome bonus is worth 50% effective rakeback. This bonus clears more than twice as fast as standard USA internet poker bonuses, which tend to deliver about 20% payback on average.

Let’s say you deposit $1,000 and get the maximum poker bonus of $1,000. You then buy into a juicy $50 + $5 multi-table tournament or sit-and-go tournament. Your $5 fee earns you 75 Miles. You're already halfway toward a $5 bonus segment. Just play another game of the same buyin, and you'll be $5 richer, earning back 50% of your tourney fees.

It's even better if you're a Jackpot Sit & Go fan. To generate the 150 Ignition Miles that you need to pick up $5 from your bonus, you need to pay $100 in Jackpot entries. Ignition states that the house hold on this style of gaming is 7%. This corresponds to $7 in rake on the $100 in buyins that you pay. As long as your bonus is still active, you'll get back $5 of the $7 rake you paid – a rate of return of more than 71%.

Confirming the Poker Deposit Bonus

After you complete your initial deposit, there won't be any notification that your poker bonus has been issued, and in fact, there's no info pertaining to your bonus that can be accessed from within the poker client.While it's impossible to get to any overview of your pending poker bonuses from within the download client, you can view all bonus payments that have already hit your account balance. To do so, log into the poker software, and click on “Account” on the left side of the poker lobby. This will bring you to a list of recent transactions.

By default, the transactions view only shows items from the past day, so you might have to change this to display a longer timeframe. Once you adjust this setting, you should see any bonus payments credited during the period in question as shown below:

Ignition Transactions - Bonus PaymentIgnition Poker Bonus Payouts Are Recorded Like Any Other Transaction

PRO TIP: How to improve your rakeback with a 2,500 Freeroll

There is a very +EV way to get into a $2,500 per week freeroll with a $500 top prize. All you have to do is get to the Chrome level in the Ignition Rewards program. To do so, you must gather 2,500 Ignition Miles.

You'll get the required 2,500 Miles by paying $167 in rake or tournament fees. In Jackpot Sit & Go, you'll hit Chrome after $1,667 in buyins paid. You can also advance to Chrome in the casino with $500 in slot playthrough or $2,500 in blackjack or video poker rollover.

Once you complete this level of play, you will be Chrome level VIP and have access to the freeroll all year long. You never have to even visit the casino or play poker again and you will have continuous access to the freeroll.

The weekly Ignition $2,500 freeroll equates to $130,000 worth of value each year! Should you choose to take advantage of it, this huge EV boost is a great way to improve your overall rakeback percentage.

Ignition Poker Cashier

Ignition Casino Poker makes available several methods that you can use to fund your account and request your winnings. The specific options you have open to you will depend on your geographic area and other factors because Ignition reserves the right to provide additional processors on a per-account basis. However, there is a standard menu of choices that are extended to most players.


The size of your initial deposit bonus will determine the amount of poker bonus funds that you receive because it's a 100% up to $1,000 match. However, if you use BTC or BCH digital coins for your deposit, then you will qualify to claim a jumbo-sized 125% up to $1,250 bonus.

Bitcoin   <---- ProfRB's Recommended Deposit Method
Using the crypto-currency Bitcoin, anyone can add from $10 to $5,000 to his or her account instantly. There are no fees involved beyond the couple of dollars or so in mining fees demanded by the Bitcoin network itself. Your money will be available for you to play with after a single BTC network confirmation (typically takes less than an hour). This is a very convenient means of transferring money around online, so we strongly suggest that you get on board with Bitcoin.

It's easy to make your BTC deposit. Press the “Cashier” button in the poker lobby or choose “Deposit” in the top-right menu while logged into the Ignition website. Then choose “Bitcoin” from the list of deposit options presented to you. The deposit form will appear in your browser.

Depositing Bitcoin at Ignition CasinoIgnition's Bitcoin Deposit Form

This screen contains the Bitcoin exchange rate and an address for you to send your coins to. The rate of conversion of BTC to fiat that's shown to you will remain locked in until the time indicated. Before sending your coins, however, we advise you to click on “Choose Your Bonus” so that you can redeem the special 125% up to $1,250 bonus offer that Ignition extends to everyone who funds their account for the first time via Bitcoin. Those using other payment channels, like credit card, are restricted to the standard 100% up to $1,000 bonus.

Poker Bonuses at IgnitionSelect the Right Bonus
If Depositing With Bitcoin, Choose the 125% Bonus

Now it's time to send your bitcoins to the address displayed. Don't send coins directly to Ignition from an exchange account, which is just common sense because most regulated Bitcoin exchanges frown upon gambling. Moving your bitcoins to a personal wallet, such as that provided by, before depositing them at Ignition Casino is sufficient to mask the final destination of your funds from anyone who intends to pry into your personal business. You can send any amount of Bitcoin to the address Ignition provides as long as its within the $10 - $5,000 allowed range.

Once you have completed your transaction to Ignition in your wallet, press the big button marked “Done.” Now you will see a message like the following:

BTC Process in DepositMessage Shown While Waiting for Blockchain Confirmation

When Ignition confirms that you have sent the money, this display will change to look something like this:

Funds Successfully Deposited at IgnitionYour Transaction Was Successfully Processed

This page gives you a summary of how much Bitcoin you sent as well as how much that corresponds to in dollars. In addition, you'll see the address and exchange rate that applied to the transaction. Assuming your transaction completed without a hitch, the appropriate amount of your account currency should now be listed in your balance.

Credit Card
You can deposit between $20 and $1,500 with your credit card. There are, unfortunately, fees involved in using this method of deposit for U.S. customers. Visa and MasterCard holders are subject to a fee of 5.9% of the deposit amount while the figure for American Express is 9.9%. Australian customers won't be hit with these surcharges. However, both Aussies and Americans might be subject to a charge of up to 3% from their card issuers for currency conversion if applicable. Citizens of the Land Down Under are able to deposit via credit card cash advance, but if you do so, your bank might make you pay a little bit extra.

Bitcoin Cash
Ignition now supports the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) digital coin that was forked off from Bitcoin at the beginning of August 2017. It generally has even lower fees that BTC, so it's the payment channel of choice for cost-savvy consumers. BCH users will be pleased to note that the 125% up to $1,250 poker bonus that legacy Bitcoin unlocks is also supported for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision
Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was the result of internecine fighting amongst the Bitcoin Cash community. First starting out in 2018, this fork has gained quite a few adherents, and it has been added to the Bodog family of sites for cashier functions.

Vouchers are a way for players to withdraw money from their accounts, which is then tied into a code. If you have been given a voucher code, then you can add the funds to your Ignition account simply by typing in your code. This is a fine way for poker veterans to introduce newcomers to the mysteries of poker in a safe and secure manner.

Though Ignition doesn't take Zelle deposits directly, you can use your Zelle balance to purchase bitcoins from one of the sellers recommended by Ignition on, a forum for the exchange of crypto-currencies. Then once you have Bitcoin, you can add it to your Ignition account.


Ignition provides customers with one free withdrawal every 90 days, and any subsequent cashouts within this period come with fees attached. The exception is Bitcoin, which is always free for withdrawals as well as deposits.

Check by Courier
The standard way to receive your money from Ignition is through Check by Courier, which Americans can use for their withdrawals of $100 - $3,000 (with a $100 fee) and which Australians can employ for their cashouts ranging from $20 - $3,000 (with a $75 fee). It takes between 4 and 10 days for a check to be processed and then probably a couple of days to be delivered.

Bitcoin   <---- ProfRB's Recommended Payout Method
Bitcoin is fully supported for USA players (limits: $10 - $9,500) and Aussie users ($20 - $10,000). THERE ARE NO FEES EVER for BTC payouts from Ignition. The site states that it may take up to 48 hours to process Bitcoin withdrawals, but reports from actual customers show that they're often completed in less than a day.

Bitcoin Cash
Though it was at first only available for deposits, Ignition soon added the capacity for payouts via Bitcoin Cash too. They're processed in the same one- to two-day timeframe as regular Bitcoin withdrawals.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision
Bitcoin SV is the third crypto-currency to appear within the cashier at Ignition and its related family of sites. It's billed as fulfilling the original vision of the creator of Bitcoin.

Visa Fast Funds - AUS ONLY
Ignition's Visa Fast Funds payouts allow you to put your winnings back onto your card, which is pretty convenient and easy. This method allows Australia players to transact for $20 - $2,400 at a time, and it takes between 4 - 7 days. VFF costs $75 per withdrawal.

Bank Wire - AUS ONLY
Wires to Australian bank accounts take between 5 and 7 days and are good for amounts from $1,500 to $9,500. They cost $75 apiece.

Before your first withdrawal is processed, Ignition may require you to complete an account verification process. This means that you'll have to provide a government-issued ID. If you deposited with a credit card, you might have to send a copy of the front and back of the card along with a credit card verification form. This is a one-time procedure; once you've sent in your documents, you won't have to do it again in the future.

You can get a better insight into what to expect when it comes to Ignition Casino Poker payments by clicking over to our U.S.A. offshore gambling sites payout report.

Other Poker Promotions

The large and valuable first depositor bonus is the most noteworthy of the special deals provided at Ignition Poker, but there’s plenty more free money where that came from. Ignition has come up with a few ways to take care of players be they new or returning. What you can look forward to at Ignition includes:

Bad Beat Bonus

If you take aces full of kings or better to showdown and lose, then you can get a Bad Beat Bonus of 100x the big blind up to a maximum of $1,000. To qualify, both pocket cards must be used to form both the winning and losing hand, you must go to showdown, and at least three people must have been dealt into the hand. This offer is only valid at Texas Hold’em cash tables. There’s no rollover or other conditions attached to the complimentary $1,000 payment!

Royal Flush Bonus

A royal flush is the biggest hand in poker, and Ignition will help you celebrate whenever you get one by issuing you a playthrough-free credit of 50 big blinds. To receive this payout, you must win the hand, and three or more players must have received cards in the hand. The Royal Flush Bonus is only valid for Texas Hold’em ring games, and the maximum reward is capped at $200.

Miles to Tickets

Those Ignition Miles that you get for playing on the green felt aren’t just for bonus clearing. You can trade them in for tournament entries directly from within the poker client. While the value you get from doing so isn’t anything to write home about, it does provide a nice little boost to your fortunes. Casino bonuses (with a 10x wagering requirement) are also available to purchase with your Miles.

Poker System Compatibility

Ignition Poker provides downloadable software for both Windows and Mac operating systems. That’s not all – there’s also a responsive mobile client that works with iPads, iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerries, and really any modern computing platform that has an up-to-date web browser and internet access. All the games from the normal desktop software are listed in the mobile poker room.

Historical Traffic Trends

As top dog in the U.S.-friendly online poker market, Ignition is a great example case to look at to see how gaming operators can grow their sites and achieve unprecedented success. We've examined the historical player liquidity information for Ignition's Network, PaiWangLuo, as well as the predecessor Bodog Network to identify what the key moments were in this organization's journey.

We've collected player traffic data from industry monitoring site GameIntel as well as the defunct PokerPulse. We have to note, though, that all numbers from late 2011 onward are mere estimates because this group has taken active efforts to suppress any outside attempts to get a handle on how many players are sitting at its tables at any given moment. That being said, it's pretty useful to compare these estimates at varying points in time because, while they might not correspond exactly to the actual traffic levels, the increases and decreases between estimates should yield useful intelligence.

Chart Showing Historical PWL Network Player VolumesAverage Player Count Figures for the PaiWangLuo/Bodog Network Since 2004

Bodog was founded in the year 2000 by Calvin Ayre. At first, it focused pretty much only on sports betting, but it did launch an online poker room in 2004. This was during the height of the Moneymaker Boom, the perfect era to begin an internet poker enterprise. Many places to play cards online were announced to much fanfare, but the majority of them quickly disappeared.

Bodog, on the other hand, experienced steady growth. Still, it was never one of the market leaders, and in this pre-UIGEA climate where USA poker enthusiasts could access worldwide player pools, it didn't even have the bragging rights of being the leading site for Americans.

The passage of the UIGEA and the withdrawal of several popular operators, like PartyPoker and 888, boosted Bodog's fortunes. Black Friday in 2011 had a similar effect, and quite a few American players opted to make the site their new online poker home once PokerStars and Full Tilt became unavailable to them.

Bodog could have just rested on its laurels and conducted profitable business as usual. But the geniuses (madmen?) at the top of the organization had other plans in mind. They started to implement features of what has since been dubbed “the recreational player model,” the first of which was anonymous tables.

Veteran poker fans cried foul, upset at this seemingly bizarre change that nobody was asking for and few expected. The decision to shift all U.S. customers over to the new Bovada skin also raised questions as to whether perhaps Americans were being relegated over to a sideshow company that lacked the Bodog reputation for honesty and integrity.

All these fears and worries soon vanished in smoke. Ordinary poker players loved the anonymous tables, which protected them from being tracked and targeted by serious grinders. It quickly also became apparent that there was nothing shady about Bovada; it continued to run more or less along the same lines as its ancestor Bodog.

In the latter half of 2012, the popularity of the Bodog Network jumped to new heights, and it became, far and away, the #1 site for poker online that accepted U.S. residents. It has not yet relinquished this position although, on occasion, another poker site temporarily displaces it at the top of the heap for a few hours or days.

The network's fortunes kept advancing until it had about 1,800 simultaneously active ring game players on average in 2015. Traffic dropped quite a bit though in 2016 for reasons that aren't exactly clear but could have been related to the growth of formidable rivals like the Winning Poker Network and Chico Poker Network.

Nevertheless, Bodog's reduced player volume was still sufficient to keep it a cut above any challengers. This remained true even when Bovada elected to get out of the poker market in Q3 2016, selling its poker-related assets to Ignition, which had been offering casino games for a while but only then started dealing out poker hands. Ignition is still the premier poker solution for Americans notwithstanding the fact that Bovada later reopened its room.

In February 2017, the entire Bodog Network was sold to the PaiWangLuo investment group and renamed accordingly. Nothing really changed from a player's perspective however. The same bustling tables and anonymous gameplay thrill users as they have done for the past seven years.

At around the same time, the network announced plans for expansion into other countries. Ignition itself opened its doors to Aussies in late 2017 while other network partners expanded into various Asian and Latin American areas. Traffic seems to have leveled off for the present, but who knows if this might merely be a pause before a significant uptick? All the elements for new Ignition Casino Poker heights are present: already-excellent user traffic, access to underserved and burgeoning poker markets, a robust weekly tournament schedule, speedy crypto payment channels, and a management philosophy that caters to new players.

Customer Service

Ignition has a series of FAQs covering topics that may interest its customers, like a Financial FAQ and a Bonuses FAQ, but there are ways to get in touch with support personnel should your query not be addressed by one of these documents. You can access Live Chat from the Ignition website or use a web form to send a message. If you'd rather speak with a representative over the phone, you can call toll-free at 1-855-370-0600.

We decided to see for ourselves how good (or bad) Ignition's support efforts were. Therefore, we launched a Live Chat sessions to inquire about a topic that causes plenty of confusion not just for poker writers but also for regular customers: the 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus.

Ignition Casino Live Chat SessionIgnition's Live Chat Feature Is Speedy and Easy-to-Use

The answer we were given – that the poker welcome bonus would be granted automatically notwithstanding that we couldn't find anything about it in the software – seemed farfetched, and we didn't believe what we were told at first. Nevertheless, our subsequent experiences bore out the fact that Ignition support staff member Amarnee F. knew what she was talking about. Our first bonus segment was credited within 24 hours after we had collected 15 Poker Points [NOTE: the bonus has since changed over to an Ignition Miles system rather than Poker Points], just as it was supposed to. We later discovered that we could view more info about the bonus while logged into the Ignition Casino website.

The time it took to conduct our Live Chat session was just a few minutes. The guidance provided to us turned out to be 100% correct. We were fully satisfied with the level of customer care we experienced.

Ignition Casino

Ignition has, in addition to its poker room, a casino with hundreds of games. This is a fine diversion for when you need a break from the poker tables. You'll encounter slots, blackjack, roulette, and a bevy of other options. The casino is fully supported for desktop and mobile because it uses responsive web techniques to adjust the display to the size of your screen. If you click on a game while logged out from your account, you'll have the ability to play for practice chips: perfect if you want to get a handle on how a particular game works before putting your own money on the line.

One of the cool things about Ignition Casino is that it houses proprietary games that are unavailable elsewhere other than Ignition and its related companies. We've reviewed some of these games, as well as other titles in the Ignition Casino portfolio, so that you can get an idea of what they're about before you begin to play:

Lobby of the Ignition CasinoIgnition Casino Lobby

Casino Bonuses

Anyone who takes advantage of the Ignition Poker welcome bonus will also get an equivalent 100% up to $1,000 match to try out the casino games. There’s a 25x wagering requirement that will have to be met before requesting a payout, and some games are excluded or contribute only partially to this goal. Just like the poker bonus, you don’t need to enter in any codes to score this free cash. However, if you like using Bitcoin, then Ignition Casino has a different offer for you: a 200% up to $2,000 Bitcoin-only casino welcome bonus. Additionally, you can claim 25% up to $1,000 Bitcoin reload bonuses on every subsequent BTC deposit. Whether you deposit with crypto-currency or traditional methods, you can get a further 100% up to $100 casino bonus, called “The Weekly Boost,” every week.

Casino Poker Freeroll

Combine your love of poker and casino gaming by participating in the $2,500 poker freeroll each Thursday at 9:05 p.m. ET. To qualify, you must achieve Chrome level in the Ignition Rewards program. This club delivers cash-back on casino losses and allows you to trade in the Miles you earn through your casino play for free money credits. To reach Chrome, you have to wager $500 on the slots – a pretty easy-to-achieve total. You can play other games instead, but the amount you must bet to get to Chrome will be higher. Once you make it to Chrome, or any other level in Ignition Rewards for that matter, you cannot drop by down to a lower level even if you stop playing in the casino altogether.

In February 2019, Ignition changed its poker rewards system to be compatible with the Ignition Rewards program. This means you no longer need to play in the casino to qualify for the $2,500 weekly poker freeroll; you can earn Chrome status exclusively in the poker division if you wish. Still, it might be easier, depending on your patterns of play, to meet the requirements in the casino instead. You have the choice to do whatever works best for you.

Casino Leaderboards

In October 2018, Ignition added casino leaderboard competitions to its casino. These are free to enter, and they reward the top three players with bonus cash. The bonus funds that you can win come with low 5x rollover requirements. It's even possible to clear the leaderboard prizes in the poker room by accumulating 3x in poker points. To view the leaderboards that are upcoming and recently completed, simply browse over to the “Leaderboards” section of the casino.

Casino Leaderboards at IgnitionSchedule of Upcoming Leaderboards

To join one of these leaderboards, you need merely click “Join.” Then when you're ready to play, press the “Play” button. You'll receive points for each spin/hand you play, and generally, more points are awarded for winning rounds. You do have to bet a minimum amount each round to score points, but these requirements tend to be quite reasonable: $1 or less in most cases. As you're playing, you'll be able to see where you stand on the leaderboard.

Baccarat Table With Leaderboard StandingsBaccarat Table While Leaderboard Is Active

We tested the casino leaderboards in-house to determine how valuable they are, and we concluded that it's possible to scoop up quite a sum of free bonus money from them. To learn more about how to exploit Ignition Casino leaderboards to the maximum, watch the below video:

Our How-To Guide for Big Ignition Leaderboard Profits

Live Casino

There's now a Live Dealer area at Ignition. This consists of gaming tables operated by human dealers, and the video is streamed through your web browser so that you can follow the action on your PC.

Four categories of games await you: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6. Within each type of game, there are differences in stakes allowed and house rules for each table.

Live Blackjack TableEarly Payout Blackjack in the Ignition Live Casino

What Others Are Saying



Most players are very happy at Ignition Casino, which has led to its becoming the #1 U.S.A. online poker site by traffic numbers. Speedy payouts, soft games, and mobile-friendly software are just a few of the elements that leave customers satisfied. There are some small quirks that keep the room from achieving universal acclaim, but negative responses are few and far between. Check out what real users have to say about the site:

Post Concerning Ignition Payouts on P5s
Facebook Comment on Ignition Poker


There are many positive videos on YouTube. However, we decided to pick one of the negative videos for this section. It is written by author and content producer extraordinaire Alton Hardin of MicroGrinder Poker School.

In this particular case, we think Alton jumped the gun. The software issues he describes in this video have all been fixed. In fact, they were all fixed in the next software upgrade. Many of those problems were the result of previous versions of the software not being fully uninstalled before the auto updates. If he had followed our Quick Fix Guide he likely could have rectified his problem right then and there and saved himself the trouble of producing this video!

Final Words

Ignition Casino Poker is the most popular online cardroom among Americans and Australians for a number of reasons. Its anonymized tables and recreational poker model beget games that are quite a bit softer than any other internet poker site operating in these markets. Combine this advantage with its large tournament guarantees and a long-standing reputation for speedy payouts, and it is easy to see why Ignition is beloved by novices and professionals alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about Ignition Casino poker, then take a glance below. We've compiled some of the most frequent questions and their answers into a compact FAQ section.

+   Who can create an account at Ignition?

+   When did Ignition start accepting Australians?

+   Can I bet on sports at Ignition?

+   Is Ignition the largest poker site online?

+   What are the minimum system requirements for Ignition Poker?

+   Why can't I see my opponents' names when I play?

+   Once the Ignition Poker bonus payments are credited to my account, do I have to roll them over?

+   How can I spend my Ignition Miles?

+   Where can I find the Ignition Poker tournament cancellation policy?

+   When I visit, I see the message, “NOT AVAILABLE,” followed by, “Sorry, Ignition hasn't come to your region yet.”

+    When I start up Ignition Casino Poker, I just get a black screen.


I found this review for Ignition on Google, but only after reading the 4 or 5 reviews that ranked before it. Most of these websites I read had good reviews but the comments section was full of bad reviews from players? I also saw a lot of bad comments on public forums? But then I took time and looked up the comments from your review on their respective forums and they were real and seemed legit? What is with this discrepancy?

Hello cs mitchkin and thanks for your comment. As you likely saw, our comment section was rather bare compared to some of the other reviews you have read. Particularly at our competitor, the comment section is terrible for Ignition Casino!

We see a lot of this behavior in our comment sections as well, just perhaps not this page. Our Global Poker review is full of awful comments about that site, though we would argue that those are well deserved. But other reviews we have with tons of comments tend toward the negative like our 64 Spades review and our Jao Poker review.

As forum users ourselves we have also noted the dearth of positive information and the plethora of negative information and complaints about not only Ignition Casino, but of every other gambling website in existence. It is a common trend.

We believe this can be easily explained really. Just look at the Internet in general. People do not go out of their way to post positive things about most companies. But they will crawl over broken glass in order to post about bad experiences they have had with a company. Take PayPal for example. It serves millions of people each year and lots of people like their services (as overpriced as they might be in the modern era of crypto-currency). However, there are tons of websites dedicated to chronicling all of their screw-ups. You can find sites like or and a dozen other variations on that theme, but you would be hard press to find the opposite. In other words, there are no websites called or And that is because people love to harp on the negative, but very few of those satisfied millions will take time to post positive things about their interactions with the company.

This type of behavior holds true with gambling companies like Ignition. There are a hundred thousand plus users per day and a super-majority of them are pleased and happy with their gaming experience. They get fast cashouts, deposit with relative ease, and enjoy the games. But anyone who feels the slightest bit upset at a customer service interaction, or God forbid a bounced check will scream at the top of their lungs on 2+2 forums, or Reddit or what have you about how they were wronged.

We have been on Ignition Casino, playing in their poker room since literally the day it opened for business. The site is solid and it has been our top choice for American players for over a year now. We don't see that changing any time soon either.

The reviews on Two Plus Two are mixed. I see more good stuff posted than bad stuff however.

Mine own opinion is that 2p2 is full of retards who couldn't win a game of pick up sticks vs a centenarian! I really like Ignition Casino's poker rooms. They are easier to beat than ACR and have more games available than Carbon. I've won over 1,400 in the SNGs on Ignition!


We would caution you against playing on Carbon Poker, they treat customers, affiliates, and business partners in general like crap, steal from them, etc.

With regard to Ignition, we agree with your thoughts. Ditto for 2+2 forums.

Ignition and Bovada are fraudulent gaming sites that run without a license from a gaming commission. And the play on the poker tables favors their VIP members. That means it's rigged that when you are up against a VIP member you CAN NOT WIN. Good luck and stay away from those sites.

Hello Adam and thanks for commenting. We respond to all comments, even if we take issue with their content. To be frank, we definitely take issue with your 2 comments you posted today on this review and we will address them line by line.

"Ignition and Bovada are fraudulent gaming sites that run without a license from a gaming commission"

That is in fact incorrect on both counts. Ignition Casino nor Bovada are "fraudulent gaming sites". They are both well respected, well reviewed (not just here all over the Internet), and legitimate gaming websites.

Both Bovada and Ignition Casino also both hold gaming licences. They are both licensed in the Caribbean island nation of Curacao. This is the offshore jurisdiction that many poker, sports-betting and online casino sites who still welcome USA customers are licensed in. Curacao is in good standing with the World Trade Organization and is, to our knowledge, not under suit or pending any charges of violation of international law or WTO standards.

" And the play on the poker tables favors their VIP members. That means it's rigged that when you are up against a VIP member you CAN NOT WIN."

Well this simply is not true. The VIP system at both Bovada and Ignition Casino is set up to reward sports punters and casino gamblers, not poker players. Thus, anyone who is a "VIP Player" on either of these sites is a person who regularly plays in -EV games and is extremely statistically unlikely to be a winning poker player. As such, the VIP players are actually the easiest players to beat on these sites.

Furthermore, to debunk your statement, we would like to point out that there is no way for a player to know or otherwise discover who is a "VIP Player" at the poker tables. There are no markings or social badges or anything of the sort that would identify the VIP status of a player. Remember, all players are 100% anonymous (to each other, not to the site) on the poker tables. As such there is no way to track a player or to know ascertain their VIP status.

You are simply making this up because you believe online poker is rigged. It is not rigged. It is very much beatable if one has the skill, self-control, patience, and bankroll to achieve said goal. For people like you, we often recommend that you go read the "poker is rigged" collection thread on 2+2, so that you can chill with like-minded individuals (the minority we might add).

I am not sure about VIP members but I faced bad beats with River cards every single tournament since one week. I played around 20 tournaments and I lost with best possbile hand until the river showed up in favor to the worst possible opponent.

It looks like rigged and You never get a flush draw with suited high cards. But your openent gets the flush draw on the flop when you have pocker aces or other high pocket pairs.

Initially i thought it was my bad luck but what are the odds of repeating the same thing over and over every single day in every single tournament? No real person will raise their bet until the river with nothing. Even bluffing has limits. They cannot be so lucky every single time.

Hello Vj, and thanks for joining in the discussion about Ignition's poker room. We have to completely disagree with your suppositions unfortunately.

You begin your post with the title, by alluding to "bot" activity. Then you immediately speak of "bad beats" as if the two things were somehow correlated. They are not, in any way, correlated. If you were in fact playing "bots" they would have zero ability to influence the cards and thus they would have no effect on the frequency of "bad beats" which you experience.

FYI, missing a flush draw is not a "bad beat". Missing 20 flush draws in 20 tournaments are not "bad beats". The odds for each flush draw are the same. The fact that you missed one before does not mean you are more likely to hit one now. That is not how the mathematics of poker works Vj. Your understanding of the game and its statistical distributions in the real world is, unfortunately, flawed.

Furthermore, it appears that you are suffering from a "negativity bias" where you seemingly only remember your losses, but fail to recognize the times that you suck out on opponents. The reality is, your opponents are not winning "every single time," lest you would have lost each tournament within the first few rounds of play.

Your post and opinion therefore falls flat upon critical analysis. You claim bots but provide not a shred of evidence to support such a claim, nor do you even speak about it in your post. Instead, you rant whimsically and ignorantly about "bad beats" that are not "bad beats" at all, but standard poker distributions.

In any case, we do not want to sound too harsh, and we want to thank you again for joining us in the comments section. If you do come up with some mathematically and statistically relevant samples that even hint at an issue with the distribution of cards, we would research such a thing thoroughly (it would be story of the decade in online poker!). If you come across some credible evidence of bot activity, we would love to see that as well.

Thanks again Vj!

I am self-banned from Global Poker and Bovada yet I can still play on ignition. They are unlicensed as well as Bovada.

We are glad to hear that you are self-banned from multiple card rooms online Adam. Some people just are not cut out to "gamble". You seem to be one of those people based on your other comment on this Ignition Casino review page.

We would like to point out that your self ban from Global Poker has no effect on any other poker site. Global Poker is its own company and the only other place your self-exclusion request might carry over to is their other site, Chumba Casino. Though we doubt they have a cross product exclusion system in place... they are a poorly run company.

With regard to your self-ban on Bovada not carrying over to Ignition Casino, we understand how you might be confused. Both Bovada and Ignition Casino's poker room share the exact same tables, tournaments, sit-n-goes, etc. They have identical games because they share players on the Pai Wang Luo Network, along with other sites such as,, and Bodog88.

Where we believe you are confused, and subsequently upset, is that you believe Ignition and Bovada to be the same company. As such, you seem to believe that your self imposed bank on Bovada should carry over to Ignition Casino. However you err. You see, they are different companies. Different owners, different managers, different staff.

In order to be self-excluded from both sites, you would need to contact each of them directly and exclude yourself with both operators. The same goes for all the aforementioned brands on the PWL network - contact them directly to exclude yourself and be sure that you can not gamble irresponsibly.

With regard to your claim that they are unlicensed that is in fact, incorrect. Both Bovada and Ignition Casino are licensed in Curacao.

We wish you the best of luck out there Adam. Please stop gambling though, it does not seem to be your cup of tea!

I went on a heater at no limit heads up and decided to play in the 100,000 tournament on Sunday. I made the final table and busted when my aces got smashed preflop all in 3 ways versus jack ten suited and pocket nines. Was still a big score for me since I normally play 25 dollar zone poker.

My withdrawal was in bitcoin for four figures and they paid it out in ONE DAY! That is cray!

Thanks for sharing your experiences JimBeamsDaddy (nice name lol). We like a nice feel good story and you running up a meaningful 4-figure win in HUHU and final tabling the biggest tournament regularly offered on the site is impressive indeed!

Keep up the good grind and may the poker gods be with you always!

why do i suffer so many bad beats on Ignition? i dont lose so bad on bovada! it happens every time i cash out too. i think im gunna just play on bovada from now on


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Ignition Poker.

We would like to point out to you that Ignition and Bovada are sister sites that operate on the same network. They use identical software. This includes the random number generator. As such, they will both have the same outcomes over time because the RNG is provided by the software and the Pai Wang Luo Poker Network.

It really does not matter if you choose to play on Bovada or Ignition though. Both are superb sites for players and rated among our top choices.

Good luck at the tables!

Fuck Ignition!

It sounds as if you have complaints about Ignition Casino's poker room. Can you expound upon that?

i think yous guys do the best reviews. very comprehensive stuff. i will be making an account here to try it and will come back later to let everyone know if this site is good as you say it is!

Ethnosphere, thank you for the kind words. We look forward to reading your future feedback!

We welcome feedback from all of our readers. In fact, without your constant feedback it would be nearly impossible to keep track of all the goings on at the dozens of poker rooms we track.

When the online poker community sticks together and spreads the word on bad, and good sites alike, we all win!

I tried out Ignition for the last couple months and I like the games. The anonymus tables are good and full of players even worse than me LOL! My biggest complaint is that there was some kinda software upgrade that I dont like as much as the old software.
Ive cashed out $650 so far from winning at blackjack and 5 buck tourns. I used btc and it never took more than 2 days.

Thanks for following up with your thoughts on the site ethnospehre!

This is so insane. I'm just probably going to give up. I can't believe ignition is your number one represented poker site. The customer service their is literally brain dead. At this point I'm convinced their robots on repeat. They WOULD NOT give me my customer account number

Hello RP,

We are sorry to hear that you're having issues acquiring your customer number from support. This is, unfortunately, a known issue.

We have spoken to management about this and they have communicated with first line support operators that this information is OK to give out to clients who ask for it. The problem lies in the fact that so few customers actually ask for this information, that the average CS rep believes it is not information they can provide.

We are working with Ignition and its sister sites to improve this experience so that customers can more easily verify their accounts with

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you RP!

It's funny seeing all of the comments on here especially by PRB. I have been bored the last couple weeks so I gave Ignition a try. The number of river suckouts you are going to face on this site is almost mind boggling. Don't say I didn't warn you! these guys are a joke!

Hi Brandy,

The phenomenon that you are experiencing can be explained pretty readily. Are you ready for this mind boggler?

You actually suck at poker.

There you have it! :)

Actually, we will be nicer than that. You see, you are ignorant and suffering from what is commonly referred to as a "Negativity Bias".

Now we do not mean to imply that you may in fact be experiencing more than the average number of "river suckouts", assuming that you know how to properly define them, which we question. However, you are remembering more of them than is normal because that is how the human brain operates.

Couple this type of biased memory along with the fact that you are playing 10-20 times as many hands per hour versus live play (where we are certain you are a feared crusher of souls), and it is easy to see how you may have become confused about the quantity of "river suckouts" you have received.

We hope we have explained this matter to your satisfaction Brandy. We wish you the best of luck on the tables wherever you decide to play moving forward. Play well, dodge those river suckouts because we know you never put your money in behind, and win big!


As for Ignition. Here is my take after playing there for nearly 1 year.

There have been so many forum posts about Ignitions, safety, and so on. Most of these posts (which I read in researching which online poker site to play on), date back years in many cases.

So here is the current 2019 State of Ignition Poker - in my honest opinion.

Ignition has fantastic MTT's 24/7. They have a great mix of daily tournaments starting every 10 minutes or so. From $2 Buy-In's all the way up to $50.

Many of the tournaments / most in fact- have guaranteed prize pools. $200/$500, up to $100,000.

You can also play satellite tournaments, where for $5 the prize pool is tickets to any $50 MTT.

Typically, 20% of the number of registrants = places paid out from the price pool. So a tournament that ends up with 100 players will pay out the top 20 or so places.

That said, I have stopped playing Ignitions "Zone Poker," and cash/ring sing table games.

It's a shame because the table types and games are appealing. Triple Up ($3 Buy-In / 9 Players / Top 3 Win $9 Each), and their 1/2/5/10 Single Table Ring Games have a good payout structure.

Ignition is not the reason I stopped playing these games Cash/Zone tables.
After countless hours of play, playing 2-4 tables at a time, I find them unbeatable.

The Zone/Cash small ring games, in my opinion, are filled with players colluding via phone/IRC. When you are at a 9 or 6 Ring game and 2 or 3 players are cross informing one another of what they hold, you cannot win.

Ignition I know bans players who attempt to collude with friends and other players. A network of 100s of players sprawled across vast geographic areas are hitting these tables to collude and steal other players money-- how does any online site combat that.

While some defend the games, I say Ignition can only do so much. Casinos can only do so much. All sites face this issue.

Where money can be easily taken, people will figure out ways to take it.
I know Ignition does everything they can to prevent and once identified, ban players from such nefarious activities; It's happened to people.

But the poker world is a small world. Players who have been grinding for years know everyone. They know players from their local rooms as well as all over the globe. I can't believe otherwise that large size poker teams/alliances have been started, and grown over time.

Structured teams that have a large enough pool of players to rotate times/table types and evade even the best detection systems.

Unfortunately... there is not much Ignition can do to prevent "Large consortiums" spread across large geographic areas all handling their deposits in different amounts, and by various methods. The players are rotated so that no two players are seated together too often. Very difficult to track and identify this sort of activity.

In closing: Ignition otherwise is 100% reputable. Their MTT tournaments with Buy Ins as low as $2 for $200 GTD SS Turbo will often payout to the top 12-18 top positions.

Players who have played millions of hands and exported their data for analysis conclude there is nothing out of the ordinary going on in terms of the action taking place.

My last piece of advice is deposit and play games on the casino side (Either Blackjack or Baccarat) and level up to Chrome Status.

One of the BEST Features of Ignition is their weekly $2500 Freeroll Tournament. It is free to enter every week once you achieve Chrome Status.

The $2500 Freeroll equates to $130,000 in tournament play value- which if played every week will no doubt help with your rakebacks and increase your overall EV.

Ignition's $2500 Thursday Night Freeroll Tournament is arguably the best Loyalty Perk out there.

The Freeroll Tournament typically has between 1200-2000 players.
It pays out roughly the top 25-32% of players. 500 Places are Paid with 2000 players.

Chrome Status entitles free entry. You cannot buy in. Leveling up playing some live Blackjack took me 2 or 3 nights play 3 Hands / $1 Per Hand at Blackjack. I mention this only because tier credits accrue much slower on the poker side, and the Chrome/Freeroll is well worth achieving because if you are a good player, you will likely win often provided you play every week.

Secondly, at Chrome Level, you'll get 7% back on all Poker Losses which is significant considering it offsets the rake you will pay.

So go with Ignition. Reputable, well established, the $2500 weekly Tournament is a given, and you will have no issues registering.

You can deposit with Bitcoin, and I also have had no issues using the 711 NetSpend Pre-Paid Debit Card. You can buy it at any 7-11, and my deposits always go through.

Thanks for sharing your extensive views MR_PRESIDENT!

Our only point of contention with you is that you seem to think the cash games are overrun with cheaters. We ardently disagree.

We have a large number of winning poker players who play on Ignition. They do not collude with each other. They also are able to produce large winrates.

If there were a massive conspiracy/consortium of cheaters, our customers would not be winning so much money.

Furthermore, Ignition has algorithms to police the games and look for odd folds, soft plays, IP sharing, IPs playing together frequently, and other much more advanced methods of rooting out players who collude, despite the anonymous tables.

Thanks again for adding your impressive review to our comments! We wish everyone provided such detailed and well thought out posts!

I came across this Reddit thread where this guy posted a Youtube video of someone abusing the shit out of a timeout bug in a tournament.
You should watch this

Thanks Korthincal89,

We are kinda tickled that you pointed this out. You see, we are in that thread talking with the other Redditors already!

In fact, we are the ones who contacted the PWL Network and told them about the issue, citing all the evidence provided by "ItzDante" and "Kaank56".

It is our understanding that the very next patch will have this bug fixed once and for all!

Management at Ignition Casino / Pai Wang Luo Poker Network were true to their word. The bug in question was fixed in the very next poker client patch. Here is proof from /r/poker.

Does Ignition Poker allow deposits in cryptos other than Bitcoin? What bout cashouts? Do they do cashouts with any sort of altcoins?

Hiya someonionsniffer and thanks for your question.

Ignition Poker does not allow deposits or withdrawals in altcoins other than Bitcoin Cash - BCH. No other altcoins are currently used on Ignition Poker, or any other sites on the PWL poker network.

Hopefully they will implement other coins in the future however.

I am thinking about playing at the Ignition poker site. If I should be so fortunate as to actually win over time I'd like to know that I'm within legal US requirements
Do they give win/loss statements for US tax purposes? Any other information regarding this issue that you think helpful would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello Holly,

We appreciate you reaching out with your taxation related questions. Before we answer, we would like to tell you straight up that we are not qualified to give you legal tax advice in any way, shape, or form. Thus, if you follow our advice instead of the advice of a certified public accountant and/or tax attorney, you are a silly person.

None of the sites provide win/loss information. The onus is on you, the gambler, to keep detailed notes of your play including, but possibly not limited to, wins, losses, session start times, session end times, dates, etc.

Even if you request it, no site, Including Ignition Casino, will provide win loss statements. You need to get tracking software and make use of it. Poker Tracker 4 has beta support for Ignition Casino as of this writing, and this is what we recommend you use to track your wins, losses, session times, etc.

We also highly recommend that you speak to a qualified and certified public accountant and/or tax attorney who are both familiar with gambling law, as well as your local tax laws.

Good luck on the digital felt!

Hi. For the life of me I cant find customer service contact information. Having trouble verifying phone number. Do you have it? Thank you

Hello Tony,

This information can be found on their website, or in our review here on Professional Rakeback. Here is the relative quote from our review:

 You can access Live Chat from the Ignition website or use a web form to send a message. If you'd rather speak with a representative over the phone, you can call toll-free at 1-855-370-0600.

Hope that help Tony, and good luck on the tables!

Run like hell from this site a bunch of crooks! Looked me out of my account and told me that if I wanted to get back in because of a charge back on my cc, and if I wanted to get back my account to give them my cc number over the phone that and pay the amount of the alleged charge that I could have my account. Fucking thieves!

Hello RC and thank you for taking the time to make a comment on our website.

We would like to take a moment and point out to you that it is standard practice for a poker site, casino, sportsbook, or in fact any company to lock a user out of their account and demand remuneration if that customer initiates a charge back on their credit card.

Charging back a credit card transaction takes money from the company. That is theft. 

How can you accuse Ignition of being crooks when you took money from them via a charge back?

Our advice is to pay your debt, get your account reinstated, and enjoy the easy games!

If we have misinterpretted something in your post, please clarify for us and the other readers.....

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